News for February 25, 2005

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“Isn’t it interesting that the same people who laugh at science fiction listen to weather forecasts and economists?” | Kelvin Throop III

Wild Weather Next Week - It is not often that the atmosphere develops this look, so you can imagine all the excitement that has existed in the forecasting center today. What will happen is that two branches of the jet stream will merge late in the weekend, a signature of all great storms.

New Series of Unknown Energy Surges Begin Hitting Southern Hemisphere, Global Weather Patterns in Ruin - Reports are being received by us today from the earths Southern Hemispheric Regions that another series of unknown energy surges have begun hitting our planet today. In my December 22, 2004 report, “Unknown Energy Surges Continue to Hit Planet, Global Weather Systems in Chaos”, I had previously detailed the following:

Mason's Making a Move in Israel, and a Closer Look at the Road Map - Shaun Waterman, (UPI Homeland and National Security Editor) has written about the involvement of Freemasonry in the Israeli Government mainly through the Supreme Court and the Knesset. But this makes a clear statement to anyone crossing the border into Israel that the Illuminati (or freemasons) are in control here.

Team Clones Human Kidney in Rats - Researchers in Japan have succeeded in cloning a human kidney by cultivating human stem cells extracted from adult bone marrow into rat embryos, team members said Monday.

Evidence of Extreme Disturbance in Earth’s Core – Can Earth Explode? - It is not often that the atmosphere develops this look, so you can imagine all the excitement that has existed in the forecasting center today. What will happen is that two branches of the jet stream w

Astronomers claim first 'dark galaxy' find - Strong evidence for a massive galaxy totally devoid of stars has been found in the Virgo cluster, about 50 million light years away from Earth. If the existence of this "dark galaxy" is confirmed, it will vindicate the favored theory of how galaxies form - and will present fresh puzzles to solve.

U.N.: World Population to Hit 9B in 2050 - But virtually all the growth will be in the developing world, especially in the 50 poorest countries, the U.N. Population Division said.

Anglican Church Asks U.S., Canada to Leave - The Americans and Canadians were asked to voluntarily withdraw.

Anglican Church Heads for Schism Over Gays - The worldwide Anglican church headed down the road to schism on Friday after U.S. and Canadian clerics were asked to withdraw from key Anglican meetings in a deepening row over gay bishops.

ABC's Peter Jennings examines UFO phenomenon - Flying saucers and strange beings who have visited Earth aren't the typical topics reported by Peter Jennings, anchor of ABC's World News Tonight.

Russian Nuke Theft 'Has Occurred' - U.S. intelligence officials say definitively that theft of Russian nuclear materials "has occurred," even as Russia's nuclear-powered plants remain ripe for terrorist attacks, Agence-France Presse reports.

Mount St. Helens bubbling and boiling - Mount St. Helens has shown an upswing in volcanic activity over the past two days, U.S. volcano scientists reported.

Calif. Braces for Storms; Death Toll Up - Californians braced for even more rain Tuesday as they struggled to recover from storms that have left at least nine people dead, triggered mudslides and tornadoes, and washed away roads and runways.

World Council of Churches Calls for Divestment From Israel - PARIS - The World Council of Churches, the main global body uniting non-Catholic Christians, encouraged members Tuesday to sell off investments in companies profiting from Israeli control of the West Bank and Gaza.

Disappointed in Islam, "Muslims in Iran are Coming to Faith in Christ in the Thousands," -Report by Joel News International - Aimee Herd reporting  (Feb 25, 2005) The world revival news service, Joel News International is reporting on the exceptional growth of an underground Christian church in Iran. Says one Iranian pastor, "In the 1980's, we rejoiced over two or three new believers each month. In the 1990's, we were impressed when we heard about a group of new believers. Today, we are just somewhat surprised to discover an entire new underground church."

People Who Feel, Taste and Hear Color Not Crazy; It's a Rare But Real Condition - Teresa Neumann reporting  (Feb 25, 2005) A University of Maine junior, 20-yr old Ingrid Carey doesn't just see colors; she tastes, hears, smells and feels them too, and she's not alone. Ingrid has a rare neurological condition called synesthesia, in which two or more of the body's senses entwine. For her, numbers and letters, sensations and emotions, days and months are all associated with colors.

Manuscripts from Persecuted Christians Unearthed in Pharaoh's Tomb in Egypt - Teresa Neumann reporting  (Feb 24, 2005) Three ancient Coptic manuscripts have been unearthed by Polish experts in the Luxor area of Egypt, inside the tomb of a Pharaoh. It is being hailed as "the single most important Coptic discovery since 1945." Believed to be from the sixth century, it is thought that they may have been hidden there by Christians who were being persecuted by Romans at the time. Zahi Hawas, the head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, said experts are hoping to read them in order to shed more light on early Christianity in Egypt.

Heavy Metal Guitarist for “Korn” Leaves Band -- Has “Chosen the Lord Jesus Christ as His Savior” - Teresa Neumann, Aimee Herd reporting (February 23, 2005) An announcement made by the metal band “Korn” today grabbed headlines as their guitar player, Brian “Head” Welch, has decided to leave the band after a “religious awakening.”

Dental Breakthrough--Restoring Bones and Teeth Using Adult (NOT Embryonic) Stem Cells - Keith Peters / Aimee Herd reporting  (Feb 22, 2005) Researchers are excited over the prospects of a new discovery in the restoration of bones and teeth using adult stem cells. They have found that bone marrow stem cells, under the right conditions, have the ability to make cartilage. "What we're finding," says Dr. Mary McDougall, president-elect of the American Association for Dental Research, "is that actually baby teeth and extracted third molars are a wonderful source for adult stem cells that have applications to a large number of tissues and focusing now on cartilage, bone fat, dentin enamel, and periodontal ligament."

Book On Nephilim about Old Testament Giants, Skyrockets On Charts - Teresa Neumann reporting  (Feb 21, 2005) "The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse" by Irish author, Patrick Heron, is a red-hot seller, now on the top 10 list at A rather strange and perhaps controversial book to some, Heron takes on the challenge of one of the Old Testament's most baffling and intriguing scriptural references -- Genesis 6:4: "There were giants (Nephilim) in the Earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bare children to them."

Jordanian Dig Confirms Biblical Edom (February 21, 2005) Just-published evidence from a U.S.-directed archeological dig in Jordan further authenticates the Bible’s descriptions of the existence of the ancient nation of Edom during the eras of King David and his son, King Solomon.

The full results of the 2002 excavation by a team of international scholars at the site of Khirbet en-Nahas (“ruins of copper” in Arabic) are reported in the current issue of the British journal “Antiquity” published this week.

The new study, headed by archeology Prof. Thomas Levy of University of California, San Diego, contradicts much contemporary scholarship claiming – on the basis of no physical evidence – that no Edomite state existed before the 8th century BCE. Until the new discovery, many scholars said the Bible's numerous references to ancient Israel's interactions with Edom could not be valid.

While previous investigations in Edom had been carried out in the Jordanian highland zone and put the rise of the Edomite kingdom during the 8th to 6th centuries BCE, the new archeological data from modern-day Jordan presents strong evidence for the involvement of Edom with neighboring ancient Israel as described in the Bible and indicates the existence of the biblical nation of Edom at least as early as the 10th century BCE – when David and Solomon were alive.

The archeologists dug up evidence of construction of massive fortifications and industrial-scale metal production activities, as well as over 100 building complexes. Egyptian scarabs of a “walking sphinx” and a hunting scene provide additional evidence of metal-working activities at the site in the period around 1200 to 900 BCE.

The researchers note in their journal article that these results “push back the beginnings of Edom 300 years earlier than the current scholarly consensus and show the presence of complex societies, perhaps a kingdom, much earlier than previously assumed.”