Prophetic Significance of Earth Changes

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  • Global Volcanism Program - Smithsonian/USGS weekly volcanic activity report.
  • Volcano News - Monitoring worldwide volcanic activity on the internet since 2000.
  • Mt. Saint Helens VolcanoCam - Live pictures of St. Helens.
  • Volcano Watch! - A service of Lampholder Publications and recently featured in a National Geographic Documentary. This site catalogues all the volcano activity increase around the globe.
     Earthquakes:      Extra-Terra:      Emergency Preparedness Links:
  • Washington State Emergency Management - Information on water preparedness, who to contact for emergencies, and other information from what to pack for survival kits to how our state government plans to react to disasters.
  • Millennium Ark Disaster Preparedness - You can purchase their excellent book, Dare To Prepare! here. It provides information on many things from how to purify water to food storage to how to deal with pets and disasters. Lots of good information on how to go about preparing for a disaster.