News for April 25, 2005

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Iran Plans to Knock Out U.S. with 1 Nuclear Bomb (Tests missiles for electro-magnetic pulse weapon that could destroy America's technical infrastructure) - Iran is not only covertly developing nuclear weapons, it is already testing ballistic missiles specifically designed to destroy America’s technical infrastructure, effectively neutralizing the world’s lone superpower, say U.S. intelligence sources, top scientists and western missile industry experts.

The radical Shiite regime has conducted successful tests to determine if its Shahab-3 ballistic missiles, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, can be detonated by a remote-control device while still in high-altitude flight.

Scientists, including President Reagan’s top science adviser, William R. Graham, say there is no other explanation for such tests than preparation for the deployment of Electromagnetic Pulse weapons – even one of which could knock out America’s critical electrical and technological infrastructure, effectively sending the continental U.S. back to the 19th century with a recovery time of months or years.

Iran will have that capability – at least theoretically – as soon as it has one nuclear bomb ready to arm such a missile. North Korea, a strategic ally of Iran, already boasts such capability.

The Real Secret Reason for Russia’s Missiles Delivery to Syria - Deadly Portable Shoulder-Fired Igla SA-18s - Russian delivery of deadly portable shoulder-fired Igla SA-18s to Syria is a way to deter any one from attacking Syria. According to international think tanks, these missiles are deadly but are not real threats against Israeli or US Air Force planes. But they can be a real danger if they are delivered to terrorist organizations like Al-Queda who may use the same against commercial flights.

Poll: 63% of Americans Think Bible Literally True - At a time when the public display and discourse about matters of faith have been under attack, a new poll indicates most Americans – 63 percent – believe the Bible is literally true and the Word of God. The survey taken Thursday and Friday by Rasmussen Reports found just 24 percent thinking otherwise. When broken down into different demographics, the poll showed 77 percent of Republicans believe in the literal truth of the Bible as do 59 percent of Democrats and 50 percent of those not affiliated with either major party. Among Evangelical Christians, 89 percent believe the Bible is literally true and just 4 percent say it is not. Among other Protestants, 70 percent believe the Bible is literally true. That view is shared by 58 percent of Catholics. Eighty-two percent of black Americans believe the Bible is literally true and the Word of God. Fifty-nine percent of white Americans share that view along with 71 percent of other, primarily Hispanic, Americans. While older Americans are slightly more likely to believe in the literal truth of the Bible, 58 percent of adults under 30 hold that view. By a 4-to-1 margin, those who believe the Bible is literally true have a favorable opinion of Benedict XVI, the new pope. The poll also shows 50 percent of American Catholics have a favorable opinion of the pope, with just 15 percent holding an unfavorable opinion. Half of Catholics in America also believe it's more important for the Church to “stick to the views that have guided it for centuries” rather than “change to accommodate modern lifestyles,” while 38 percent have the opposing view. Evangelical Christians also have a positive opinion of the new pope – 39 percent favorable and 13 percent unfavorable. Among other Protestants, the numbers are 30 percent favorable and 14 percent unfavorable. Those outside the Christian faith have a less favorable view – 23 percent favorable and 21 percent unfavorable.

Temporary Stock Market Crash in America, and Then Sharp Recovery Based on False Rumor by Media? (Enormous money made with these rumors through put and call options!) - Something interesting happened in late trading hours of Friday in New York. Influential Wall Street Journal put in their Website a false rumor that US officials are telling the Chinese officials that North Korea may be ready to explode a nuclear Test device. The market literally collapses in fifteen minutes. Soon the market recovered equally violently once major players understood that it was rumor by major mainstream media rumor! Strong put option buying and then selling and after the fall, strong call option buying and selling at the end of the day showed how special interest can make money using false rumors spread by major media.

U.S. government officials, speaking on condition of anonymity to Reuters on April 22, said they had no definitive evidence North Korea is preparing a nuclear test but that “there has been lots of stuff suggesting interesting activity.” The officials were responding to a report in the Wall Street Journal online edition, which said some U.S. officials, had asked China to warn Pyongyang against a nuclear test.

To World’s Horror, Flu Pandemic Begins and Spreads Around the Globe by Migrating Birds (Western Nations Unprepared as Human to Human Transmission Begins) - Russian scientists have confirmed today what many in the world have long suspected, a massive Pandemic has begun that within the coming year is expected to result in the deaths of tens of millions of the earths human beings, and in the hundreds of millions of earths animals. Confirmation of this was made this week of the spreading of this bird flu to the European Continent and Russia’s immediate banning of all poultry imports from Italy, and as we can read as reported by the Interfax News Service in their article titled “Russia bans poultry imports from Italy” and which says, “Russia bans poultry imports from Italy on April 20 due to a breakout of bird flu in that country, Sergei Dankvert, head of the Federal Veterinary and Plant Sanitary Control Oversight Service, or Rosselkhoznadzor, told Interfax.”

L.A. Now in Mexico? (Billboard for TV newscast has 'CA' crossed out, nation's named added) - An immigration activist group is drawing attention to a photograph showing a billboard ad for a Spanish-language TV newscast in L.A. on which the “CA” abbreviation after “Los Angeles” has been crossed out and the word “Mexico” added in its place.

DEYO NOTE: Notcias 62 (News 62), Tu Cuidad (Your City), Tu Equipo (Your Equipment)

An e-mail to supporters of Americans for Legal Immigration states: “We just received this photo of a billboard in CA that reads ‘Los Angeles CA’ but the CA is crossed out and replaced by the word ‘Mexico.’ It looks like this billboard is compliments of Clear Channel.”

The billboard reportedly sits along the 605 freeway in Southern California. A photo of the ad was taken by a commuter who says he first though his eyes were playing tricks on him.

Question and Answer from Billy Graham: New Christians Can Be Good Influence over Old Friends--“God May Want to Use You to Point Them to Christ.” Billy Graham / Aimee Herd reporting (Apr 22, 2005) - In the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Dr. Billy Graham fields a question from a reader about giving up old friends when a person comes to Christ. Billy's answer encourages new Believers to let the Lord's light shine through them to influence their friends instead of leaving them behind. “No, you don't have to turn your back on all your old friends if you become a Christian -- and in fact, God may want to use you to point them to Christ,” says Graham.

Protesters mob Greek Patriarch - Angry Arab protestors mobbed the Greek Orthodox patriarch during a religious procession in Jerusalem’s Old City, enraged over a scandal involving the alleged sale of politically sensitive land to Jewish investors. As hundreds of Christian pilgrims waving palm branches flocked to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to celebrate Orthodox Palm Sunday, scores of Arab Christians joined the crowds, booing and shouting “Shame on you” as Patriarch Irineos I left the basilica following a three-hour service.

Pope Hails Dialogue with Muslims, Meets Germans - The new Pope Benedict praised dialogue with Muslims for the first time Monday and issued another call for Christian unity, renewing a theme he has made a hallmark of the early days of his papacy.

This uniting of groups and faiths has been prophecied for the last days. If you believe the Bible is True, than this time period should make you sit up and take notice. In the past centuries and millennia, people have thought their time was the end of days, but they didn't have a nation of Israel or a way to communicate immediately across the whole globe to virtually EVERYONE through television and telephone. It's time to hear the Truth and if you don't care, you will soon enough. Life is about to change. All those stories about what earth will be like are completely false notions created by man. In Truth, for a thousand years the Creator of the Universe and you will be ruling in righteousness from Jerusalem. This will take us to the seven thousandth year for the earth, the number of completion and a new heaven and a new earth will take this one’s place. We will never have peace when ruled by imperfect human beings. The only peace will come when our Creator AND Savior sits at the top and the cornerstone is finally accepted by His Creation. AMEN!

Saudis arrest 40 Christians for praying - Saudi Arabia has detained 40 Pakistani Christians for holding prayers at a house in the Muslim kingdom, where practicing any religion other than Islam is illegal, newspapers said on Saturday.

North Korea to ‘bolster’ A-weapons - North Korea’s military said Sunday that it would steadily bolster its nuclear arsenal, a warning that comes amid rising concerns that the country might take provocative steps, such as glean more plutonium from its nuclear power plant or even conduct a nuclear test, while six-nation talks on defusing the crisis were stalled.

Abortion staff ignores baby boy born alive? - A woman who was scheduled to have her 22-week-along pregnancy ended at a Florida abortion clinic instead delivered the baby alive in a restroom and says her pleading for help from medical staff went unheeded, even when an employee saw that the tiny boy was moving. The mother, Angele, who asked that her last name not be used, is now considering legal action against the facility. She is being represented by Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit pro-life and religious-liberty legal organization. The woman chose the EPOC Clinic of the Orlando Women’s Center in Orlando, Fla., because employees there had convinced her that her unborn baby would feel no pain during the procedure and because the “staff seemed caring,” Angele told WND.

The Bible talks about the kind of people that put on a face of compassion, but are hard inside. Unfortunately, these people can not usually be reached with the Truth, but they are the ones trying to unite everyone in a false peace that will take everyone's mind off the Truth. Peace will only come when we are ruled by the only One Righteous enough for the job, Yeshua.

God Is Rumbling In the Land of Oz - Scott Rothschild / Teresa Neumann Reporting (April 25, 2005) There are big rumblings in the Land of Oz as international attention focuses on the state of Kansas and the upcoming six days of hearings scheduled to begin May 5 to determine which set of standards will guide science education in public schools. It is not surprising that the debate is finally coming to a head. For years, Christians have watched as the “theory” of evolution has been trumpeted as fact, largely unchallenged throughout American classrooms.

Proponents of the theory called “Intelligent Design” -- which attributes the existence of life on earth to a supernatural power, as outlined in what is dubbed “The Minority Report” -- have good reason to believe that the board will approve the teaching of this theory in Kansas schools.

Opponents -- those who support evolution only being taught -- are outraged and are crying “foul” because they believe the board is advancing a Christian agenda and thus politicizing what they feel is purely a scientific issue. Pro-evolutionists are so incensed in fact, that they are threatening to boycott the meetings.

It goes without saying that prayer is needed to facilitate victory in Kansas. One state can make all the difference in the world.

A Husband’s Failed Suicide Sparks His Wife’s Mission of Good News -- “Ever since I’ve been telling the media and more people, I haven’t had one nightmare” Mike Umlandt / Teresa Neumann Reporting (Apr 25, 2005) - Some may remember the story of 42 year-old Oregon resident, David Prueitt, who on January 30 of this year swallowed what should have been a life-ending overdose of the barbiturate Seconal prescribed by a doctor under Oregon's Death With Dignity Act. Within a few minutes he fell into a coma, but nearly three days later awoke and asked his wife what happened. “Why am I not dead?” he said.

“He wanted some water,” Lynda told Christian News Northwest. “I helped him sit up and he told me that he was in the presence of God. He told me that the bright lights and everything around him was so beautiful, that there were no words to describe it.”

David told Lynda and later his brother Steve that God said he had to return to his body. Lynda and Steve recounted the conversation David said he had with the Lord:

“David, do you want to spend eternity with me in heaven?” the Lord asked.

“Yes, Lord.”

The Lord said, “David, I don’t want you to do it this way. You’ve got to go back. David, do you want to go back?”

“Yes, Lord, I do.”

Steve said that his brother “had a grace that God had given him to endure the pain” during the final days of his life. David died of natural causes Feb. 15.

“He had a warrior’s heart,” Steve said. “He wanted to come back because he knew that was God’s will for his life, and he wanted to do what pleased God.”

The Trilateral Commission Meets Quietly - The Trilateral Commission, a secretive association of the world's most powerful private citizens, met behind closed doors in Washington over the weekend with top Bush administration officials, discussing the rise of China, global currency conflicts and the pending referendum before nations of the European Union. As usual, the press was not allowed in any of the meetings, which included speeches by Vice President Dick Cheney, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, World Bank President-designate Paul Wolfowitz and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld.

But snippets of their discussions were revealed, including a combative exchange on France and its May 29 referendum on the EU constitution. “Everyone’s beating up on France because of the coming referendum,” Francois Sauzey, the European press officer for the commission, was overheard to say about commission discussions. Nearly a dozen national polls in France indicate the referendum would fail. If just one European nation votes against it, the constitution dies. None of the group's members spoke to the press after the meetings. Members include former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle, Kennedy administration Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, Harvard President Lawrence H. Summers, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, a national security adviser in the Carter administration.

Far less luminary members refused to talk to a reporter in the hallway of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Maryland Avenue in Southwest, waving off questions and walking hurriedly.

The Trilateral Commission's annual meetings, held in Warsaw in 2004, Seoul in 2003, Washington in 2002 and London in 2001, have inspired conspiracy theories of powerful puppeteers who secretly pull the strings of world powers as they seek to establish a new world order. The theories are based partly on fact. Mr. Brzezinski once asserted that the commission came up with the idea to create the Group of Seven industrial nations. The commission boasts three U.S. presidents once among its ranks: Bill Clinton, George Bush and Jimmy Carter, who joined in 1973 and moved into the White House three years later.

And their were Chimera’s in the land - In labs around the world, the line between man and beast is blurring. Herds of pigs are grown with partly human livers in the hopes of solving the organ-transplant shortage. Mice with human cells are used as the new “guinea pigs” for testing drugs or figuring out disease. Human brain cells are grown inside mouse skulls to help better understand diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Scientists are using such chimeras - animals whose bodies are a mosaic, with their own cells intermixed with those of another animal - to model diseases, test drugs on live human cells, and harvest organs for transplant.

But the blending of species also has raised a host of ethical and philosophical questions over the past year. Last month, the George W. Bush’s Council on Bioethics struggled to understand when a human-animal chimera is a useful tool, and when it becomes “high-tech bestiality.” The United States turned down a seven-year-old patent application for a chimpanzee-human mix, the “humanzee,” in February, with patent officers calling on Congress for guidance. Canada banned the creation of all chimeras last year. And the National Academy of Sciences is set to release ethical guidelines this month for researchers who use stem cells to create chimeras.