News for January 19, 2005

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Security Data Given to Terror-Tied Protest Group - Details about 2001 inauguration now in hands of people planning huge parade demonstration. In compliance with a lawsuit-inspired court order, the District of Columbia has handed over significant amounts of security data to the International Action Center, a protest group that maintains ties with two terrorist organizations and is a front group for the communist Workers World Party.

Can you believe this?!! I hope people are happy when we've become so politically correct and open that they give terrorists the means to strike strategically at us. Oh wait, we just did!!!!

Japan Issues Tsunami Warning After Strong Earthquake - The 6.8 magnitude quake struck at 3:11 p.m. about 120 miles off the coast of Chiba state, the Meteorological Agency said. It was centered six miles below the ocean floor. The shaking was weak and hardly felt in Tokyo or nearby areas.

Scientists Analyze Impact of Quake Swarm - The Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences is looking at what a swarm of earthquakes that shook the lower North Island and upper South Island yesterday means for the regions. Nine earthquakes were recorded within nine hours from yesterday afternoon, with the biggest reaching 5.3 on the Richter scale. Seven of the quakes were centered 40km southeast of Martinborough in Wairarapa.

Persecution of Christians Growing in the United States - More Christians died for their faith in the twentieth century than at any other time in history, says Christian Solidarity International. Global reports indicate that over 150,000 Christians were martyred last year, chiefly outside of the United States. However, statistics are changing: persecution of Christians is on the increase in the United States. What's happening to bring about this change?

Former Ambassador: U.N. Funds Terror; Diplomat cites documents captured by Israeli forces - Citing documents captured by Israeli Defense Force personnel, Ambassador Dore Gold says funds flowed from the United Nations Development Program, or UNDP, to two leading Hamas front organizations.

Effects of Chinese Acquisitions - In early January, China tendered their boldest offer of all. They have submitted a bid to acquire the US energy firm Unocal, their first offer of a US company. This might actually awaken the US Sleeping Dog. Energy supply assurance strikes at the heart of national security.

If You Have Nothing to Hide, You Have Nothing to Worry About... I Guess - A good article about the eradication of fundamental rights including the presumption of innocence. Also 4 signposts that we are headed there now.

Church ends taboo on mercy killings - The Church of England took a radical step towards backing 'mercy killing' of terminally ill patients last night after one of its leading authorities said that there was a 'strong compassionate case' for voluntary euthanasia.

Linguistic big bang creates translation headaches at European Union - The enlargement of the European Union from 15 to 25 member-states with nine new languages has created a kind of linguistic big bang in Brussels, with new headaches for interpreters.

Time for Hosannas? - Scroll down a little to read the article entitled “Time for Hosannas?”

Reported Jan 18 from Kirby Wilbur show am 570KVI:

Lawmakers declare rain is property of Washington state - I couldn't believe it when I heard it, but 5 liberal democrat legislators recently got a law signed in that requires citizens to get permits to have a rain barrel collecting rainwater on personal property. I couldn't find the story so I'm relating it imperfectly, but you got the jist. One caller on the show made a suggestion about why. He said that it could be because standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and with the west nile virus scare, they don't want disease spreading. My only problem with this is that whether we have barrels with standing water or not, there is always going to be standing water somewhere else close by. As I listened to the ridiculous story a thought crossed my mind that was echoed moments later by a caller. The thought was that if Washington state takes possession of rainwater, then we should be able to sue Washington state for all the flooding their rainwater is causing.