Prophetic significance of Christianity

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  • The Bride of Christ
  • The First Resurrection
  • Lost In Translation: Rediscovering the Hebrew Roots to Our Faith - Using the ancient Hebrew language and culture, the authors clarify many of the Bible’s so-called “mysteries” and help the reader rediscover many of the foundational truths that have been “lost in translation.” Topics include:
    • Who is the Bride of Messiah?
    • Is there a difference between covenant and testament?
    • Israel: Who are they really?
    • What is the difference between devils, demons, and nephilim?
  • Lighthouse Trails Project - News and research on contemplative spirituality and New Age roots creeping into the church.
  • Olive Tree Ministries - Jan Markell hosts this weekly radio talk show where different elements of end-time prophecy are addressed with various guests.