News for September 21, 2006

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I think we are extremely close to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38, 39. The alliances are already there and now "peacekeeping" troops from this alliance that has stated their desires to wipe Israel off the map are planning to move into the Lebanon-Israel border to keep the peace. I think their plans are more to keep the pieces of Israel they can get. They're certainly acting like they're about to get what they want and now the US military is sending orders that hint to coming actions.

According to my studies, if the timing is correct, the Magog invasion of Israel that God destroys in the mountains of Israel could happen before the year is out. Then the "covenant with many" will be confirmed between Israel and the EU for seven years, one week of years. For more on this prophecy, read Daniel's 70 Weeks. Within a year from today we could see the Jewish temple rebuilt and the daily sacrifices restarted. From there it's a matter of a year or so before the abomination of desolation, and just a month or so later, our catching away to be with the Lord. Don't take my word for it though. I'm getting this from the Bible. Read my studies and the Bible and see for yourselves. Acts 17:11 Keep watching and see how God's Word is fulfilled 100% like it says!

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Security Council divided on successor to Kofi Annan - Muslim frontrunner? (September 21, 2006) - The United Nations Security Council is struggling to agree on a high-profile successor to Kofi Annan, the Secretary General, who will step down at the end of the year. With time running out and after months of lobbying and inconclusive consultations, the council is due to restart the selection process with a vote on Thursday. Choosing a strong secretary general who enjoys broad support is crucial for the future of the UN, whose reputation has been battered by the Iraq war, the failure of peacekeeping operations and a United States-inspired campaign to undermine Annan. There are five men in the running at present -- although more candidates are expected to emerge -- of whom Prince Zeid Ra'ad Zeid al-Hussein of Jordan has emerged as one of the favourites, according to diplomats based at the UN and in Western capitals. "Everyone likes him. He is young, appealing, knows the [UN] system but is not part of it. That is crucial because the Americans said they do not want another insider," a diplomat close to the race said on Monday. Zeid has played up this advantage, telling Associated Press: "We believe there is considerable scope to be given by the Security Council and the general assembly to a Muslim candidate who is familiar with the UN but not of the UN." more...
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Clinton sees new Mideast peace plan in two months (September 19, 2006) - Former U.S. President Bill Clinton believes a new initiative to bring peace to the Middle East could emerge in the next two months. In an interview with the Financial Times, published on Wednesday, Clinton said unrest in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon had set the scene for "some kind of positive movement to take place." He stressed, however, that he had no insider knowledge on the situation. "I'm not sure you won't see some positive things come out of the Middle East in the next 60 days." He said it was time to work out how to end the bloodshed, warning that otherwise the world was left with three choices. "We can say: 'We know who our adversaries are and we can accelerate the confrontation, or we can kick the can down the road and hope the underlying realities change, or we can try to rearrange the pieces and players and try to put a puzzle together'. "It seems to me the latter course is the best ... It wouldn't surprise me to see some fairly interesting things come out."
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Military Orders Suggest Iran Attack (September 18, 2006) - Two recent orders by the American military have led some observers to conclude that the U.S. is preparing for an attack on Iran. One order was a "Prepare to Deploy" command sent to a submarine, an Aegis-class cruiser, two minesweepers and two mine hunters, telling the ships’ commanders to be ready to move by Oct. 1. The other was a request from the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) for a fresh look at long-standing U.S. plans to blockade two Iranian oil ports on the Persian Gulf. The orders created a buzz within the military because there are few places in the world where minesweepers could be significant – chief among them, the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, where about 40 percent of the world’s oil passes each day. "Coupled with the CNO’s request for a blockade review, a deployment of minesweepers to the west coast of Iran would seem to suggest that a much discussed – but until now largely theoretical – prospect has become real: that the U.S. may be preparing for war with Iran,” according to a special report in Time magazine. more...
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Damascus official: Syria losing patience with Israel (September 17, 2006) - Syrian Information Minister Mohsen Bilal said that his country is losing patience in the matter of the Golan Heights, and that the Syrians would not wait much longer before they act. "Syria has made a strategic choice for peace, but it will not wait much longer before it recaptures the Golan Heights," Bilal told Egyptian newspaper al-Ahram al-Arabi. "The Syrian people have waited 40 years for the implementation of the United Nations Security Council resolutions, but to no avail, and they are losing their patience," he stated. "Syria chose peace as a strategic option, especially after former president Hafez Assad received a letter from President George Bush that included the principle of peace in exchange for territories, a letter that has become known as 'the Madrid principle.'," he explained. "It's been 16 years and still we have reached no results," he added. more...
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Could we be seeing what will lead to Israel destroying Damascus and bringing Russia, Turkey, and Iran down to the mountains of Israel because of the defense agreement? It certainly fits well to say that this defense agreement between Syria and Iran is the "hooks in the jaws" of the Magog alliance.

Iran Adopts North Korean War Strategy (September 15, 2006) - Iran has adopted North Korea's war strategy against the United States. U.S. intelligence sources said Iran has invested in the production of North Korean command and control systems for a missile war against the United States. The sources said Iranian engineers and military officers have been training in Pyongyang to wage a nuclear war against a much stronger opponent. "Teheran has assessed that the United States is preparing a massive strike to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons program," an intelligence source said. "The Iranians see North Korea as its only ally in any defensive effort." Over the last year, the sources said, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has conducted exercises in both Iran and North Korea to test nuclear war scenarios. They said about a dozen senior IRGC engineers attended the North Korean launch of the Taepo Dong-2 intermediate-range missile in July 2006. NICOSIA [MENL] -- Tension has increased between the military and government in the Republic of Cyprus. Cypriot government sources said senior officials have become alarmed over attempts by a clique of senior military commanders to determine decisions regarding the defense budget and the National Guard. The sources said some of the commanders were believed to have been receiving support from the communist Akel Party. "Outrageous things are going on in the armed forces," former Defense Minister Socrates Hasikos, today an opposition parliamentarian, said. more...
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Salah: Caliph will sit in Jerusalem (September 15, 2006) - Head of the northern faction of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Raed Salah said Friday that “soon Jerusalem will be the capital of the new Muslim caliphate, and the caliph’s seat will be there.” Salah addressed an audience of 50,000 attending the Islamic Movement’s 11th annual rally in Umm al-Fahm. “Caliph” refers to a leader of the Muslim nation and in Arabic means the “heir” or “substitute” of the prophet Muhammad. Salah noted that history tells of many occasions in which the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem was occupied by foreign conquerors, but the occupiers left after a short time, and thus will also be the fate of the Israeli occupation. “The Israeli occupation will leave Jerusalem soon. It will happen sooner than is thought,” Salah said at the rally, which was held under the slogan “Al-Aqsa endangered”. more...
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Al-Qaeda: Israel's 9-11 Lies Ahead (September 11, 2006) - The global war to bring all nations into submission to Allah will continue, and Israel is now at the top of the list of Al-Qaeda’s jihad targets. This is according to the Islamic organization’s second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahri, who left his chilling message on a short film released Monday [September 11] to coincide with the fifth anniversary of their attack on the mainland United States.As relatives of the victims of 9-11 gathered at Ground Zero in New York to read out, in trembling voices, and remember the names of their loved ones, the message broadcast over Al-Qaeda’s Web site was that the horrific event was only a precursor to what lay ahead, and that Israel was next in line. According to Israeli intelligence organizations, Al-Qaeda has been working to set up cells in Gaza, the strip of land abandoned to Palestinian terror groups Fatah, Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad by Israel a year ago. Osama Bin Laden’s group is also believed to have plans to spread its terror tentacles into Palestinian Authority areas in Samaria and Judea. Analysts predict that, should Israel also “disengage” from those areas known to the world as the “West Bank,” Al-Qaeda and the Iranian-supported Hamas and Hizbullah organizations will quickly set up shop in Palestine, just minutes from Israel’s cities and towns. Although much–often bloody–enmity rages between Shi’a and Sunni Muslims, both streams converge when it comes to their hatred of Israel and their belief that the Jewish state should be wiped off the map of the Middle East. Neither is this hatred restricted to the so-called fundamentalist members of that religion. All devout Muslims are taught that Islam will ultimately dominate the world, and that Christians and Jews must be forced to submit to Allah, or die. more... Zechariah 13:8,9
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Virgins of Paradise music video returns to PA TV (September 19, 2006) - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' state-run television the past few weeks has broadcast a music video in which viewers are encouraged to "martyr" themselves in exchange for eternal paradise and beautiful "maidens." The Israeli-based monitor Palestinian Media Watch reports the video, airing on television controlled by Abbas' Fatah party, depicts a Palestinian woman who is shot in the back by Israeli soldiers. The woman then is transported to "paradise" where she joins white-robed "maidens" dancing in water while waiting to marry a male Palestinian who "martyrs" himself. In the next scene, according to PMW, a grieving Palestinian man is shot in the back by Israeli troops while visiting the grave of the woman killed at the start of the video. The man immediately is brought to "heaven" where he is rewarded with several white-robed "maidens," including the original woman he was mourning. more...
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View the video here. With brainwashing such as this, it's no wonder these people are fearless and crazy. See more of what the Palestinians are being taught on the Palestinian Media Watch site.

Ahmadinejad at the United Nations: Praying to Allah for the Return of the Twelfth Imam (September 19, 2006) - Chilling. He asserted that the US was behind the Hezbollah-Israel War, repeatedly attacked the legitimacy of the State of Israel, and made a lengthy attack on the legitimacy of the Security Council. "Is it appropriate to expect this generation to submit to [the Security Council]?" he asked, and demanded the General Assembly take on the reform of the UN and equip others with the veto power. He closed with a disturbing heartfelt appeal/prayer, which is a warning to the West: "I am emphatically declare that today's world more than ever before longs for just and righteous people with love for all humanity, and above all longs for the perfect, righteous human being and the real savior who has been promised to all peoples and who will establish justice, peace and brotherhood on the planet. [The Twelfth Imam] Oh Almighty God, all men and women are your creatures and you have ordained their guidance and salvation. Bestow upon humanity that thirst for justice, the perfect human being promised to all by you, and make us among his followers among those who strive for his return and his cause." Ahmadinejad is setting up Iran to defy the Security Council, and is establishing a precedent for all future rogue regimes. If the Security Council does not rebuke this challenge and impose sanctions, the organization, teetering on the brink of irrelevance, will fall over that cliff.
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Calls for calm as militants threaten to kill the Pope / additional reporting (September 19, 2006) - The Vatican tried to appease Muslim anger over the Pope’s remarks on Islam yesterday, as protests continued and a terrorist group linked to al-Qaeda vowed to kill the pontiff. Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, defended Pope Benedict XVI, saying: “There are elements in Islam that can be used to justify violence, just as there are in Christianity and Judaism.” He added: “The Pope has issued an apology, and I think his views on this need to be judged against his entire record, where he has spoken very positively about dialogue.” Security around St Peter’s Square remained tight as al-Qaeda militants in Iraq vowed to “conquer Rome”. The Mujahidin Shura Council, an umbrella group for Sunni Islamists, said in a statement: “We tell the worshipper of the Cross (the Pope) that you and the West will be defeated . . . May God enable us to slit their throats, and make their money and descendants the bounty of the mujahidin.” Another militant group in Iraq, Ansar al-Sunnah, added: “The day is coming when the armies of Islam will destroy the ramparts of Rome.” Effigies of the Pope were burnt from Basra in Iraq to Muzaffarabad in Kashmir. The president of the Islamic Association of China said that the Pope had insulted both Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. more...
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This conflict between the Catholic church and Islam is laid out in Bible prophecy, I believe. There is a prophecy about a woman that rides the beast (antichrist) and who sits on many waters (multitudes, nations, and tongues). It can be found in Revelation 17:1-6; 16-18. The 10 horns of the beast hate the woman, making her desolate and naked, eating her flesh and burning her with fire. I believe these 10 horns (10 kings that rule 1 hour with the beast) are the 10 Muslim nations who will align with the EU, which is the seat of the antichrist. To those not into Bible prophecy, it may all sound a little bizarre, but the information is all there. Read my Bible studies on: The beast from the sea (antichrist) | The beast from the earth (false prophet) | Woman who rides the beast (RCC)

A Chip That Transfers Data Using Laser Light (September 19, 2006) - Researchers plan to announce on Monday that they have created a silicon-based chip that can produce laser beams. The advance will make it possible to use laser light rather than wires to send data between chips, removing the most significant bottleneck in computer design. As a result, chipmakers may be able to put the high-speed data communications industry on the same curve of increased processing speed and diminishing costs - the phenomenon known as Moore's law - that has driven the computer industry for the last four decades. The development is a result of research at Intel, the world's largest chipmaker, and the University of California, Santa Barbara. Commercializing the new technology may not happen before the end of the decade, but the prospect of being able to place hundreds or thousands of data-carrying light beams on standard industry chips is certain to shake up both the communications and computer industries. Lasers are already used to transmit high volumes of computer data over longer distances--for example, between offices, cities and across oceans--using fiber optic cables. But in computer chips, data moves at great speed over the wires inside, then slows to a snail's pace when it is sent chip-to-chip inside a computer. With the barrier removed, computer designers will be able to rethink computers, packing chips more densely both in home systems and in giant data centers. Moreover, the laser-silicon chips--composed of a spider's web of laser light in addition to metal wires--portend a vastly more powerful and less expensive national computing infrastructure. For a few dollars apiece, such chips could transmit data at 100 times the speed of laser-based communications equipment, called optical transceivers, that typically cost several thousand dollars. more...
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Israel Shaken by Second Quake in 8 Days (September 18, 2006) - The second minor earthquake in just over a week shook central Israel Sunday morning, causing no injury or damage. The Home Front Command has issued instructions in the event of a larger quake. The earthquake, which was felt at 11:25 AM, measured 4 on the Richter scale - slightly less powerful than the 4.5 quake felt last Saturday morning. Jerusalemites reported the tremors to local municipal hotlines in the minutes following the quake – the epicenter of which was in the Dead Sea region. more...
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There is going to be "a great shaking in the land of Israel" when God destroys the Gog/Magog armies too. Ezekiel 38:18-23

Putin: Russia’s Next Czar? (September 15, 2006) - As American troops give their lives in Iraq to spread democracy around the world, the people of Russia are facing a stark reversal of their democratic rights. It's a retreat from democracy that comes just 15 years after Boris Yelstin's standoff with the Soviet Union from a tank turret in Moscow that marks the collapse of Communism in Russia. In a nation conditioned by centuries of czarist rule and decades of Communist control, Russians seem satisfied with the pace of democratic progress: "It's much better than it was before. There are a lot of privileges. Now there is food in the supermarkets." "We have so many changes that it justifies what's going on now. Putin's priority is order, but changes are never smooth in a transition to democracy." But Western observers say that the tide of freedom turned in 1999 when Boris Yeltsin handed the presidency to Putin, his handpicked successor and a former agent with the Soviet Secret Police. Joel Rosenberg is a political analyst and author of the book Epicenter, from the moment Vladimir Putin rose to power, he says, he began building up the military and alliances with anti-Western, authoritarian regimes. more...
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Why are French Jews leaving France? (September 15, 2006) - Ask people outside the French immigrant community why the Jews are leaving their country, and the usual answer is that they are making aliya to escape the rising tide of anti-Semitism. Ask the French olim themselves, however, and the responses become more diverse and complex. Many recent arrivals say in no uncertain terms that it was primarily anti-Semitism that brought them from France to Israel. Others acknowledge that while anti-Semitism has increased in recent years, the phenomenon has been due largely to the intifada and emanates mainly from young Muslim immigrant men, mostly from North Africa and poorly integrated into French culture and society. Many French olim claim that fervent Zionism and a strong attachment to Israel have impelled them to leave France and establish new roots here. Others appear to be hedging their bets, making what has come to be known as "Airbus aliya," in which the family's wife and children live in Israel, while the husband keeps his job in France and commutes between the countries. more...
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Nuclear Threats: Law Enforcement Sources Confirm: Illegals Crossing Border Carrying "KI Tablets" (September 18, 2006) - In an article provided exclusively to the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press by Dr. Paul Williams and Mr. David Dastych on Saturday, “final preparations have been made for the next major attack on the US” identified as “American Hiroshima,” suggesting the attack will be nuclear in nature. Since we published that report, confidential sources in law enforcement positions have privately confirmed to the Northeast Intelligence Network that a "disturbing trend" is being reported on both of our borders – a pattern that is consistent with a potential nuclear attack scenario against the US. According to these sources, a "significant and alarming number" of illegal aliens attempting entry into the US, caught by border patrol agents, have been found to be carrying Potassium Iodide tablets, which are used to protect against exposure to radiation in emergency situations.* According to our sources, the illegal aliens who have been caught have been described as OTMs (other-than Mexicans), and consist primarily of Chinese and Iranian nationals on our southern border, and Asians and others from a variety of Middle Eastern countries at the US-Canadian border. Law enforcement sources providing this information to the Northeast Intelligence Network agreed that this is “a very recent phenomena,” but one that has increased to “alarming levels” and is of particular concern to government officials. *NOTE: An astute and well-educated reader accurately points out that Potassium Iodate, also referred to as KI, protects only one organ in the body (the thyroid) from ONE form of radiation (I-131). And it does so only if a person takes the tablet BEFORE (or just after) being exposed to I-131, as the KI fills up the thyroid gland with "good" salt instead of the radioactive version. Too many people nationwide already falsely believe that KI is a so-called "anti-radiation" pill that will protect them from all forms of radiation. If a person takes the tablet and fails to leave/evacuate a radioactive area, they will still be exposed to radiation and will likely become ill or even die from radiation sickness. Further, Gamma radiation, (the type of radiation that killed so many people in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan, after the atomic blasts in 1945) is deadly; Potassium Iodate offers no protection on this type of nuclear radiation.
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Colorado State Professor Disputes Global Warming is Human-Caused (September 19, 2006) - Global warming is happening, but humans are not the cause, one of the nation’s top experts on hurricanes said Monday morning. Bill Gray, who has studied tropical meteorology for more than 40 years, spoke at the Larimer County Republican Club Breakfast about global warming and whether humans are to blame. About 50 people were at the talk. Gray, who is a professor at Colorado State University, said human-induced global warming is a fear perpetuated by the media and scientists who are trying to get federal grants. “I think we’re coming out of the little ice age, and warming is due to changes to ocean circulation patterns due to salinity variations,” Gray said. “I’m sure that’s it.” Gray’s view has been challenged, however. Roger Pielke Jr., director of the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Colorado, said in an interview later Monday that climate scientists involved with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded that most of the warming is due to human activity. “Bill Gray is a widely respected senior scientist who has a view that is out of step with a lot of his colleagues’,” Pielke said. But challenging widely held views is “good for science because it forces people to make their case and advances understanding.” more...
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I agree that global warming is not the fault of our over pollution for several reasons. First of which, volcanoes are also a cause of ozone-depleting emissions as well as affecting temperatures through the greenhouse and haze effects.. Volcanoes are erupting all around the ring of fire lately and more are becoming active as time goes on. See it here. Not to mention that plants breathe CO2. Second, as this picture shows, energy throughout our whole solar system is on the rise. Venus has had a 2500% increas in auroral brightness in less than 30 years, the sun has had more activity since 1940 than in previous 1150 years, and Mars polar ice caps are melting as well. There are more scientifically observed changes as well. So tell me logically, if we only live on earth and all the other planets in our solar system are showing evidence of increased activity, are we to blame for that too? Is our vehicle emissions reaching Mars? Maybe with all the increased volcanic activity and solar activity, the earth is naturally increasing in temperature, and the weather is following suit? This is exactly what the Bible says would happen before the end. Matthew 24:3-7