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This page focuses on news related to the UFO flaps that are increasing toward the goal of uniting the world and possibly explaining the harpazo as a mass abduction setting the stage for the world to desire to fight Christ at His return in glory. They could also be used to assist giving supernatural powers to the antichrist in the coming times. How exactly it will play out, I do not fully know, but this will help resolve that as time goes on and we learn more about what is being seen by so many.

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UFOs & Presidents Coast to Coast AM (December 26, 2007) - UFO Researcher and author Grant Cameron ( presented stories and documentation of U.S. Presidents and their involvement with UFO phenomena. He also discussed various presidential candidates and their UFO related experiences. Many of the current candidates, when asked about UFOs are issuing a standard response, he noted. For instance, after Dennis Kucinich was asked about his UFO sighting, he said that yes, UFOs are real, but he doesn't believe they are related to ETs traveling here. Bill and Hillary Clinton were especially fascinated by UFOs, said Cameron, who has been studying documents recently released from the Clinton Library. In a speech Bill Clinton made in Hong Kong in 2005, he said that if secret documents about UFOs at Roswell and Area 51 do exist, they'd been concealed from him. Cameron speculated that secrets could be kept compartmentalized in black budget programs. Secrecy is maintained because there is fear if the truth got out there'd be a "market meltdown," he said, adding that Kissinger reportedly called UFOs "the biggest hot potato of all time." The tale that Nixon showed Jackie Gleason alien bodies in the back of a hanger at Homestead AFB was confirmed by Gleason's wife, Cameron reported. He also shared that Einstein purportedly sent a letter to Truman, asking him to rescind his UFO shootdown policy in 1952.

Photo: Grant Cameron shares a photo (click for larger) obtained from a FOIA request. It shows Hillary Clinton meeting with Laurance Rockefeller at his ranch in Jackson, WY in 1995. The philanthropist, who died in 2004, was known for his interest in UFOs in his later years.

As I've noted in past newsletters, I believe there are several methods being used to bring about a global consciousness while eroding the foundation of God's Word to more easily facilitate a transfer of worship to the man of sin and Lucifer who will give him his power and authority. Revelation 13:1-5 This was part of the stated plan by Albert Pike in 1871.

I believe part of this attempt to bring about a New World Order involves beings not created from the dust of the earth as humanity was and the end-time scenario laid out in the Bible. This discussion on Coast to Coast AM highlighted many of the very words of President Clinton and Reagan regarding UFOs and comments meant to purposely bring about a global consciousness.

I loved it... Yeah, I think we'd fight them off, we'd find a way to win. I think that's what America does, we'd find a way to win if it happened. The good thing about Independence Day is that there's an ultimate lesson for the problems right here on earth. We hit that problem by working together with all these countries and all of a sudden the differences we had with them seem so small once we realized there were threats that went beyond our borders. And I wish we could think about that when we deal with terrorism and when we deal with weapons proliferation and all these other problems. That's the lesson I wish people would take away from Independence Day. | President Bill Clinton regarding a question about whether we (humanity) could fight off an invasion like that depicted in Independence Day

Britain set to release secret UFO files United Press International (December 23, 2007) - The British government will soon release previously classified details regarding hundreds of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects. The Sunday Telegraph said Sunday that this coming spring, the Defense Ministry will release to the general public 160 files about alleged UFO sightings. Since the British government department began keeping records about the unusual reports in 1950, more than 10,000 sightings have been recorded. With officials failing to explain 5 percent of those sightings, a growing number of Freedom of Information requests prompted the release of the classified information. A former head of the Defense Ministry UFO project told the newspaper that no matter what an individual believes regarding UFOs, the released files should prove to be interesting reading. "Whatever people think about UFOs, these documents are fascinating and show how the MoD has researched and investigated this mystery for nearly 60 years, without an answer," former department official Nick Pope said.
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Does the Bible Hold the Missing Key to the Current UFO Debate Christian Newswire (December 5, 2007) - Recent high-profile discussions about UFOs and the call by former pilots and officials for full government disclosure concerning what is known -- if anything -- about these strange aerial sightings have people of all walks of life speculating about the nature and intention of extra-terrestrial entities. Among others, Bible scholars have long been intrigued by the weight of historical evidence suggesting unearthly contact by interdimensional beings. Theological discussion on this topic has grown recently due to the increase in sightings of unexplained phenomena. Some believe this may be a sign that the earth is teetering toward an epic event. Shortly before his death in 2005, ABC news anchor, Peter Jennings, narrated an extensive documentary on UFOs. The History Channel, A&E, The National Geographic channel, Discovery and others followed with documentaries on UFO sightings, abductions, visitations, even ghostly apparitions that were recorded in UFO flap areas. Then a well-publicized UFO event occurred in 2006 when a metallic, disc-shaped craft was witnessed hovering over Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. The sighting was important because the witnesses included American Airlines ground personnel, passengers, pilots, and the airport's air traffic controllers. Prophecy expert Terry James believes this is no coincidence. More and more well-documented UFO sightings may be evidence that our government will soon be forced to stop dragging its feet on "Official Disclosure". Powers beyond man's control may cause the US administration and other global authorities to admit that they have been in contact with so-called extraterrestrial intelligence for some time. Or more than contact? Collusion? According to one scenario, 'something' in government-funded underground laboratories may be amassing even now, preparing an imminent invasion or re-emergence of ancient beings on earth. more...
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Network Helping Us Accept Nephilim As Future Redeemer The Christian Post (August 5, 2007) - "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, But against principalities, against powers, Against rulers of the darkness of this world, Against spiritual wickedness in high places," Ephesians 6:12. It seems to be becoming characteristically prescient that Tom Horn's careful examination of often obscure Biblical topics and text once again synchronizes with an unusually scripted and interestingly timed media 'event,' ABC Family's second season of "Fallen." From a series of four teen novels, “Fallen” focuses on angels who have fallen from grace and the one being who can help them back to heaven. Author Thomas E. Sniegoski said he did quite a bit of Biblical research about angels before he wrote the novels, rather then using pop culture references. "I think I drew my ideas from all kinds of sources, but my main source were from the tons of research books on angels and various mythologies that I'd collected over the years. It was really cool to read all this stuff and slowly build my own angelic mythology." Mr. Sniegoski's background work in this area suggests little familiarity except possibly a vague concept of western culture in the area of angelology. Thomas Horn, author of The Gods Who Walk Among Us, The Invisible Invasion, the bestselling Ahriman Gate and the recently released Nephilim Stargates, The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers would likely find pieces of truth in Mr. Sniegoski's "angelic mythology," but would caution that the spirit world is a subject to be taken very seriously. Dr. Horn, an experienced pastor and veteran exorcist, has had first hand experience: speaking the horror and the reality of involvement with such activities, “These are real. I’ve seen things I hope I never see again…and that no one else ever does.” Apart from framing the script with Hebraic sounding names, the Judeo-Christian concept of a primal angelic rebellion and the subsequent hybridization described in Genesis chapter 6, “Fallen” gives no references to specific theological traditions but does designate the lead, Aaron Corbett as a ‘nephilim’ hybrid who is on Earth to fulfill a prophecy and meet his destiny: as the chosen Redeemer of the mutinous angelic domain. This is where the fantasy blurs, the positions reverse, the menace begins. As Dr. Horn notes in Nephilim Stargates, "Given the abundant and universal prophecies that the end times will witness what we have been calling a 'reopening of the gates of heaven' and the descending of a 'savior,' it is important to note that from the Middle Ages forward, many church leaders have believed that the Antichrist would ultimately represent the return of the Nephilim - the union of a demon and a human." According to Catholic Online, “the program's pop-culture theology bears little in common with the Christian understanding of angels." Executive producer Pete Donaldson, said that the goal was to make the story ‘more secular,’ so there's no explanation of where God stands on the battle between the angels.” But how can such a topic, the subject of centuries of rigorous academic study and analysis be represented as “family entertainment?” more...

Picture poses question: Are we alone? Memphis Action News 5 (July 28, 2007)Take a look at the picture and let us know what you see. The ring at the top center has a lot of people asking the question: What is it? While staring into the dusk sky a small group in one neighborhood couldn't quite grasp what they were looking at.  So, one Millington woman grabbed her camera. The pictures still don't quite clarify what's hovering overhead. Jan Yarbro saw that unexplained figure in the sky Wednesday night just after 8:00. She grabbed her camera and snapped a series of photos. But is that car-sized, translucent, black outline out-of-this world? "Looked up in the sky, saw the thick black circle," said Yarbro. "It stayed stationary, no lights or anything like that. Stayed there for 20, 30 minutes and then it just started disappearing," she added. It's a picture that's leaving neighbors not necessarily sold on the paranormal, but definitely open-minded. "Stuff's been getting in that garden back there, but we figured it was coons. Now it might be something different," said Yarbro. "I'm sure there's an explanation that's simple, but it's just interesting," she added. Neighbors are just looking for some logic in a close encounter. Yarbro says her pictures were not doctored. Those on Lucy Road say they've never seen that bubble before or in the few days since.

I don't know what this is, but it is unidentified, in the sky, and taking a shape not naturally seen in the sky. Odd huh?

Mysterious Aerial Lights Over Stratford-upon-Avon, July 14, and Farnborough, Hampshire, on July 22 Earth Files (July 27, 2007) - See video here

1,033-Foot-Long East Field Wheat Formation "Happened Within 90 Minutes." EarthFiles (July 27, 2007) - Whatever is making the crop circles, it is not human and creates patterns that are not natural in a very small amount of time.

UFO sightings bring town to a standstill Daily Mail (July 21, 2007) - A crowd of 100 stunned stargazers brought a town centre to a standstill when five mysterious UFOs were spotted hovering in the sky. Drinkers spilled out of pubs, motorists stopped to gawp and camera phones were aimed upwards as the five orbs, in a seeming formation, hovered above Stratford-Upon-Avon for half an hour. The unidentified flying objects lit up the otherwise clear night sky above Shakespeare's birthplace in Warwickshire on Saturday. Although Air Traffic Control reported no unusual activity, some witnesses were convinced they were witnessing an extra-terrestrial spectacle. The strange episode started just after 10.30pm, when the lights were seen hovering slowly over the town before three of them formed a triangular shape with one positioned just to the right. A few minutes later a fifth came into view traveling towards the others at breakneck speed before slowing down and stopping a short distance away. Skeptics dismissed the UFOs as nothing more than hot air balloons, fireworks or even lanterns which had broken loose from a local rugby club. Others, however, claimed the speed and agility of the objects was unlike any known aircraft and said the odd movement, lack of noise and the length of time in the air discounted any man-made explanation. Tom Hawkes, who captured these amazing images, spotted the lights during his girlfriend Kate Lyall's birthday at the One Elm pub. He and the 15 other revelers were in the bar when they spotted some commotion outside. Tom, 30, said: "We walked outside and there was at that time a growing crowd of about 60 people looking up at something in the sky. "I saw this light appear, then three others. They came over our heads in formation but then maneuvered into different positions. "Three had formed a triangular shape and one was to the right. Then another one came hurtling towards the rest at what looked like a very fast speed. But as it neared them it suddenly slowed and stopped altogether. "By this time more people had poured out onto the street. Two pubs had emptied, some people had come out of their houses and drivers slowed their cars. more... Exclusive: Watch the extraordinary UFO footage here

Roswell theory revived by deathbed confession The Sunday Telegraph (July 1, 2007) - Exactly 60 years ago, a light aircraft was flying over the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, at a height of around 3000m. Suddenly, a brilliant flash of light illuminated the aircraft. Visibility was good and as pilot Kenneth Arnold scanned the sky to find the source of the light, he saw a group of nine shiny metallic objects flying information. He estimated their speed as being around 2600km/h - nearly three times faster than the top speed of any jet aircraft at the time. Soon, similar reports began to come in from all over America. This wasn't just the world's first UFO sighting, this was the birth of a phenomenon, one that still exercises an extraordinary fascination. Military authorities issued a press release, which began: "The many rumours regarding the flying disc became a reality yesterday when the intelligence officer of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field, was fortunate enough to gain possession of a disc." The headlines screamed: "Flying Disc captured by Air Force". Yet, just 24 hours later, the military changed their story and claimed the object they'd first thought was a "flying disc" was a weather balloon that had crashed on a nearby ranch. The key witness was Major Jesse Marcel, the intelligence officer who had gone to the ranch to recover the wreckage. He described the metal as being wafer thin but incredibly tough. It was as light as balsa wood, but couldn't be cut or burned. These and similar accounts of the incident have largely been dismissed by all except the most dedicated believers. But last week came an astonishing new twist to the Roswell mystery. Lieutenant Walter Haut was the public relations officer at the base in 1947 and was the man who issued the original and subsequent press releases after the crash on the orders of the base commander, Colonel William Blanchard. Haut died last year but left a sworn affidavit to be opened only after his death. Last week, the text was released and asserts that the weather balloon claim was a cover story and that the real object had been recovered by the military and stored in a hangar. He described seeing not just the craft, but alien bodies. He wasn't the first Roswell witness to talk about alien bodies. Local undertaker Glenn Dennis had long claimed that he was contacted by authorities at Roswell shortly after the crash and asked to provide a number of child-sized coffins. When he arrived at the base, he was apparently told by a nurse (who later disappeared) that a UFO had crashed and that small humanoid extraterrestrials had been recovered. But Haut is the only one of the original participants to claim to have seen alien bodies. more...

Read the document here... I believe the UFOs being seen around the world are really happening. However, my view of what they are is not based on wild fancy or whatever they may say. I believe they are connected to angelic beings, whether fallen or not depends, but when it comes to the abduction stories of some people, there is definitely a demonic association to the experience. Even Whitley Strieber, a devout atheist, could only describe his encounter as "demonic." This is not to mention the horrible psychological and physical reports that come from those who have experienced these things. There is a definite spiritual nature associated with these experiences and what is reported is not of God. In fact, some report that they are told these beings planted humans on earth. I think this may be part of the great deception that is coming, but most people respond to the idea as ridiculous. I would like to point out that because of the spiritual nature of these beings, phasing in and out of our reality is to be expected and the idea is in the Bible as well. I've also heard that of those who experience abductions, 80% reported some connection to the occult whether in the past or present. I believe this also explains why not everyone sees them, I never have. I have heard too many stories, seen too many unexplained videos, and believe the Biblical account. Genesis 6 speaks to fallen angels coming to earth and mating with earth women whom they found desirable and bearing giants through them. It sounds fantastic and is commonly ignored or spiritualized away to mean something else. I think it was one of the reasons for the flood of Noah, and that Noah was "perfect in his generations" indicates why he and his family were chosen to be saved from the flood. Looking at the scope of scripture, it was through him that the lineage of Christ our Savior came through the nation of Israel. So even though it is something you may not have seen or personally experienced, be aware of the possibility. We should also have an answer if it does so that our faith is not affected negatively. For many believers, the lack of understanding of what the Bible says about this idea may pull some away from faith in Christ if it does suddenly happen. And now minutes later in my digging through the news, I found this article from Christian News Wire June 25, Prophecy Watch - Signs in the Stars, "Well, now there is a different perspective on the UFO phenomenon and this one is from a Biblical standpoint. Mr. Richard Stout of Long Island, New York claims he has a spiritual gift from the Holy Spirit that guided him into understanding the answer to this strange phenomenon... "I am only being used as an instrument…" says Richard, "…This information must get out to the public as it is crucial people understand these so-called UFOs are in fact real and will be used as part of God's judgments on man and we are that close to many signs and wonders." It looks as if we aren't alone after all, only these "aliens" are fallen angels masquerading as extraterrestrials from another planet!" -

Explanation of the Recent "Strange Craft" Sightings BBC News (June 2007) - Here is the breif introduction. I'm using the alias Isaac, and used to work in what was called the CARET program in the 80's. During my time there, I worked with a lot of the technology that is clearly at work in the recent drone/strange craft sightings, most notably the "language" and diagrams seen on the underside of each craft. What follows is a lengthy letter about who I am, what I know, and what these sightings are (probably) all about. The appearance of these photos has convinced me to release at least some of the numerous photographs and photocopied documents I still possess some 20 years later that can explain a great deal about these sightings. On this site you will find some of these. For many years I've occasionally considered the release of at least some of the material I possess, but the recent wave of photos and sightings has prompted me to cut to the chase and do so now. I should first be clear that I'm not directly familiar with any of the crafts seen in the photos in their entirety. I've never seen them in a hangar or worked on them myself or seen aliens zipping around in them. However, I have worked with and seen many of the parts visible in these crafts, some of which can be seen in the Q3-85 Inventory Review scan found at the top of this page. More importantly though, I'm very familiar with the “language” on their undersides seen clearly in photos by Chad and Rajman, and in another form in the Big Basin photos. One question I can answer for sure is why they're suddenly here. These crafts have probably existed in their current form for decades, and I can say for sure that the technology behind them has existed for decades before that. The “language”, in fact, (I'll explain shortly why I keep putting that in quotes) was the subject of my work in years past. I'll cover that as well. The reason they're suddenly visible, however, is another matter entirely. These crafts, assuming they're anything like the hardware I worked with in the 80's (assuming they're better, in fact), are equipped with technology that enables invisibility. That ability can be controlled both on board the craft, and remotely. However, what's important in this case is that this invisibility can also be disrupted by other technology. Think of it like radar jamming. I would bet my life savings (since I know this has happened before) that these craft are becoming visible and then returning to invisibility arbitrarily, probably unintentionally, and undoubtedly for only short periods, due to the activity of a kind of disrupting technology being set off elsewhere, but nearby. I'm especially sure of this in the case of the Big Basin sightings, were the witnesses themselves reported seeing the craft just appear and disappear. This is especially likely because of the way the witness described one of the appearances being only a momentary flicker, which is consistent with the unintentional, intermittent triggering of such a device.

You can read more details and stories of other sightings of these drones as well as pictures at

Former Arizona Governor Admits Seeing UFO (March 18, 2007) - Ten years after the Arizona UFO incident known as the “Phoenix Lights,” former Arizona Republican Governor Fife Symington, III, now says that he himself was a witness to one of the “craft of unknown origin,” even though he originally did not say so publicly.  In an exclusive interview by Leslie Kean, an investigative reporter with the Washington-based Prescott Daily Courier, Symington Coalition for Freedom of Information, released today in the now admits that he saw an enormous, inexplicable craft that evening. On March 13, 1997, during Symington’s second term as Governor, thousands saw gigantic triangular and V-shaped unidentified objects, gliding slowly and silently across the sky. Witnesses throughout the state estimated that the eerie, lighted vehicles were bigger than many football fields, up to a mile long. They reported that these were clearly solid, technological flying machines that blocked out the stars - not merely lights.  The objects were seen earlier than the row of lights near Phoenix, videotaped and shown repeatedly on television, which were most likely flares. Symington was well known for ridiculing the incident at a spoof press conference, so his statement marks a dramatic turnaround.  According to his comments to Kean, he wants to make amends to his constituents and set the record straight. The former Governor, a cousin of the late Missouri Senator Stuart Symington, states that the incident remains unsolved, and should be officially investigated. The U.S. Government has never acknowledged that something was in the sky that night, despite official documentation of a very similar flying craft of unknown origin investigated in the 1990’s by the governments of England and Belgium.

Read about the new feature-length documentary, Out of the Blue.

Coast to Coast AM March 3 Episode (Hour 1) (March 3, 2007) - Whitley Strieber talks of current UFO incidents. Also talks about Iranian possible UFO recent visit and how the UFOs showed up in US in 1947 after nuclear in the deserts around where the tests took place. Now Iran has possible UFO visit while they're trying to make nuclear advancements. What concerns me is that I think I know who the UFOs are, fallen angels and they have the same goals in mind as the Iranians. Wipe Israel off the map. 30+ stories about UFOs in Iran since December 2006!

Strange Sightings In Triad Skies video at link (February 8, 2007) - Are the makings of a Sci-Fi movie happening in the Piedmont-Triad? There have been strange reports about flying objects in the skies -- and some people think they're UFOs. WXII 12's Nicole Ducouer spoke to a Kernersville man who said he captured an object on his cell phone. Jamarus Crews said he was sitting in his Farmwood Garden Apartment when he saw something in the sky. It had lots of lights and made no noise, he said. Charles Miller of Charlotte said he also caught an image of an object. "From the first time I saw it until it was gone, it was 45 seconds and it crossed the entire sky," he told CNN. Strange sightings have been reported in a number of locations in recent days. The National Weather Service said it has seen nothing out of the ordinary on its radar, and the Appalachian State University Observatory said it was probably a bolide -- a fireball-like meteor that frequently enters the earth's atmosphere but is rarely seen. To watch Ducouer's full report, use the video link on the origin page.

UFOs over Iran could be U.S. operations, extraterrestrial visitors or both (February 2, 2007) - People in Iran, as in many other countries, have had interesting sightings of and encounters with unidentified flying objects (UFOs) over the years. Lately these sightings seem to have increased. Are Iranians seeing U.S. surveillance drones, extraterrestrial visitors, some combination of both or something entirely different? According to a Jan. 19 report from the Fars News Agency (FNA) in Iran, a UFO was observed Wednesday, Jan. 17. FNA reported, “A radiant unidentified flying object was again observed in the sky of Central Sepidar in the vicinity of Bouyer Ahmad in western Iran from 19:10 to 20:30 hours local time (15:40 to 17:00 GMT) Wednesday. Witnesses told FNA that the object has been observed for more than an hour.” FNA reports said another case occurred two days prior on Jan. 15: “In a similar incident last Monday, an unidentified flying object was witnessed in the same area and at the same time.” “Witnesses also said that the UFO has been as big as a ball, with a yellow ray and a bright reddish color in the center. They also stated that the object has been flying at a very low altitude,” FNA said. In another Jan. 17 incident in Iran that made news worldwide, multiple witnesses reported a “crash” of a UFO. FNA also covered that story and reported, “Last Wednesday, a UFO crashed in Barrez Mounts in the central province of Kerman. Deputy Governor General of Kerman Province Abulghassem Nasrollahi told FNA that the crash, which was followed by an explosion and a thick spiral of smoke, has caused no casualties or damage to properties.” “Eyewitnesses assured that the explosion has been caused as a result of the crash of a radiant unidentified flying object onto the ground. The source also said that the crash has been witnessed by people in several cities, and mentioned that the rendezvous point was located 100 kilometers from the provincial capital city of Kerman,” FNA reported. Nasrollahi told FNA, “People in the city of Rafsanjan also reported to have witnessed a similar incident several days ago. Similar crash incidents have been witnessed frequently during the last year all across Iran, and officials believe that the objects could be spy planes or a hi-tech espionage device.” more...

I believe it is possible that we may see an increase in UFO sightings in these last days. Genesis 6:1-9 speaks to sons of God bearing Nephilim with the daughters of men. We also see that this is why God destroyed the earth in the flood. Daniel's interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar's dream had an end-time kingdom of iron mixed with clay. This represents some group that "shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay." Daniel 2:41-44 How can "they" be human if "they" mingle themselves with the seed of men? You see extraterrestrials (those not of terra firma) have come to earth before in Genesis 6. Is that what we're seeing here? I don't believe there are other civilizations out there. I've heard many people describe their encounters and on in particular stands out. Whitley Strieber, author of Communion, is an atheist and his description of his abduction experience was "demonic." This irrational fear is associated with all these encounters. I've never seen a UFO or experienced anything but when people come out and speak of their experiences which relate to others and they get no benefit from it, I take notice. In most cases they're actually mocked and spurned because the whole idea is not widely accepted. Given that the Bible speaks of this happening before, I would expect it to happen again, especially in the end times. Fallen angels came before, they will come again and they were not created from the dust of the earth as man, nor did they originate from this planet. Therefore, they are extraterrestrial and not of this world. Biblically they are angels, fallen or not.

Giants in Americas - Death Valley, California - Cavern Temple of Giants (February 1, 2007) - Is there proof that giants once lived and raised families in North America? Stories and newspaper accounts attest to amazing discoveries of huge elaborate caves and mines, gold spears and polished granite inscribed with mystical symbols. Witnesses have reported their discoveries to the Smithsonian Institute and have been promised compensation. Yet, the Smithsonian, archaeologists and other scientists are silent as to the discoveries and have hidden all evidence that is contrary to Darwinian theory of evolution. The following are actual accounts of giants in North America. "Atlantis in the Colorado River Desert" - 1947 Nevada news: Near the Nevada - California - Arizona border area, 32 caves within a 180 square mile area were discovered to hold the remains of ancient, strangely costumed 8 -9 foot giants. They had been laid to rest wearing the skins of unknown animals similar to sheepskins fashioned into jackets with pants described as "prehistoric Zoot- suits". The same burial place had been found 10 - 15 years earlier by another man who made a deal with the Smithsonian. The evidence of his find was stolen and covered up by Darwinian scientists. Dr. F. Bruce Russell had come to Death Valley from the east coast. He had taken up mining in the west for the sake of his health and was exploring across the Colorado River into Arizona. What he found he described as the burial place of a tribal hierarchy within the ritual hall of an ancient people. He felt that some unknown catastrophe had driven them into these caves. All of the implements of their civilization were there, including household utensils and stoves. Dr. Russell reported seeing hieroglyphics chiseled on carefully polished granite within what appeared to be a cavern temple. Another cave led to their sacred hall which contained carvings of ritual devices and markings similar to those of the Masonic Order. A long tunnel from this temple led to a room where, Hill said, "Well-preserved remains of dinosaurs, saber-toothed tigers, imperial elephants, and other extinct beasts were paired off in niches as if on display." more...

Extraterrestrial Realities and UFO Reports Future Science (January 30, 2007) - Over the course of the next twelve months, the UFO subject will come under intense media and public interest in various parts of the world. 2005 saw the release of documents by the Brazilian government covering major events of massive UFO activity over military bases and populated cities. In Mexico, 2004 the government allowed the release of superb radar documentation over Campeche, Mexico, which led to official disclosures by the Mexican government in 2004, and now, the anticipated release of official documents by the French government (SEPRA-CNES) in 2007. This may trigger the release of more documentation by other governmental authorities in the world. Despite strenuous and costly efforts by governments to publicly debunk good case studies, all subsequent opinion polls patently demonstrate they have miserably failed to reverse a growing tide of belief that some UFOs are real, and not misidentification hoaxes or the product of imaginative minds. This year is seeing the emergence of several former military and intelligence figures (Nike Pope, from the U.K. Defense Ministry, for example) who have something major to say on a subject that influences all civilization. Credible backgrounds don't in themselves make for credible accounts unless they fit into the larger picture of substantial testimony.

If UFOs are indeed part of the great deception, this increase in UFO activity and discussion would fit in quite nicely to the timeline of events if we are indeed in the first seal and the covenant with many was confirmed on January 1, 2007.

UFO frenzy ignited by Air Force officer (January 19, 2007) - A retired Air Force colonel who photographed mysterious, colorful lights hovering over western Arkansas last week has ignited a frenzy of interest in unexplained airborne phenomena, as WND has received numerous reports of similar sightings across the U.S., while a digital expert has filtered the pictures to reveal startling images of what he says could be the "pilot" of the unidentified craft. "I believe these lights were not of this world, and I feel a duty and responsibility to come forward," said Col. Brian Fields, who spent nearly 32 years in the military piloting F-16 fighter jets. "I have no idea what they were." As WND exclusively reported, Fields, 61, was at his Van Buren, Ark., home Jan. 9 when just before 7 p.m., he observed two intensely bright lights as he looked to the southeast close to the horizon. "At first I thought they were landing lights from an aircraft," he said. "As I continued to observe them they began to slowly disappear, then suddenly one reappeared, followed by two, then three. On at least one occasion four or five appeared. Each time they would slowly fade and eventually disappear. This occurred several times and when they would reappear they might do so in differing numbers and in different positions, sometimes in a triangular shape, sometimes stacked on top of each other, sometimes line abreast, etc. When the objects appeared they might stay illuminated 10 or more minutes." Fields' wife thought the lights may have been ground-based, but Fields says he's certain they were airborne. "I'm certain it wasn't an aircraft [from Earth]," said Fields, who also ruled out the possibility of flares, saying they didn't descend like flares typically do. "It's not anything I ever had any experience with . ... They were some kind of energy or something." Fields snapped numerous images of the white, yellow and orange lights using a Canon digital camera with 6 mega pixel resolution. The story received heightened exposure after being posted on the Drudge Report yesterday, and became one of the most-viewed news reports in WND history. That prompted many others to contact WND, saying they witnessed the same or similar phenomenon. "When I read this story, I literally got chill bumps all over my body, because it was exactly as I remember it also," said Will Childers of Camden, Ark., who says he saw the same lights Jan. 10 at approximately 7:15 p.m. in southern Arkansas. A pilot from Lancaster, Pa., says he witnessed the mystery lights two years ago over northwestern Arkansas. more... 

In the sky! A bird? A plane? A ... UFO? (January 1, 2007) - It sounds like a tired joke--but a group of airline employees insist they are in earnest, and they are upset that neither their bosses nor the government will take them seriously. A flying saucerlike object hovered low over O'Hare International Airport for several minutes before bolting through thick clouds with such intense energy that it left an eerie hole in overcast skies, said some United Airlines employees who observed the phenomenon. Was it an alien spaceship? A weather balloon lost in the airspace over the world's second-busiest airport? A top-secret military craft? Or simply a reflection from lights that played a trick on the eyes? Officials at United professed no knowledge of the Nov. 7 event--which was reported to the airline by as many as a dozen of its own workers--when the Tribune started asking questions recently. But the Federal Aviation Administration said its air traffic control tower at O'Hare did receive a call from a United supervisor asking if controllers had spotted a mysterious elliptical-shaped craft sitting motionless over Concourse C of the United terminal. No controllers saw the object, and a preliminary check of radar found nothing out of the ordinary, FAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Isham Cory said. The FAA is not conducting a further investigation, Cory said. The theory is the sighting was caused by a "weather phenomenon," she said. more...

I would like to direct you to Stan Deyo's "Roswell" lecture on the secrets of anti-gravity (filmed July 4-6th, 2005), but it appears that the link is gone. I may have it on DVD, I'll have to check. I watched it when it was there and it's interesting because Stan mentioned that with the way anti-gravity propulsion works, the saucers punch holes through clouds. I wish I could explain it, you kind of need to watch the video. I will look deeper for another copy online, it's really fascinating! He demonstrated this with a simple test using a home-made air bazooka. (Those tubes with a rubber pad stretched over the back. When you pull back and release the rubber, a ring of air goes very long distances because of the way the molecules roll around. When it goes through smoke, you can see the ring go through the smoke.

The Planet X and the “Jesuit Footage” Classified “Secretum Omega” (November 20, 2006) - "On the day 30 of April in the Palazzo della Provincia of Pescara took place the Conference "UFO? the Truth is Top Secret,  from Area 51 to Planet X", organized by the Ufobserver Cultural Association. During the conference I related about underground bases in the USA and dedicated the last fifteen minutes of my speech to a very short summary of my work during last five years in a new direction that, starting from now, will be the leading topic of my future lectures. This is a little anticipation. In the year 2000 I was working in Rome as an editor in the Stargate Magazine and I wrote many articles about Fatima Apparitions, their famous Third Secret and other Vatican State-related mysteries. After the publication of these articles I started to receive many e-mails from a person who qualified himself as a Vatican insider longing to know me for my researches about Fatima. From those e-mails rose up the story of a presumed Vatican Intelligence Agency named S.I.V. code – Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano. After one year of such kind of epistolary contacts (in the meantime that person had revealed to me he was a S.I.V. member from the Jesuit order working in structures of the Holy See and I could verify that these informations were true), we finally met in a public place in Rome and I realized that he knew much more thanf what he had said in his mails. Moreover, he sent to me some stuff including a video (shown during the Pescara Conference) regarding observations of something like a tenth planet approaching the Solar System. Such video had been presumedly taped in 1995 from a space probe named Siloe and its images had been later sent to a secret radio-telescope hidden in an unused oil-refining plant in Alaska, totally managed by Jesuits. According to this person the reason to establish the S.I.V. was the meeting with an Alien delegation at Muroc Air Field Base in February 1954 in presence of president Dwight Eisenhower and James Francis McIntyre, bishop of Los Angeles . After that incredible event McIntyre flew to Rome to refer everything to Pope Pius XII who decided to found the S.I.V with the aim to get every possible information about Aliens and how they interacted with the American Government. From then bishop McIntyre and Detroit Archbishop Edward Mooney became the main information co-ordinators between the USA and the Vatican State . Incredibly, later on there should have been some direct personal meetings between S.I.V. members and a nordic-looking race of Aliens coming from the Pleiades. These Aliens presumedly warned humans against another alien race met by the Americans in the California Desert . These meetings between S.I.V and Aliens took place mainly in the USA territory but also - twice - in the Vatican State , precisely in Vatican Gardens at the Papal Academy of Sciences in presence of Pope Pius XII. My Jesuit contact also confirmed to me the reality of the George Adamsky-John XXIII meeting and talked about some very interesting details about it. He also called "Secretum Omega" the highest secrecy level in S.I.V, equivalent to to the NATO Cosmic Top Secret."

The main page is in Italian, if you don't know Italian, you will need a translator. I found this cool little free one online at Applied Language Solutions. I believe this could be what is described in the sixth seal, a large celestial body orbiting fairly close to earth, blocking the sun, turning the moon blood-red, scrolling up the stars, and causing many falling stars.

'Aliens Could Attack at Any Time' Warns Former MoD Chief (November 10, 2006) - UFO sightings and alien visitors tend to be solely the reserve of sci-fi movies. So when a former MoD chief warns that the country could be attacked by extraterrestrials at any time, you may be forgiven for feeling a little alarmed. During his time as head of the Ministry of Defence UFO project, Nick Pope was persuaded into believing that other lifeforms may visit Earth and, more specifically, Britain. His concern is that "highly credible" sightings are simply dismissed. And he complains that the project he once ran is now "virtually closed" down, leaving the country "wide open" to aliens. Mr Pope decided to speak out about his worries after resigning from his post at the Directorate of Defence Security at the MoD this week. "The consequences of getting this one wrong could be huge," he said. "If you reported a UFO sighting now, I am absolutely sure that you would just get back a standard letter telling you not to worry. ''Frankly we are wide open - if something does not behave like a conventional aircraft now, it will be ignored. "The X-Files have been closed down." If these words had come from a sci-fi fanatic, they could be easily dismissed by cynics. But Mr Pope's CV - he was head of the UFO project between 1991 and 1994 - cannot be ignored. When he began his job, he too was sceptical about UFOs but access to classified files on the subject and investigation of a series of spectacular UFO sightings gradually changed his mind. And while Mr Pope says that there is no evidence of hostile intent, he insists it cannot be ruled out. "There has got to be the potential for that and one is left with the uneasy feeling that if it turned out to be so, there is very little we could do about it," he said. more...

'UFO' caught on film (October 30, 2006) - Italian UFO buffs are excited about a mysterious ball of light caught on film in Sicily at the weekend. The phenomenon was spotted by a restaurateur and his wife as they were driving home from work in Sicily's famed Valley of the Temples on Friday night. "It was a huge object, sending out a shimmering light of different colors from its core," said the restaurant owner, Gian Paolo Guarraci. "It appeared to be pulsating." "I rushed home and got my video camera. As it turned out, I needn't have hurried - it hovered in the sky for about two hours," Guarraci said. Guarraci has sent his video to a local TV station which will air it Monday night . One of Italy's best-known UFO fans, Antonio Vanadia, said: "This is an extraordinary piece of footage. I believe we have what experts call a close encounter of the first kind." Vanadia said he could rule out conventional phenomena such as a prolonged lightning storm or a meteor shower. Sicily's self-styled 'UFO Centre' said it would view the tape in the next few days. The southern island appeared to be a favorite destination for UFOs, the centre said. "There were 30 strange sightings in 2005 alone," a spokesman said.

Underground Bases, Missing Children and Extra-Terrestrials: What You Need To Know About Your Future By James Casbolt, former MI6 agent (July 4, 2006) - After the completion of my last article ‘MI6 are the lords of the global drug trade’ I must now present the full picture as to what the intelligence community drug trafficking money is being used for. I need to do this for many reasons. The truth must come out and I need to protect my family and myself. If any of us were to come to a premature end it would only add more credibility to what I am saying. Therefore by presenting the following I am protecting us. Government harassment and surveillance of me has increased since going public with the last article. I believe this has now become a ’national security’ issue. I have had my life threatened, men situated in the hotel opposite my flat taking photographs of me using a high tech, long range camera which uses a blue laser, my phone line and my girlfriends mother’s phone line tapped, my information hacked into and taken off multiple websites and e-mails from government officials blocked. I believe this is because I am leaking information on projects classified ‘above top secret’ which I will go into in detail in this article. The intelligence run drug trafficking is only classified ‘secret’. My name is James Casbolt and I worked in MI6 covert cocaine trafficking operations with the IRA in London between 1995 and 1999. My father Peter Casbolt was also MI6 and worked with the CIA and mafia in Rome in 1993 on covert cocaine and heroin trafficking operations. The global drugs trade run by many factions of the global intelligence community co-operating together (MI6, CIA, MOSSAD etc) is worth at least £500 billion a year. This is more than the global oil trade. MI6 control many of the other intelligence agencies in the world. MI6 created the CIA in 1947 and still control them today. This ‘black ops’ drug money or in classic Orwellian terms, MI6/CIA ’non-appropriated funds’ is being used to fund government and military projects classified ‘Above top secret’. These operations include a huge worldwide UFO cover up and the building and maintaining of deep underground military bases (D.U.M.B.S).  more...

Stan Deyo's "Roswell" lecture on the secrets of anti-gravity (July 4-6th, 2005) - This is Stan's first U.S. lecture in 9 years. It's receiving terrific ratings!

Greek gods prepare for a comeback (May 5, 2006) - It has taken almost 2,000 years, but those who worship the 12 gods of ancient Greece have finally triumphed. An Athens court has ordered that the adulation of Zeus, Hera, Hermes, Athena and co is to be unbanned, paving the way for a comeback of pagans on Mount Olympus. The followers, who say they "defend the genuine traditions, religion and ethos" of the ancients by adhering to a pre-Christian polytheistic culture, are poised to take their battle to the temples of Greece. "What we want, now, is for the government to fully recognise our religion," Vasillis Tsantilas told the Guardian. "We will petition the Greek parliament, and the EU if that fails, for access to worship in places like the Acropolis, for permission to have our own cemeteries and, where necessary, to re-bury the [ancient] bones of the dead. About 98% of Greeks are Orthodox Christian, and all other religions except Judaism and Islam had been banned. Yet the pagans say as many as 2,000 Greeks have signed up to their movement. Mr Tsantilas, 42, a computer scientist who came to paganism after toying with Buddhism, Taoism and Islam, said worshippers perceived the ancient gods as the "personification of the divine". more...

Giants: Fact or Fiction? (May 2006) - For more in-depth information, check Steve's Genesis 6 Giants. The autobiography of the Tibetan lama Chagdud Tulku (Lord of the Dance, California: Padma Press, 1992, pp. 110–111) contains a fascinating reference to a Tibetan mountain giant and how a seeker of mystical relics was able to come across its remains. While on their way to the monastery of Chudo Gompa in the mountains to witness dancing and ceremonial pageantry, the lama and his retinue came across a stupa marking the site where the legendary hero Gesar had entombed a slain giantess in ages past. A few months prior to Chagdud Tulku’s arrival, he writes, a seeker of treasure and holy relics known as a terton had stopped by the monastery to challenge the assertion that any unknown entity had been buried at that spot long ago. He had it on good authority, as the terton professed to be the incarnation of Shanpa, the hero Gesar’s companion. “I was here when we put her under a big rock by the river,” he challenged the monks, urging them to prove him false by digging at the indicated spot. His challenge was taken up and hasty excavations soon began at a location marked by the terton with a 25-foot circle. The digging took days, but a massive stone disk was found at the bottom; excitedly, the monks summoned the treasure finder to show him the results of their efforts. “He supervised as they wedged poles under the rock to pry it up and support it,” writes Chagdud Tulku, and the monks and their gang of laborers were able to remove the massive remains, “the bones of a giantess whose upper arm had been more than five feet long.” The author adds that these mountain ogres had at once been endemic to the region and feasted on hapless humans until eliminated by the legendary hero. Because this was not an archaeological dig but an effort to ascertain the powers of the treasure hunter, the massive bones were returned to the site of their entombment and the stone disk placed over them once more. more... 

Former Director of Proposed Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Project to Present New Initiative at Crop Circles Film Screening in Victoria, Canada (April 19, 2006) - The controversial documentary film “Star Dreams” explains that there have been almost 11,000 recorded crop circles worldwide since 1980, many of them baffling prominent scientists. A new version of “Star Dreams” includes the latest crop circles and will be shown publicly in Victoria, BC on May 6th, 2006. After the film, Alfred Webre will present the Star Dreams Initiative (SDI), the evolution of his work as former Director of the proposed 1977 Carter White House extraterrestrial communication project. The proposal was prepared through his work as futurist at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and it came about as a result of Carter’s interest in the subject after he saw a UFO in 1969. more...

Did Magicians Cause UFO Sightings? Unknown Country (July 20, 2005) - The purpose of this article is to examine the suggestion that the current wave of UFO activity that began in 1947 with Kenneth Arnolds sighting over the Cascade Mountains was deliberately caused by a series of magickal workings carried out by occultists. Over fifty years later, the UFO wave is still being actively encouraged by certain secret societies intent on using extraterrestrial knowledge to steer the course of human evolution. The name Aleister Crowley is synonymous with secret societies and occult workings. Revered in occult circles as the master of occult matters his name still evokes vehement horror in the minds of some, who regard him as the anti Christ personified. A master self-publicist and antiestablishmentarian, he adopted the magical number 666 as his own and positively embraced "The Beast" label the largely ignorant British press gave him in response to this. What has a Hermetic magician and high ranking member of several secret societies (The Freemasons, Golden Dawn, Order of the Silver Star, Thelma and O.T.O) have to do with extraterrestrials, you may ask. The answer lies in the rather interesting drawing that Crowley made in 1918. It shows an alien intelligence that he came into contact with during a series of invocations called the Amalantrah workings that he carried out in New York over a three month period in 1918. Crowley was in the practice of sketching the beings that he encountered during his evocations to add to the detailed written records that he kept of all his magickal workings. The Amalantrah working was part of what Crowley termed ‘The Great Work,' the intentional cultivation of spiritual growth. According to Crowley part of the great work involved "the establishment of contact with non-human intelligences" - in other words, beings that were not of this world--or what we would term extraterrestrials. The purpose of the Amalantrah invocations, by Crowley's own admission, was to open an interdimensional portal that would allow him access to beings from other dimensions. One of the beings that came through this portal, the one Crowley sketched was named Lam. Lam it should be noted is regarded by occultists as a generic entity rather than an individual being. The drawing seems to bear a startling resemblance to the popular conception of a Gray. The picture of Lam itself can certainly be considered genuine as it has a verifiable history. Crowley actually included the portrait of Lam in his 'Dead Souls exhibition' held in Greenwich Village, New York, in 1919. It was also used as an illustration to H.P Blavatsky’s book The Voice of the Silence around the same time. Beneath the picture Blavatsky wrote: "Lam is the Tibetan word for Way or Path, and LAMA is He who Goeth, the specific title of the Gods of Egypt, the Treader of the Path, in Buddhistic phraseology." When the Amalantrah working were complete, Crowley ensured that the portal he had used to grant Lam access to our world was sealed. The original drawing of Lam was given to Kenneth Grant, one of Crowley’s brightest students and eventual successor as head of O.T.O in 1945. Grants interest in the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) phenomena is long-standing and his position as head of O.T.O has enabled him to pursue and develop this interest among he membership of his organization. In 1955 Grant announced the discovery of a trans-plutonian planet called Isis. It was at this time that he established an order called the New Isis Lodge OTO for the purpose of contacting higher intelligences. The story goes that in the late 1980s, Grant allegedly received "messages" that led to him conclude that Crowley's portrait of Lam could be used to provide a focus point for the extraterrestrial energy that had originally been invoked in 1918. Why it took Grant so long to realize this is unclear, as using such objects as a point of focus is not uncommon in occult circles. Possibly it was the scale of the activity that Grant realized needed to be increased to allow the potential of Lam was to be fully realised. To promote and regulate use of the portrait amongst his societies members, Grant wrote a text called the Lam Statement. The purpose of the Lam statement was to "regularise the mode of rapport and construct a magical formula for establishing communication with Lam." This coincided with Grant's creation of a second subdivision of the O.T.O--The Cult of Lam. The invocation of Lam or the beings we know as Grays was thus officially endorsed by O.T.O. Despite the fact that Crowley had been meticulous in his sealing of the portal. In 1918, when occultists invoked Lam, Lam entered through the portal that he created. How is this possible? To answer that question we have to examine the activities of two other well known occultists. Two of Crowley’s unofficial 'students' during his final years were L. Ron Hubbard, who later founded the Scientology movement, and the charismatic Jack Parsons who founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratories. The pair of them studied Crowley's work at length, especially in relation to the interdimensional portal that Crowley had created using his extensive occult knowledge. Crowley was concerned at what he saw as the pair's recklessness when dealing with higher energies. Having spent a lifetime mastering his interaction with supernatural forces, he considered them overconfident and inexperienced and told them as much, finally ceasing all communication with them. Neither man would be deterred and Hubbard and Parsons proceeded to work with the dormant portal that Crowley had left almost 30 years earlier. Thus in 1946, they began what is known in occult circles as the Babalon workings. The intention was to use "sex magick" to create a "child" in the spiritual realms. They would then "call down" the spiritual baby and direct it into the womb of a female volunteer (thought to be Marjorie Cameron, whom Parsons later married) where it would manifest as "human" after the usuall nine month period of gestation. When born, this child would incarnate the forces of Babalon--the Scarlet woman of Revelations which in occult circles symbolizes the dawning of the Age of Horus, the new age. The Babalon working not only reopened the portal, it also increased its intensity and made it highly unstable. The Babalon workings were well documented and many say seem to highlight Parson's and Hubbard's inability to close the portal that they had reopened and which seemed to have slipped from their control. It's interesting to consider the time frame between Hubbard and Parsons reopening the interdimensional portal or what we could easily term a stargate and the wave of extraterrestrial activity and UFO sightings that began with the Kenneth Arnold's sighting of nine "flying silver disks" over the cascade Mountains in June 1947, not long after the Roswell incident, were it was alleged that aliens--quite possibly Grays--had crashed in a flying saucer. UFO activity has been steady since then. It could well be (although we can't say for sure) that these extraterrestrial visitors are accessing the planet through this reopened and highly unstable portal. An interesting point is that both the Amalantrah workings and the Babalon workings were conducted in America which seems to be the place that attracts the most interest from the Grays, suggesting that the site of the workings themselves provides a focus point or a marker of some description for the Greys. The Cult of Lam still continues to encourage its members to invoke Lam. Kenneth Grant has been quoted as saying, "Lam is a Great Old One whose archetype is recognizable in accounts of UFO occupants." The Lam (or Greys) continue to be invoked by the cult of Lam and encouraged to interact with humanity in order to further the spiritual and conscious development of mankind. On the subject of invoking Lam, Grant says, "To gaze into the eyes of this entity is to invite potent contact. One feels an immediate sensation of lightness, of weightlessness, and then a sensation of falling...of being sucked into a vortex...." This sounds very similar to witness testimony provided by contactees who have encountered Grays. The Stargate or stellar rift between time and space, created by Crowley’s Amalantrah Working, created a portal through which Lam and other extra-cosmic influences can enter the known universe. Although Crowley himself was careful to seal this portal on the completion of the working, subsequent magical operations have served to reopen the portal and leave it in a state whereby extraterrestrial beings can use it to access our world. Whether or not this is actually true, it is clear that many in occult circles do believe that this to be the case and that the being known as Lam is in fact a Gray. It is the intention of a certain occultists to encourage the Grays' interaction with mankind, anticipating that they hold the key to the spiritual evolution of humanity.