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  • Is There Any Evidence for Jesus Outside the Bible? - In this article from Cold-Case Christianity, J. Warner Wallace describes the ancient non-Christian evidence for the life of Jesus. What would we know about Jesus if we lost every possible Christian document (including the New Testament and writings of the Church Fathers)? What would the earliest unfriendly Greek, Roman, Syrian and Jewish historical documents tell us about Jesus? YouTube Playlist from Cold-Case Christianity
  • The Bride of Christ
  • The First Resurrection
  • Lost In Translation: Rediscovering the Hebrew Roots to Our Faith - Using the ancient Hebrew language and culture, the authors clarify many of the Bible’s so-called “mysteries” and help the reader rediscover many of the foundational truths that have been “lost in translation.” Topics include:
    • Who is the Bride of Messiah?
    • Is there a difference between covenant and testament?
    • Israel: Who are they really?
    • What is the difference between devils, demons, and nephilim?
  • Lighthouse Trails Project - News and research on contemplative spirituality and New Age roots creeping into the church.
  • Olive Tree Ministries - Jan Markell hosts this weekly radio talk show where different elements of end-time prophecy are addressed with various guests.
  • Video | Seven Pretrib Problems and the Prewrath Rapture - This excellent documentary, produced by Alan Kurschner Ph.D. and produced/directed by Chris White, covers seven issues with the pre-trib harpazo belief and points to a different perspective of the timing of the harpazo, pre-wrath.
  • Video | Before The Wrath - Before the wrath will captivate believers and non-believers alike; revealing new depths of understnading regarding what Jesus revealed to the ancient world about the end of days in ways you could never have imagined.
  • Video | I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist - Frank Turek presents the concepts behind the book I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist co-authored with Norman L. Geisler. It’s presented across 5 videos focusing on various topics.