News for November 11, 2006

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Bush names former CIA chief Robert Gates as next defense secretary after Donald Rumsfeld agreed to step down DEBKAfile (November 8, 2006) - In his first statement after the mid-term election, the US President said he and Rumsfeld had agreed it was time for new leadership at the Pentagon and a fresh perspective needed for the Iraqi war. He praised the departing secretary. “I understand many Americans yesterday voiced their displeasure with the Iraq situation. But we cannot accept defeat. Defeat is not an option in Iraq. Our enemies should not see this as weakness. The people of Iraq can be sure America will stand by you. If we leave Iraq before the job is down, our country will be more at risk.” President Bush said we took a “thumping” in the midterm elections but we must work together. He stressed his commitment to the bipartisan way and told Democratic leaders “We can work together over the next two years to accomplish big objectives for this year and next.” Consultations with the Democratic leadership start Thursday and Friday. He promised to provide briefings to the new members of congress.
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EU Council Approves 2 Billion Euro Financing Instrument (November 7, 2006) - The Council adopted today1 a regulation establishing an instrument to provide financial assistance during the 2007-13 period for the promotion of stable conditions for human and economic development and the promotion of human rights, democracy and fundamental freedoms under the EU's external relations policy. The Council approved all amendments voted by the European Parliament following an agreement reached with the Parliament in first reading. A total of EUR 2,06 billion over seven years will be provided from the Community budget for implementation of the regulation, which will involve development cooperation measures, as well as financial, economic and technical cooperation measures with third countries. The regulation will apply as from 1 January, 2007 more...
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Herb Peters: "it looks to be additional funds for the seven-year confirming process that's been created for the Euro-Med Partnership for Peace."

DEBKAfile: Israel began pulling troops out of an area on the northern edge of divided Ghajar village Tuesday in an unpublicized deal with UNIFIL DEBKAfile (November 7, 2006) - Israel-Lebanese border villages were not given notice of the move. The patch of land was quietly handed to the United Nations Interim Force, UNIFIL which set up positions and checkpoints on the spot. The withdrawal was finalized at UNIFIL headquarters in Ras Naqoura between Lebanese and Israeli army officers and the peace force commander, French General Alain Pellegrini. Israeli military sources were furious over the secret pullback when its security applications could be grave for the Israeli border population. They said that the UN force cannot be trusted with border security in a strategic area opposite Metullah when it refuses to raise a finger against Hizballah’s barefaced replacement of its former fortifications and lookout posts opposite Israel. Our political sources report prime minister Ehud Olmert hurried the concession along in secret ahead of his trip to Washington Sunday to meet President George W. Bush. He is keen to show how closely Israel is abiding by UN resolution 1701 unlike Hizballah. Pellegrini voiced hope for an agreement “very soon for full IDF withdrawal from Lebanese territory,” including the northern part of Ghajar village. An Israeli military official said the withdrawal had begun from “open areas north of Ghajar, but the IDF deployment in the village itself had not changed.” The UN-drawn “blue line” runs through the village, dividing it between Lebanon and Israel although most of its inhabitants have opted for Israeli citizenship. During the Lebanon War, Israeli troops moved into the Lebanese side of Ghajar to keep Hizballah from taking up strategic positions there.
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How right they are to be upset. Even the "peacekeeping" troops from Russia are Muslim, not to mention the Turkish forces planned for the region along with those responsible for firing the rockets in the first place. Now that the radical Muslims in the Middle East have declared an end to the cease fire over the Israeli bombardment, this isn't the time to pull your only trustworthy defense out of the area, any little area.

Syrian FM Walid Mualem threatens to start “countdown to war” with Israel failing progress on peace track DEBKAfile (November 6, 2006) - DEBKAfile cites Mualem’s words at a joint news conference in Damascus with Norwegian foreign minister Jonas Gahr Steore Monday, Nov. 6, as an explicit threat of war to be launched against Israel at a time of Syria’s choosing. The Syrian minister welcomed a debate going on in Israel about whether to resume negotiations with Damascus on the Golan Heights, which Syria lost to Israel in the Six-Day War. He went on to say: “We now have a window of opportunity of several months. If there is no progress, the countdown will begin for a new Syrian-Israeli war.” On Nov. 3, DEBKA-Net-Weekly 276 revealed that on Oct. 30 British PM Tony Blair had sent his senior political adviser Nigel Sheinwald (picture) on a mission to Damascus, hoping to turn the coming British exit from Iraqi towns round as leverage for a comeback to the Arab world and make up for his failed Iraq policy. One of the items in the British official’s briefcase for his meeting with president Bashar Asad and Mualem was a secret message from Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert: an offer to start peace talks. It was posted through Blair. The Syrian president sent a return message to the British prime minister: Tell Olmert I’m ready to talk. This move connected with a broader deal: Damascus would break away from its pact with Tehran in return for normal relations with the West. Israel-Syrian talks would kick off this process. Both parties agreed that the Sheinwald mission and the business they discussed would be kept secret. No sooner had the British emissary flown out of Damascus, when the Syrians leaked word of his visit together with the Syrian president’s rejection of Olmert’s offer to talk, barring a prior Israeli commitment to cede the Golan. This was not what the Syrian president had told his British vistor. When Sheinwald arrived in London, he found out that Asad had been stringing him along before killing the Blair initiative stone cold. more...
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United Nations, Occult, Masons: It's Halloween Every Day For Global Guardians (November 2, 2006) - As JasGrave333 notes, "The picture centered above is not a cultic CGI chapel from a computer game, but the Temple of Understanding at the United Nations. "Notice the symbol at the bottom of the UN Temple central alter (sic)? "Yes, the crossed symbol of the Square and Compass, the Free Masonry symbol." Free Mason symbols are not just at home in Manhattan and Washington, they are maintained in just about every corner of the globe. As untold tourists can tell you, the UN has its own soothsayer, Sri Chimnoy, who "reads" hands upon request. But surely among bureaucratic babble centers, the European Union holds the most unique position in the world of the occult. Located in the City of Brussels where spelling "Christ" with a capital "C" can get you a fine, the EU has a love affair with the number 666. Included in the Report on the opening of the Fifth Elected Parliament of Europe in Strasbourg and its occupancy of the new Parliament Buildings, by Ian R.K. Paisley, M.P., M.E.P., is a description of the vacant seat Number 666 in the European Parliament:" The prophetic significance of the European Union has been revealed as the saga unfolds. (See our first two articles on "The Conspiracy behind the European Union".) First, the sign, which it chose as its symbol, was the Woman riding the Beast. This comes from a prophecy in Revelation 17. The depiction of the harlot woman was reproduced on the centenary stamp of the European Union, in a huge painting in the Parliament's new building in Brussels, and by a huge sculpture outside the new E.U. Council of Ministers Office in Brussels. The new European coinage, the Euro, bears the same insignia. The Tower of Babel has been used on the posters emanating from Europe--a truly suggestive prophetic sign. "Now, a massive Crystal Palace tower (unofficially called the Tower Building) houses the Fifth Parliament of Europe. "It is certainly a building of the Space Age.The seats of its massive hemicycle are designed like the crew seats in the Star Trek space machines.There are 679 of them--but wait for it! While these seats are allocated to Members, one seat remains unallocated and unoccupied.The number of that seat is 666. The relevant section of the seating-plan provided to each member reads as follows: more...
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This is what Herb Peters has been talking about. This connects the Alliance of Civilization to the UN as well as the New Age movement and the interfaith movement. It's all under the banner of greater understanding and peace, but all leads away from God and is in direct opposition to the One True God, YAHWEH.
Comments by jereome: What they don't mention in this article is that the entity that sponsors the temple of meditation at the U.N. is an organization known as Lucis trust, and that the Lucis trust also prints most of the U.N.'s material and the New Age books now. What others may not know about the Lucis Trust is that it was started by a woman named Alice Baily, whom happened to be with the house of theosophy and a major new age writer, and that when she started Lucis trust it was started under the name of Lucifer Trust but she changed the name due to the public outcry. So there you go, a temple dedicated to Satan errr.... Lucifer in the U.N. and if that wasn't enough look at this quote from a prominent member of the U.N. :
“No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” | David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, Interconnections Must-read link.

Iran Vows To Hit Back If Israel Attacks (November 11, 2006) - Iran's armed forces on Saturday vowed to hit back against any military strike after a top Israeli official refused to rule out attacking the Islamic republic over its disputed nuclear program. "The armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran will firmly respond to any military and threatening move," Brigadier General Ali Fazli, spokesman for Iran's latest round of 10-day war games, said. "The Iranian armed forces, which realize the different threats, have the capacity and capability to confront them," he added. Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh had told the Jerusalem Post on Friday he considered military action against Iran as a "last resort. But even the last resort is sometimes the only resort." His comments were seen as the clearest statement yet by an Israeli official that military strikes against Iran over its refusal to halt sensitive nuclear activities were not excluded. "The enemies of the Islamic republic are too weak and too abject to be a threat for a powerful Iran," added Fazli, who did not specify what the nature of Iran's response would be. Iran has been showing off its military prowess in recent days in the 10-day "Great Prophet II" war games, which have seen its fire its Shahab-3 longer range missile for the first time in maneuvers and test-fire new weaponry. more...
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Abbas: Arafat's Way Is Our Way (November 11, 2006) - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said in a speech at the memorial ceremony commemorating the second anniversary of late PA Chairman Yasser Arafat's death, "Arafat's way is our way." Abbas added, "Arafat's oath is our oath, his fate is our fate. The torch of liberation that Arafat carried since '65 will continue to be raised up by our hands, despite the crimes of the occupation." | Islam |

Al-Qaida: We'll blow up the White House (November 10, 2006) - Al Qaida’s leader in Iraq today vowed his fighters will never rest until they have blown up the White House and reached Jerusalem. In an audio tape made available on militant websites, Abu Hamza al-Muhajir claimed to be winning the war in Iraq and said the US President was “stupid”. He praised the Republican defeat in the US midterm elections as “reasonable”, and claimed the al Qaida army has 12,000 fighters in Iraq, ready to die for their cause. Also known as Abu Ayyub al-Masri, al-Muhajir became the leader of al Qaida in Iraq after Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed by the US military in June. The al-Qaida leader reached out to the Muslim world and said his group was winning faster than expected in Iraq. The US president’s policy had enabled the militant group to achieve their goal of fighting more Americans, said the al Qaida leader. “We haven’t had enough of your blood yet,” he told the US. He called on Mr Bush to remain “steadfast in the battlefield” so al Qaida would have more opportunities to fight his soldiers. “We call on the lame duck (Bush) not to hurry up in escaping the same way the defence minister did,” he said, referring to the removal of Donald Rumsfeld as US Defence Secretary following the Democrats’ victory in Midterm elections. “They are getting ready to leave, because they are no longer capable of staying,” the al Qaida leader said. more...
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The God vacuum: America and the barbarian hordes (November 9, 2006) - In the Old Testament of the Bible, God is shown time after time chastising the House of Israel, His chosen but often disobedient people, by allowing barbarians to invade and plunder their cities and put many of them to the sword. That is what the Western World, including America, is starting to experience today, having likewise turned away from God. This raging conflict between Islam and the West, this "clash of civilizations" that many are calling World War III, is at root a spiritual war. It's been said that it takes a religion to fight a religion. More precisely, it takes true faith to defeat a false one. And by true faith I don't mean a set of rules, rituals and doctrine in a book, any book. I mean a genuine personal relationship with the one true God, and a nation of such people who follow the laws of conscience that same God planted in each of their hearts. What is the answer to the burgeoning threat of Islamic jihad? The simple and terrifying bottom-line answer is that there is no answer unless America finally awakens and gives up its insane rebellion against its own founding faith and values. We're fond of praising our World War II-era forbearers who won that terrible conflict with another form of demon-possessed, expansionist fascism. But the "Greatest Generation" was different from this generation. It believed in God. Come again? You say we also believe in God today? No, we don't – not as a nation. The World War II generation believed in God. They believed that this God was the God of the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. They believed He created us in His image and that human life was therefore sacred, which meant we don't slaughter our offspring in the womb nor kill off our parents when they get old and sick. They believed in biblical morality when it comes to sex, which meant homosexuality, adultery and "shacking up" were sinful and wrong. more...
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Olmert Expresses Sorrow At Death Of The Civilians In Beit Hanoun (November 8, 2006) - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert expressed sorrow at the death of Palestinian civilians in Beit Hanoun, as did Defense Minister Amir Peretz. The two offered the Palestinian Authority urgent humanitarian aid and immediate medical treatment for the injured and Peretz authorized the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Yusef Mishlav to send humanitarian aid to the Palestinian population.
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Hamas Urges Attacks On U.S. Targets (November 8, 2006) - Hamas' military wing called Wednesday on Muslims around the world to attack American targets following reports that an Israeli tank strike killed 18 people in the Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun. The Hamas-led Palestinian government distanced itself from the call, saying its fight was with Israel. Hamas militants have historically directed their suicide bombings and rocket attacks only against Israeli targets. "America is offering political, financial and logistic cover for the Zionist occupation crimes, and it is responsible for the Beit Hanoun massacre. Therefore, the people and the nation all over the globe are required to teach the American enemy tough lessons," Hamas' military wing said in a statement sent to The Associated Press. But Ghazi Hamad, spokesman for the Hamas-led Palestinian government, said the group had no intention of attacking American targets. Hamas' political wing, led by Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, tries to distinguish itself from the military wing. But the two entities both report to the group's exiled leadership, based in Syria, and frequently coordinate with each other. more...
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The first thing I thought of when I read this was that they were trying to make America distance itself from Israel. If we fear their fearlessness and hatred of Islam, then their threats might push us from supporting Israel. It seems like a big bite to take (attacking America) for something America had nothing to do with. Perhaps they feel their threats may affect the newly elected government officials? Of course, I could just be reading into it, but it doesn't make sense.

Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal says militants will reply to Israeli tank shelling in deeds, not words (November 8, 2006) - Palestinian militants had abandoned their truce with Israel and would resume attacks on the Jewish state, the chief of the Hamas group, Khaled Mashaal, said Wednesday, hours after Israeli tanks killed 18 civilians in Gaza. "The armed struggle is free to resume, and the resistance will be dictated by local circumstances," Mashaal told a news conference in the Syrian capital of Damascus, hours after Israeli tanks bombarded the residential district of Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza. "Our reponse will be by deeds, not words." "The truce (with Israel) ended at the end of 2005," Mashaal said. The cease-fire that Hamas and a second militant group declared with Israel early last year had expired on Dec. 31, but it had continued to be honored, with some infractions. Mashaal's statement Wednesday made it clear that from now on, the gloves were off and Hamas guerrillas would strike at will. Two other militant groups based in Syria issued supportive statements, with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine saying it would now be appropriate to "step up suicide operations" against Israel. Israeli tanks blasted buildings in Beit Hanoun in the early hours of Wednesday morning, killing at least 18 members of an extended family, including eight children, as they slept, Palestinian health officials said. The attack was condemned by the Palestinian Authority's leaders — President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh — who declared three days of national mourning. It was also protested in Brussels, where the European Union termed it "a profoundly shocking event," and Moscow, where the Russian Foreign Ministry said Israel's actions "go beyond the declared goal of averting the shelling of Israeli territories from Gaza Strip." The Israeli army said it was investigating the incident, but that so far it believed its tanks had fired on areas from which rockets had been fired in recent days at the Israeli cities of Sderot and Ashkelon. Israel ordered a halt to artillery fire, pending the investigation, but said it would continue operations against Palestinian rocket squads. Mashaal appealed to all Palestinian factions, including Hamas' rivals, to resume attacks on Israel. more...
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I don't know the details of this incident yet, but I know Israel isn't desiring to incur the wrath of Islam and wouldn't purposely do this. We must also remember the depravity of those who use women and children as human shields to prevent being killed and if they are killed, they can use it as propaganda to show how the Jews kill women and children. They've done it before, should we be surprised if they're doing it now? This tactic works in favor of the terrorists because they have no real regard for human life. That is clear in some of their willingness to blow themselves up and take as many with them as possible. The whole culture is being brainwashed from childhood. Don't believe me? Watch it for yourself here. This kind of stuff is recorded off their TV stations. Do a search for yourself and discover the truth of the matter.

Mashaal Threatens To Kidnap More IDF Soldiers (November 7, 2006) - Hamas Damascus-based leader Khaled Mashaal threatened on Tuesday that Hamas would kidnap more IDF soldiers if Israel does not free all Palestinian prisoners. In an interview with Hamas radio station Voice of al Aksa, Mashaal added the kidnappers would stick to their demands. The Hamas leader-in-exile also called for an establishment of a Palestinian Authority unity government on the basis of the prisoners' document but stressed that such a government must not adhere to the demands of the international quartet.
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With this kind of rhetoric coming out of Damascus from many voices along with the fear of Syria and Hizbullah starting another war, we could see a pre-emptive attack by Israel against Damascus and the leaders it houses. Could this be the destruction of Isaiah 17? We'll have to wait and see, but at this rate if it is, we won't have to wait long.

Ethiopia: African Union Blasts Israel For Attacking Palestine (November 7, 2006) - The African Union (AU) Monday condemned the recent attacks by Israeli forces in the Northern Gaza Strip of Palestine. Describing the attack as a "dastardly act", AU Commission has called upon the United Nations Security Council to take required measures to stop the attacks by Israel. The Commission also appealed to the parties in the Middle East conflict to return to the negotiating table so as to facilitate the implementation of the Roadmap Peace Plan for national sovereign independence of the Palestinian State. "The AU has learnt with deep regret of the recent attacks by Israeli Forces in the town of Beit Hanoun on 31 October 2006," said an AU statement. Over 300 civilians were killed and injured, including children, women and elderly people in the attack. "The AU once more calls upon the Government of Israel to immediately cease all such acts of aggression, which are a blatant violation of the established principles of international law," the Commission said. According to the AU, the Israeli attacks on Palestine also breached all agreements reached between the two parties besides undermining the ongoing peace process for national sovereignty of the State of Palestine.
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The world is united against Israel even though they're just protecting themselves. The way I see it, things can go several ways. A miraculous peace deal will come about sometime next year, or the Russia, Turkey, Iran alliance will attack Israel from the North, or a combination of both playing off each other. For instance, if Russia, Turkey, and Iran attacked Israel as in Ezekiel 38,39 before the year is out, then the world, and Muslims, might be a little more ready to allow Jews to cohabitate the Temple Mount. We could also see peace without the Gog/Magog attack, which would come later. Either way, I expect the EU to come in as a mediator in the Middle East with Javier Solana heading it all. The calls for peace are ringing all over, yet there's a subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle hatred of Israel underlying much of this "peace." It won't be until the antichrist declares himself God that the Jews will really get it though. Until then I believe they will think he's on their side.

Communist Party Supporting Dems (November 6, 2006) - "The Nov. 7 midterm elections are less than six weeks away. The stakes have never been so high: Control of the House and Senate and governorships nationwide. A recent poll shows that 75 percent of voters are disgusted by the Republican majority House and Senate, the highest disapproval rate since 1994. They are frustrated at Bush's endless Iraq war, by Republican cronyism and corruption, tax giveaways to the rich, cutbacks in vital services, and criminal negligence in the wake of Hurricane Katrina." A last-minute pitch by the Democratic National Committee for a sweep in tomorrow's midterm congressional elections? No. It's an official appeal by the National Board of the Communist Party USA on behalf of Democrats. In fact, all of the energies and resources of the Communist Party are being diverted to support of of the Democratic Party in tomorrow's election, according to the CPUSA's official website. Why does the Communist Party believe it is so important that Democrats win? "Whereas a few weeks ago only a handful of House and Senate seats were considered 'competitive,' now more than 50 House seats are in play and more than a dozen Senate seats," the statement continues. "A change of 15 seats in the House and 6 seats in the Senate would change control of Congress. Members of the congressional Progressive, Black, Hispanic and Asian-Pacific caucuses would chair half of the House committees and sub-committees." more...
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'War within 10 months' (November 6, 2006) - Syria and Hezbollah are likely to start a war with the Jewish state within 10 months, according to an assessment presented to the political leadership here by the Israeli Defense Forces. IDF leaders did not release the specific timing of what they said are expected clashes, but they urged Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's government in meetings the past few weeks to allow the IDF to prepare for a possible major conflict, according to senior military officials. The officials said the assessments, compiled by the general staff of the IDF, are based on intelligence information and what they said is the ongoing estimate by Syria and Hezbollah that military confrontations achieve results. They said Hezbollah considered itself victorious against Israeli troops in Lebanon in July and August. Explained a military official: "While Hezbollah took some major hits, the group's rocket infrastructure is still in tact; they are capable of firing more rockets into Israel. The war ended without Hezbollah having to return (Eldad) Regev and (Ehud) Goldwasser (the two soldiers it kidnapped in July, originally prompting the confrontations)." The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, because he was not authorized to talk to the media, said a cease-fire imposed in August by the United Nations "achieved a political win for Hezbollah." "It recognized Hezbollah's claims to the Shebaa Farms (a small piece of territory held by Israel but claimed by Lebanon and Syria) and called for future negotiations. It also restricts Israel's ability to stop Hezbollah from rearming and regrouping, which is what they are currently doing," the military official said. Military officials here said the past few weeks Syria and Iran have been smuggling weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon. They said the smuggling is taking place in front of a contingent of 20,000 international troops stationed in Lebanon. more...
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MI5 Tracking '30 UK Terror Plots' (November 10, 2006) - MI5 knows of 30 terror plots threatening the UK and is keeping 1,600 individuals under surveillance, the security service's head has said. Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller warned the threat was "serious" and "growing". She said future attacks could be chemical or nuclear and that many of the plots were linked to al-Qaeda. Prime Minister Tony Blair said the terrorist threat was "very real" and spoke of "poisonous propaganda" warping the minds of young people. MI5 has increased in size by nearly 50% since 9/11 and now stands at roughly 2,800 staff. But according to Dame Eliza the current terror threat will "last a generation" and her concern is that even with MI5's rapid growth, the security service will not be able to investigate nearly enough of activities it deems to be suspicious. She said hard choices would have to be made about resources. "I wish life were like Spooks [the TV series] where everything is, a, knowable, and, b, solvable by six people," she explained. more...
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'Aliens Could Attack at Any Time' Warns Former MoD Chief (November 10, 2006) - UFO sightings and alien visitors tend to be solely the reserve of sci-fi movies. So when a former MoD chief warns that the country could be attacked by extraterrestrials at any time, you may be forgiven for feeling a little alarmed. During his time as head of the Ministry of Defence UFO project, Nick Pope was persuaded into believing that other lifeforms may visit Earth and, more specifically, Britain. His concern is that "highly credible" sightings are simply dismissed. And he complains that the project he once ran is now "virtually closed" down, leaving the country "wide open" to aliens. Mr Pope decided to speak out about his worries after resigning from his post at the Directorate of Defence Security at the MoD this week. "The consequences of getting this one wrong could be huge," he said. "If you reported a UFO sighting now, I am absolutely sure that you would just get back a standard letter telling you not to worry. ''Frankly we are wide open - if something does not behave like a conventional aircraft now, it will be ignored. "The X-Files have been closed down." If these words had come from a sci-fi fanatic, they could be easily dismissed by cynics. But Mr Pope's CV - he was head of the UFO project between 1991 and 1994 - cannot be ignored. When he began his job, he too was sceptical about UFOs but access to classified files on the subject and investigation of a series of spectacular UFO sightings gradually changed his mind. And while Mr Pope says that there is no evidence of hostile intent, he insists it cannot be ruled out. "There has got to be the potential for that and one is left with the uneasy feeling that if it turned out to be so, there is very little we could do about it," he said. more...
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ISLAMerica: Hezbollah Judge Elected in Michigan! Debbie Schlussel (November 8, 2006) - Open Hezbollah supporter and extremist Muslim, David Turfe, was unfortunately elected Michigan District Court Judge in Dearborn Heights' 20th District. (Dearborn Heights is home to North America's second largest mosque, headed by the former spiritual leader of Ayatollah Khomeini's Iranian Navy, Imam Mohammed Elahi--a domestic agent of Iran & Hezbollah.) Remember the Hezbollah rally I attended at the Bint Jebail Cultural Center a/k/a the Hezbollah Social Club, at the height of the war between Hezbollah and Israel--where speakers made a plethora of anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian speeches? Turfe was there campaigning, and openly supporting and cheering all of those statements. Not surprisingly, the Pro-Hezbollah/pro-HAMAS, Islamist Arab American PAC, which denies Israel's right to exist, endorsed Turfe. (AAPAC's then-Secretary Lola Elzein sent me and my family death, torture, and rape threats, coupled with Holocaust denial.) And his close relative, Mohammed Turfe (I'm told that's his brother), was one of the speakers uttering those statements. From my July 26, 2006 column, "Hezbollah U.S.A, Part III: My Date at Dearbornistan's Hezbollah Social Club": Haj Mohammed Turfe (AP incorrectly called him Mohammed "Torfah"), Founding Chairman of the Bint Jebail Cultural Center, gleefully and repeatedly spoke of how "only a few thousand Jews will survive Armageddon." This mantra, repeated often throughout the event, got raucous, deafening applause and cheers. Well, for once--I thought--extremist Muslims have respect for Christianity. . . when they can twist it to suit their fascist hopes and dreams. The 20th District of Michigan is now apparently Hezbollah-occupied territory. And, apparently, many non-English speaking Muslims voted for Turfe, only Turfe, on the ballot Were they all legal U.S. citizens? Don't count on it. From our spy in Dearbornistan Heights: more...
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A Nation Divided Cannot Stand (November 8, 2006) - From the results I've seen this morning, America's disenchantment has spoken. Forecasts before the election varied and both parties could basically pick a poll out of the political hat in order to convince voters who would win Super-Dud Tuesday. Campaign 2006 has been a comedy of errors. When addressing this topic, I find it difficult to take the election process seriously due to childish campaign ads and a barrage of political signs posted everywhere. It has become a game children play, yet as a nation we can't see what is happening. I have a mixture of anger and deep concern. My anger is not towards individuals, but actions taken by leaders who do not have the welfare of the nation as a top priority. My concern is for where the nation is headed and how we have resigned ourselves to the status quo. Complacency will destroy any nation in its path and America is infected with apathy from head to toe. Ruffling feather's is not popular. Political correctness is a disease as deeply embedded as anything can be. Spiritual correctness is its bed partner and when politics and religion decide to embrace one another, it's a recipe for disaster. Although we call ourselves the United States, we are not only deeply divided, but equivalent to a ship without a compass. Popular opinion is based upon whatever is convenient for the moment. America wants solutions, but pain is not permitted in order to bring about change. The gay lifestyle is accepted as an alternative or diverse sexual preference. Abortion is giftwapped as the right to choose. A corrupt political system is not seen for what it is. A smile, wink and a handshake is the magic ingredient for re-election. Entertainment is an obsession, but considered a necessity. Credit cards are an economic curse, but without them, Americans would not survive. America is a nation on a treadmill running out of control and the way we search for solutions is tearing the nation down the middle. To disturb any facet of the status quo is equivalent to what happens during the game of pin ball. Offer concrete solutions and the word "TILT" will disrupt everything. America is tilting, but in what direction? It's a fragile state of affairs and one single major catastrophic event, or a series of small events, is all it would take to unravel everything. Anyone who is willing to stand up and be counted is viewed with disdain and hatred. Many people don't realize how much they want to blend in, yet desire change. Views of how changes should take place are political in many cases. To openly state problems are due to a spiritual crisis will result in outrage and jeers. We want voices of reason, but only if they take on the level of a streetwise naivety. We are divided and it's no longer just a matter of a two party affiliation, but Americans are in little agreement on everything. We simply want to do our thing and election 2006 is a warning. We are living on borrowed time and fragmenting ourselves in different directions due to anger and disillusionment. Warnings of what we are doing to ourselves falls on deaf ears, but it has to be said. America is in deep trouble, but we are blinded as a nation. more...
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Contemplative Spirituality - The Latest 'Christian' Craze (November 8, 2006) - The greatest danger to the church today is not the atheist, the agnostic, the liberal, the humanist, the Marxist or even the Muslim extremist, but rather the "Christian" who subtly blends truth and lie resulting in a designer deity and discipline that finds common ground with the very enemies of Christ so as to become modish and marketable to the mainstream. When one leavens the Christian faith with New Age teachings and practices, the result is a sacrilegious synthetic that is every bit as damning as the New Age itself, minus the stigma, rendering it more perilous than its predecessor precisely because of its churchy disguise. By way of the Hegelian Dialectic, many professing Christians are now embracing and promoting the hottest new hybrid to hit the church today, called "Contemplative Spirituality," that brings certain beliefs and practices from Eastern Mysticism into otherwise Christian worship to effectively permit, provide and promote what biblical Christianity does not. Thesis (Christianity) + Antithesis (New Age) = Synthesis (Contemplative) This dialectic derivative and its use of chants, more commonly associated with Zen Buddhism and the Transcendental Meditation of Hinduism, is becoming well entrenched in the Christian culture and being practiced for the sole purpose of emptying one's mind in order to experience an altered state of consciousness, (aka, "Alpha," "Nirvana," etc.) and the spiritual empowerment of "finding God within," which ultimately results in, among other things, silence, darkness, voices, visions and a "presence" erroneously assumed to be Divine - certainly not something Jesus taught His followers, but instead what He often delivered the demonically oppressed and possessed from - now ironically and tragically what many young "Christians" are actually seeking. more...

The Coming Technocratic Dark Age (October 31, 2006) - Imagine the entire world ruled by several thousand and mostly hidden aristocrat families who control all banks, science, mass communications, and technology. Then imagine their global chain of financial employees and dependents. Imagine that these elitist families are united together in mission to replace political and religious beliefs with laws of their invention. Then imagine that over time, the world’s people come to reject and/or forget Divine Laws, which are then replaced with authoritarian laws custom designed by such aristocrats. If no Divine Laws exist in the minds of the world’s people, the elitists have no higher authority, and in fact become the highest ruling authority – becoming god-like themselves through the invention of an elite government based upon their benefits, desires, and profits. Then imagine the legal system that would have to set into place to protect these elitist families from 99% of the world’s population, as their on-going problem would be to maintain such power. A constant and loyal or highly paid army and a constant state of threat would be in order to hold authoritarian power over global humanity. Try to fathom this kind of power. It would seem that we have described a scientific fictional tale, but, in fact, that fiction is the world’s living reality. The elite have, in fact, purchased and claimed terrifying powers over the world’s people, and are, in fact, implementing their custom made legal/control system of governance. So, let us begin by assuming that the bulk of humanity does not understand the power or threats behind a technocratic world owned and controlled by elitists who know no higher authority than self-omnipotent power achieved through criminally absconded wealth. Let us assume that “commoners” are insects that take up space and property, mass produce, and who are ill-prepared and disinclined to enrich the lives of these elite families on a year-by-year basis. Let us also assume that the elites have, in their creation of a global and self-serving legal system, invented ways to take and control everything the insects have or may attain in the future. Imagine a legal system where the insects are disallowed private property, votes, mobility, access to food, water, and shelter, and whose money is actually game money – like Monopoly dollars – that are actually and only certificates of permanent debt. Again – the money issued and paid to the insects in exchange for their labors is not actual money – but actually certificates of debt to elite families. Then add to this equation elite legislative authority to spy upon the insects in stores, gas stations, and 90% of all public places; in their homes, schools, places of employment, and via all communication services that the insects are required to purchase – including Internet service and email, the Postal Service, and telephone/fax and cell phone services. Alas, a picture evolves before your eyes, and it’s called the United States of America. It’s also called England, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, and 90% of the rest of the world’s nations. The big picture is called World Governance custom designed by the rich – a government of the rich, for the rich, and by the rich. more...
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Muslims in glass houses (November 8, 2006) - Why is the Muslim sense of victimhood so inflated, given that many Muslim societies won’t put their own houses in order? And why is this double standard downplayed so much in Britain? Mohammad Siddique Khan, ringleader of the July 7 bombers, justified his action as revenge for the killing of Muslims by Western forces in the Middle East. Dhiren Barot, sentenced yesterday for plotting to kill thousands of civilians, gave a similar rationale for his crimes. Much has been said about the moral squalor of these comments, but far less about their sheer incoherence. Let us grant that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake, and overlook the inconvenient fact that most Muslim deaths there are now the fault of other Muslims. Forget the equally unpalatable truth that large majorities of Muslims in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan support Western intervention in their countries. Look instead beyond Iraq and Afghanistan, back well before 9/11, and you see innumerable Christian communities on the defensive against rampant forms of Islam. Siddique Khan and his associates were allowed to practise their religion freely in Britain, but there is scarcely a country from Morocco to Iraq in which Christians are able to worship without harassment. Though horrifying, the carnage in Iraq is dwarfed by that of Sudan, where the Islamic Government has been responsible for killing two million Christian and other non-Muslim civilians since 1989. Christians in Turkey, Jordan and Pakistan, among other countries, live in regular fear of attack, and there is strong evidence that the attitudes underlying such aggression are fomented through official channels. In a recent letter to Kofi Annan, campaigners for the charity Christian Solidarity International wrote that “the role of the Saudi-based Organisation of the Islamic Conference, representing 57 Muslim states, in creating a climate for violent confrontation is a cause of deep concern”. The reason we hear so little about religious oppression in the Muslim world is straightforward: young Christians in the West don’t become “radicalised”, and persecuted Christians tend not to respond with violence. That should make them more worthy of attention and support, not less.
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Strong Quake Hits Off Papua New Guinea (November 7, 2006) - An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 struck off the New Britain region of Papua New Guinea on Wednesday, seismologists said. The US Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake struck 178 kilometres east of Kandrian, in New Britain, at 3:38 am (1738 GMT). There were no immediate reports of casualties after the quake. The USGS rated the earthquake at a magnitude of 6.3 and said it hit at a depth of 10 kilometres.
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Poland Proposes EU Army Tied to NATO (November 5, 2006) - Poland has proposed the creation of 100,000-strong European Union army tied to Nato for use in global trouble spots or for European defence, according to Lech Kaczynski, the country’s president. “At the moment we have the situation where the EU needs about 8,000 troops in Lebanon and there is a problem where to find them,” Mr Kaczynski told the Financial Times in an interview with the Financial Times. “Forces are needed which would not replace the armies of individual states, but which could be gathered without a problem when not just 8,000 but as many as 25,000 to 30,000 soldiers are needed.” Mr Kaczynski said that he hoped to raise the issue with Tony Blair, the British prime minister, in the course of a two-day visit to the UK which begins on Monday. The Polish president said he had discussed the idea twice with José Manuel Barroso, the European Commission president, and that his twin brother, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Poland’s prime minister, had raised the matter with the German chancellor Angela Merkel during a visit to Berlin last week. Both the EU and Nato have set up rapid reaction forces and have deployed troops to countries as far outside Europe as Congo, and Pakistan. Althougth the two organisations have agreed a mechanism to share assets, under which Nato officers can lead EU operations, many diplomats achknowledge that this set up could be improved. more...
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