News for March 27, 2005

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Happy Easter!!!!!! May you walk with God in His path for you so that you will be a witness of God for all the world to see. Never forget He died for YOU!

Number of very high-energy gamma ray sources doubles - Eight new sources of very high-energy gamma rays have been spotted in the Milky Way - doubling the number of such sources known. The discovery may shed light on the origin of mysterious, energetic particles called cosmic rays but it also raises new questions, as two of the sources cannot be traced to any nearby objects.

Islamic teachers suspended for praising essay on killing Jews - Two teachers at an Islamic school in Canada who praised a pupil's essay about killing Jews with hand grenades and machine guns have been suspended for allegedly inciting racial hatred.

Science Unlocks Biblical Secrets - Now, a team of scientists and scholars from the United States has proven Barkay's theory was correct: that the scrolls are about 2,600 years old. That's 400 years older than the Dead Sea Scrolls. It took modern technology to prove their antiquity.

Kofi Annan 'depressed,' said close to quitting - The U.N. report on the scandal-ridden oil-for-food program is slated for release on Tuesday, and insiders at the world body indicate that a beleaguered – and reportedly depressed – Kofi Annan could satisfy those seeking his resignation by voluntarily stepping down as Secretary-General of the U.N.