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False Christ: Will the Antichrist Claim to Be the Jewish Messiah?

by Chris White - Free | | Kindle | Audible


The thesis of this book is that the Antichrist will attempt to present himself as the Jewish Messiah, that he will try his best to appear as if he is instituting what Jewish believers know as the Messianic Age and what Christians know as the Millennial reign.

This book will show that much of what we know about the Antichrist points to the conclusion that his goal is to deceive the world into believing that the Messiah has come, that the Messiah is, in fact, God, and that he deserves the worship of the world. His destruction of the enemies of Israel in Daniel 11:40-45, his seven-year covenant, his rebuilding of the temple and starting the daily sacrifice, his eventual ending of the sacrifices and sitting in the temple to accept worship, his making Jerusalem the capital of the world, even his promotion by the False Prophet (who, this book argues, will claim to be Elijah) all support this position. This view will be presented in great detail and special attention is also given to objections to it.

This book also argues that the little-known eschatological (end-time) beliefs of the Jewish theologians, according to the Talmud and other rabbinic writings, seem to encourage Jews to accept as Messiah a man with the exact characteristics of the Antichrist. Correlating to this view, we will present evidence that Islamic beliefs about the end times, as related in the Quran and the hadiths (the sayings of Muhammad), will cause them to play a very important role in the Antichrist’s rise to power.

This view is the earliest view of the church, it has been almost totally forgotten in recent years. If it is true, it would mean the deception of Satan in the end times will be far more potent that many of us have ever imagined.

For more from Chris White, visit his site This book is a fascinating look at a perspective I had heard of, but not really investigated previously. After my first time through I realize there are a lot of things I need to re-examine that may change a lot about how I view the future times playing out that make a lot more sense and fit together into a better picture than I previously had.

As always when realizing you may have blindly accepted common teaching, it’s a hard pill to swallow, but I plan on digging more deeply into what has been very well put together in this book and go where the facts and scripture lead. This will likely mean some major rewrites to this site, but I hope a better and more complete picture of what is coming so we can remain awake and aware.

Daniel: A Commentary

by Chris White - Free | | Kindle


The Book of Daniel is one of the most important ancient texts in the world. It is rich with practical information for followers of Christ, as well as being one of the most technical books in the Bible with regard to prophecy.

Chris White goes verse by verse through Daniel with meticulous detail, especially in regard to the prophetic portions. He expands on many long held positions held by conservative expositors, while departing from them on a few others. Notably his “contemporaneous beast view” of Daniel 7, as well as a view on Daniel 9 that proposes to solve some long standing problems for conservatives like himself.

White focuses in on the Antichrist at many points in the book with an intent to separate tradition from scripture about this figure. Its clear that White believes that the church can know a good deal more about the geopolitical situation just prior and during the rise of Antichrist. White offers a number of insights to the reader about this awful figure that aren’t often articulated by modern prophecy teachers…but should be.

White is a very conservative premillennial / dispensational expositor, holding to a strict “face value” Hermeneutic. He stays away from sensational or speculative matters, and makes sure to give the reader plenty of options, especially in the occasions when he departs from traditional interpretations.

For more from Chris White, visit his site

The Islamic Antichrist Debunked: A Comprehensive Critique of the Muslim Antichrist Theory

by Chris White - Free | | Kindle | Audible


Never before has such a complete refutation of the Islamic Antichrist theory been in print. Chris White critiques all the major arguments from Islamic Antichrist proponents such as Joel Richardson and Walid Shoebat in a respectful but poignant way. He uses sound methods of biblical interpretation to show that the Islamic Antichrist theory is seriously flawed. This book refutes all the major arguments for the Islamic Antichrist theory and reveals new discoveries about the origins of Islamic end times beliefs which call into question claims of Islamic Antichrist theorists concerning the supposed similarities of figures like The Mahdi and the Antichrist, Isa and the False Prophet, and the Dajjal and Jesus.

You will never see the Islamic Antichrist theory the same way again. Topics Covered in the book: The Islamic Empire being in view in the legs of the statue of Daniel 2 and the last beast of Daniel 7 The “people of the prince” in Daniel 9 referring to Muslims The “Assyrian” In Isaiah and Micah Types of Antichrist Mystery Babylon being Saudi Arabia The Mark of the Beast being Arabic letters instead of numbers The 7th head of Revelation 17 being the Islamic Empire Gog as the Antichrist Various refutations of the theories concerning the Islamic Mahdi being the same as the Antichrist And much more

For more from Chris White, visit his site

Mystery Babylon - When Jerusalem Embraces the Antichrist - An Exposition of Revelation 17 & 18 by Chris White

by Chris White - Free | | Kindle | Audible


“And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.” - Revelation 17:18

Which city is this that reigns over all the kings of the earth? Rome? New York? Mecca?

There are over 90 Characteristics given in the book of Revelation about the city of Mystery Babylon, and none of these three cities meets all of the criteria.

But there is one city that does…or should I say will.

Too often people look for the city of Mystery Babylon in history, or in their present day, as opposed to what the scriptures say we will see in the future.

The Bible tells us exactly which city will be the capital city of the Antichrist in the last days, it tells us the city that will promote the Antichrist's worship to the rest of the world, and the city in which the Antichrist will institute the greatest persecution of all time.

That city is Jerusalem.

 The city of Mystery Babylon will be Jerusalem when it embraces the Antichrist as if he was their long awaited Messiah. The reason that she is referred to as a “harlot” is the same reason she was referred to as a harlot hundreds of times in scripture, because she is committing spiritual adultery.

“How is the faithful city become an harlot!” - Isaiah 1:21a

Consider just a few similarities between Mystery Babylon and Jerusalem:

1) Mystery Babylon is said to kill the prophets in Revelation 18:24. Yet the only city that has ever been recorded as killing the prophets is Jerusalem: “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets…” – Matthew 23:37

2.) The Bible says that Mystery Babylon will be held accountable for ALL the righteous blood shed on the earth.

Yet Jesus said the exact same thing about Jerusalem:

“That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth…” - Mat 23:35a

This is just scratching the surface. In the last days the Antichrist will seek to convince the Jews that their Messiah has finally come, he will seek to make them, and the rest of the world think that the kingdom age has begun.

This is the only view of Mystery Babylon that can withstand a meticulous verse by verse examination.

  • Find out about the “seven hills” and why the bible refers to them as “kings” in almost every bible translation.
  • Find out why every item brought to Mystery Babylon are used for temple construction, daily sacrifice, and a vast, worldwide pilgrimage system.

For more from Chris White, visit his site

Earthquake Resurrection: Supernatural Catalyst for the Coming Global Catastrophe

by David W. Lowe - | Kindle


Earthquake Resurrection explores the possibility that the disappearance of a large group of believers worldwide will be masked by global catastrophe. This possibility is based on a pattern found in scripture that the power unleashed when a human being is resurrected into an immortal body causes a shaking of the surrounding earth.

What does this portend for the future, much larger, global resurrection of the dead in Christ? Will there be a global shaking of the earth from the power of the resurrection? Is the "trump of God" that accompanies the resurrection event the voice of God that will once again shake the earth, as it did at Mount Sinai?

These questions and many others are explored in Earthquake Resurrection. If you have any interest in (a) the current natural disasters engulfing the earth, (b) the prophetic Word of God, or (c) the future of the planet, then this book is for you.

If you have Kindle unlimited, this book is included with that free of charge.

TEMPLE: Amazing New Discoveries That Change Everything About the Location of Solomon’s Temple

by Robert Cornuke - | Kindle


In a book that is being heralded as “an investigative maserpiece” with “astounding archaeological and prophetic implications,” TEMPLE: Amazing New Discoveries That Change Everything About the Location of Solomon’s Temple, by Robert Cornuke, is sending shockwaves through the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian worlds.

Can you imagine the upheaval in political and religious thinking if the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is not the site of Solomon’s and Herod’s temples? And what if the stones of the Wailing Wall are not what tradition says? In this highly-researched, exciting book, the author proposes from current archaeological excavations and Scriptural corroboration that the true temple location is not where tradition teaches. This is must reading for anyone who wants to fit together the pieces of biblical records, current geo-polotics, and prophecy.

Says the author, “Let the adventure begin as we now take the Bible in one hand and a shovel in the other and dig up some long-lost buried bones of biblical history. Along the way we will walk unknown passageways, known only to the prophets of old, as we search for the true location of the lost temples of Solomon and Herod. We will also lift a candle into the dim recesses of history and uncover secrets about the Ark of the Covenant and the gold Mercy Seat’s prophetic obligation as it relates to the future Millennial temple.”

If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch a documentary called Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of Jews that covers this idea that the temple location may not be where everyone thinks it is. While this may not affect where the future temple is rebuilt, it is still a fascinating topic.

Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Barbarism

by Constance Cumbey - FREE Online!!


It is the contention of this writer that for the first time in history there is a viable movement - the New Age Movement - that truly meets all the scriptural requirements for the antichrist and the political movement that will bring him on the world scene. It is further the position of the writer that this most likely is the great apostasy or ‘falling away’ spoken of by the apostle Paul and that the antichrist’s appearance could be a very real event in our immediate future.”

Read the whole book for free online from here as well as A Planned Deception.


Lost In Translation: Rediscovering the Hebrew Roots of our Faith

by John Klein & Adam Spears -


Despite the sensational nature of its subject, Lost in Translation: Rediscovering the Hebrew Roots of our Faith is written in simple, clear, rational language that relies 100% on the Bible as the ultimate authority. The authors shed light on centuries of confusion surrounding subjects that are seldom addressed in modern sermons and Bible studies. Using ancient Hebrew language and culture, the authors clarify many of the Bible’s so-called “mysteries” and help the reader uncover the treasure of foundational truths that have been “lost in translation.” Topics include:

  • Who is the Bride of Messiah?
  • Is there a difference between covenant and testament?
  • How does the rainbow reflect God’s plan for mankind?
  • What is the difference between devils, demons, and Nephilim?

Join us on an exciting adventure to rediscover the treasures still buried within the pages of The Book that reveal the pathway to the heart of God. Read some excerpts here.

Lost In Translation: The Book of Revelation Through Hebrew Eyes

by John Klein & Adam Spears -


This is the second in a three-volume series that will cover the entire book of Revelation in awe-inspiring detail, expounding and expanding on familiar verses in God’s Word that have been misunderstood and misconstrued for many years. Or, in some cases, linking together verses and concepts that have been repeatedly overlooked.

In this volume the authors explore the first half of Revelation from the perspective they established so clearly in volume 1 - that of a Hebrew God speaking through a Hebrew believer to an audience that was intimately familiar with the Hebrew language, culture, customs, and concepts that form both the literal and the metaphorical foundations for vast portions of Revelation.

For Many Shall Come In My Name

by Ray Yungen


Most people believe the New Age has been long gone from our society, and if practiced at all now it is only by unconventional fringe types. For Many Shall Come in My Name reveals this is not the case. In fact, quite the opposite has occurred. The New Age movement (a term not normally used by its proponents) has permeated virtually all aspects of our society. This “Ancient Wisdom” spirituality can be quite readily encountered in the following fields: Business, Education, Health, Self- Help, Religion, and Arts & Entertainment. This book examines them all.


A Time Of Departing

by Ray Yungen


A revealing account of a New Age spirituality that has infiltrated much of the church today. Exposes the subtle strategies to compromise the gospel message with Eastern mystical practices cloaked under evangelical terminology and wrappings.



The Coming Prince

by Sir Robert Anderson
Religious/Prophetic Fulfillment

One of the most exhaustive works ever written on Daniel’s Seventieth Week and the coming Antichrist, featuring a complete chronology.

See Chris White’s book from above, Daniel: A Commentary and this podcast for an alternative view. 



Chronology of the Old Testament

by Dr. Floyd Nolen Jones


Creation occurred in the year 4004 BC according to this detailed thesis proving the exact chronology of history from creation to now. A fascinating proof of the absolute authenticity of the Holy Bible. Very good work and important for all Christians to know.



From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine

by Joan Peters


This monumental and fascinating book, the product of seven years of original research, will forever change the terms of the debate about the conflicting claims of the Arabs and the Jews in the Middle East.





The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - A Chronological Paper Trail

by Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt


For over a twenty-five-year period the research used in this chronology has been collected from many sources: the United States Department of Education; international agencies; state agencies; the media; concerned educators; parents; legislators, and talented researchers with whom I have worked. In the process of gathering this information two beliefs that most Americans hold in common became clear:

1) If a child can read, write and compute at a reasonably proficient level, he will be able to do just about anything he wishes, enabling him to control his destiny to the extend that God allows (remain free);

2) Providing such basic educational proficiencies is not and should not be an expensive proposition.

Since most Americans believe the second premise -- that providing basic educational proficiencies is not and should not be an expensive proposition -- it becomes obvious that it is only a radical agenda, the purpose of which is to change values and attitudes (brainwash), that is the costly agenda. In other words, brainwashing by our schools and universities is what is bankrupting our nation and our children’s minds... Much of this book contains quotes from government documents detailing the real purpose of American education:

  • to use the schools to change America from a free, individual nation to a socialist, global “state,” just one of many socialist states which will be subservient to the United Nations Charter, not the United States Constitution
    • “The age of Nations must end... The Government of nations has decided to order their separate sovereignties into one government to which they surrender their arms.” | United Nation’s World Constitution
  • to brainwash our children, starting at birth, to reject individualism in favor of collectivism
  • to reject high academic standards in favor of OBE/ISO 1400/9000 egalitarianism
  • to reject truth and absolutes in favor of tolerance, situational ethics and consensus
  • to reject American values in favor of internationalist values (globalism)
  • to reject freedom to choose one’s career in favor of the totalitarian K-12 school-to-work/OBE process, aptly named “limited learning for lifelong labor,” coordinated through United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.

Only when all children in public, private and home schools are robotized -- and believe as one -- will World Government be acceptable to citizens and able to be implemented without firing a shot. The attractive-sounding “choice” proposals will enable the globalist elite to achieve their goal: the robotization (brainwashing) of all Americans in order to gain their acceptance of lifelong education and workforce training -- part of the world management system to achieve a new global feudalism. - excerpt from the preface. You can read it free online here

Vatican Assassins: Wounded In The House Of My Friends

Edition 3 - On CD-ROM w/FREE Black Pope CD-ROM

The authors of these 14 books, plus the Cutting Edge Website, tie together the tangled web of behind-the-scenes intrigue of the past 250 years, as it explains the role of the Black Pope, the Jesuits, the public Pope, and Illuminated Freemasonry in the gradual, but bloody, drive to achieve the the Kingdom of Antichrist, also known as the New World Order! Once you read this material, you will understand all the historic forces that have cooperated to stage the events designed to bring Antichrist on to the world scene. You will further more completely understand current events, and the people bringing them to pass. While the original Vatican Assassins book (2002) was only 700 pages long, this book is 1836 pages pages long, in 50 chapters, and contains 760 startling pictures. Rather than charge more than $150 retail, Eric Jon Phelps has decided to publish this book on CD-ROM, bringing the price down to $39.99, on sale now for $19.99 plus shipping.

These are the high points of this incredible book:

  • 1534 - Beginning of the Jesuit Order and its original premise to return both Spiritual and Political Power back to the Pope
  • 1773 - History of the Pope’s Suppression of the Order in 1773
  • 1796-1816 Wars of Napoleon Bonaparte I shown to be the arm of the Jesuits as Napoleon punished every European Monarch who had resisted the Jesuits. One of the targets was the Papacy who had actively suppressed the Jesuit Order
  • Shows how high-level Masonry, led by the House of Rothschild, became the financiers of the Jesuits in their conspiratorial scheme
  • 1814 - Jesuits were revived by a Papal Bull
  • 1820 - Russia Expelled Jesuits
  • 1829 - England expelled Jesuits
  • 1848 - Switzerland expelled Jesuits
  • 1871-1872 - Italy expelled Jesuits
  • 1872 - Germany expelled Jesuits
  • 1880 - France expelled Jesuits
  • 1914-1945, Jesuits initiated their second 30-year war, known popularly as World Wars I and II
  • During the Cold War, Jesuits worked through governments of the world to launch crusades against Asian targets, while simultaneously setting the stage for Neo-Nazi dictatorial system in America
  • 1963, Assassination of JFK
  • Study the strong facts which indicate that the Jesuits might have had a hand in the 9/11 attacks in order to set off global war pitting Islam against the historic Protestant West. (WW III)

I just ordered this book and look forward to studying it. I believe it will confirm the Bible’s portrayal of the woman riding the beast who “rules over the kings of the earth.” Revelation 17:18 See chart here.

The Facade

by Michael S. Heiser

Sci-Fi / Religious

This is a great book that brings in one perspective on the whole alien agenda. Of all the ways it could be played out, this one makes the most sense to me and is right in line with how I imagine it is. A wonderful story and some very thought-provoking ideas.




The Nephilim And The Pyramid Of The Apocalypse

by Patrick Heron

Sci-Fi / Religious

The Nephilim and the pyramid of the Apocalypse is a great read. if you are interested in the Bible; Accent religions of the Hebrews, Assyrians, Egyptians, Romans, Greeks etc.; Megalithic structures such as the great pyramid of Giza; Angels, Fallen Angles and demons; Astronomy-astrology; the book of revelation in the new testament (Basically Heron does a line by line exposition of the book hear), ancient Hebrew prophecies in both new and old testaments; Other accent writings; a study of who the Nephilim were and what they did; who is God and what will happen in the feature; then this book is for you.


Deadly Emotions: Understand the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection That Can Heal or Destroy You

by Don Colbert, M.D.


Did you know that negative emotions can adversely affect your health? Depression, anger, guilt, condemnation, low self-esteem-these are only a few of the lethal toxins that threaten body and spirit. Offering a clear definition of deadly emotions-what they are, where they come from, how they manifest themselves, and their effects on the body-Dr. Colbert uses scientific evidence to support his views. He further offers hope in the form of God’s power to deliver readers from these toxins, focusing on the power of forgiveness and repentance, the value of a merry heart, and the joy of the Lord. Finally, Dr. Colbert shares insights on the role nutrition plays in removing the physical toxins that inhibit true health.

The Master Plan: Himmler’s Scholars & the Holocaust

by Heather Pringle


What happens when science falls prey to a deadly political agenda? Prehistory, according to Heinrich Himmler, had to be rewritten. The chief of the SS and the architect of the Nazi death camps was convinced that archeologists had long ignored the accomplishments of a primeval race of blond-haired, blue-eyed conquerors -- the Aryans. Himmler believed that Germany’s ancestors had evolved in the icy barrens of the Arctic where they had ruled as an invincible master race. Now, he theorized, only in select parts of the world did some true Aryan blood remain. Himmler’s history was pure fiction, but his conviction was unshakeable. In 1935 he founded the Ahnenerbe -- a research institute to manufacture archaeological evidence for political purposes -- and set about recruiting a bizarre mix of adventurers, mystics, and reputable scholars to help rewrite all of human history. Researchers were sent on public expeditions and secretive missions to Iraq, Finland, Tibet, and beyond, backed by the power of the Third Reich. Drawing on extensive original research, Heather Pringle paints a compelling and sinister portrait of the Ahnenerbe and its role in the Holocaust, and reveals the German scientists and scholars who allowed their research to be used to justify extermination. Combining the energy and storytelling skill of the best fiction with the chilling detail of history, The Master Plan is a groundbreaking story of delusion and excess, of scientific and political abuse on a global scale.