News for June 15, 2007

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F-Word OK on TV Plugged In Online (June 15, 2007) - Pop diva Cher, during the Billboard Music Awards of Dec. 9, 2002, had two words for her critics: "F--- 'em." It took the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals 53 pages to tell pro-family advocates that it was A-OK for her to do so. Cher's obscenity was aired, uncensored, on Fox during what is typically classified as family viewing time. The Federal Communications Commission scolded Fox for the slip (though the FCC did not fine the network), and for a similar occurrence on the same awards show the following year. But on June 4, the court told the FCC that it had no right to take Fox to task for this pesky profanity. The court declared that the FCC's policies on the matter were "inconsistent and arbitrary," that the f-word and its cussin' cousin, the s-word, are not necessarily "profane" or "indecent," according to the letter of the law. The ruling was painted as a victory for broadcast networks, who fret about censorship and would rather not be bothered by the potentially hefty fines the FCC could slap on offenders. FCC chairman Kevin Martin was less bullish. "I find it hard to believe that the New York court would tell American families that [the s-word] and [the f-word] are fine to say on broadcast television during the hours when children are most likely to be in the audience," Martin said in a statement. more...
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Arab Media Reports Syria Making Preparations for War with Israel Israel National News (June 15, 2007) - A Qatari newspaper, Al Watan, reported Friday that Syria is making concrete preparations for war with Israel, saying that the Syrian government has removed the Government and State Archives from the Damascus area. According to the paper, this move indicates preparations for war. Syrian parliament member Muhammad Habash confirmed on Al-Jazeera Arabic world news satellite TV last week that Syria is indeed engaged in active preparations for a war with Israel. The conflict, said the Syrian MP, is expected to break out during the summer months. Officials close to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert reported Sunday that their efforts to begin negotiations with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad have gone unanswered. They also said that Mr. Assad’s failure to reply signaled that his claims of wanting peace were not honest and were meant to improve his own status in the international community. Last week, the head of Mossad, Israel’s international intelligence agency, Meir Dagan, warned that Syrian President Assad was putting up a smoke screen by claiming he wants to open peace talks with the Jewish State. IDF Chief of Staff Lt-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi has also raised the issue numerous times. “The IDF is preparing for an escalation on both the Palestinian and the northern fronts,” he said bluntly during a speech to the IDF Officers Training School earlier in the year. more...
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Abbas dissolves Palestinian government Associated Press (June 14, 2007) - A beleaguered Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared a state of emergency and disbanded the Hamas-led unity government after the Islamic militant group vanquished its Fatah rivals and effectively took control of the Gaza Strip on Thursday. Fearful that Hamas' momentum could spread to the West Bank, Fatah went on the offensive there, rounding up three dozen Hamas fighters. Angry militants threw office furniture out a third-story window of the Palestinian parliament building in Ramallah, then set fire to the office of three Hamas lawmakers. A Hamas activist was shot and killed in Nablus, the first person to be killed in the West Bank after days of violence in Gaza; the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, a violent Fatah offshoot, claimed responsibility. In Gaza, it was a day of major victories for Hamas and its backers in Iran and Syria — and of devastating setbacks for the Western-backed Fatah. In one particularly humiliating scene, masked Hamas fighters marched agents of the once-feared Preventive Security Service out of their headquarters, arms raised in the air, stripped to the waist and ducking at the sound of a gunshot. "The era of justice and Islamic rule has arrived," Hamas spokesman Islam Shahawan said. The violence has killed at least 90 people in the past five days, including 33 on Thursday alone. Witnesses, Fatah officials and a doctor reported executions by Hamas militants of defeated Fatah fighters Thursday; Fatah said seven of its men were shot in the head gangland-style. Hamas denied any such killings. Abbas, of Fatah, fired the Hamas prime minister and said he would install a new government, replacing the Hamas-Fatah coalition formed just three months ago. Abbas' decrees, which he issued in Ramallah, won't reverse the Hamas takeover of Gaza. Instead, his moves will enable Fatah to consolidate its control over the West Bank, likely paving the way for two separate Palestinian governments. more...
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As was pointed out in the Glory of Zion prayer update from Israel, "This has been a week of tumults for those of us who live in the Middle East. Hamas and Fatah have been at each others throats in the Gaza. For the one million Arabs who live in this 30 mile by 5 mile strip of land, it has been a nightmare, with killings, executions, bombings and attacks raging all week. The U.S., Israel and the Palestinian Authority have been helpless to do anything. Large stockpiles of U.S. supplied munitions, weapons and armored vehicles were captured by Hamas. The United States had given these armaments to Fatah to prop up P.A. President Abbas’ Presidential Guard. These weapons will now be used against Israel. Even so, the U.S. under General Dayton has promised to turn even more weapons over to Abbas’ forces, so as to replace those captured by Hamas." Now we can see how giving weapons to anyone over there is not very wise. Of course, that could have been the plan all along. Given what I’m discovering about the New World Order, I wouldn’t be surprised if elements of our government would try to assist the chaos. Their allegiance is not to this nation, but their ultimate plans. What appears unwise to us may just be the working of the enemy’s plans.

Herb L. Peters Has Passed Away Fulfilled Prophecy (June 13, 2007) - Early this morning, my father, Herb Peters, went to be with Jesus. He is and will be missed. We will give an update as soon as we can with the funeral time and location. He died much more quickly than we anticipated since we were told he had two to three months left. But during the past week, he declined very quickly and, in the last couple days, all of us realized it might take place much sooner than we had thought. We're thankful for the quality time we got to spend with my dad in his last days on earth. It was an incredible time with much loved shared. Thank you for your prayers. Our family has felt them. Herb was a watchman for Christ and very diligent in his work. He had been watching developments in Europe and is the one who raised my awareness of European politics and their connection to Bible prophecy. He authored the book Recommendation 666. If you have not read it yet, please take the time to as it reveals much about the times in which we live and removes some of the disbelief that so readily pops up in our minds when we consider we could be near the end. He had just finished a road tour speaking about his findings, which The Prophecy Club has on DVD.

Is Russia-Iran alliance, prophecy fulfilled? One News Now (June 13, 2007) - A Middle East expert and best-selling author says the increasingly cozy relationship between Iran and Russia continues to point to a 2,500-year-old prophecy. Hear This Report Recently Joel Rosenberg released the DVD version of his best-selling book Epicenter: Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your Future, which features interviews with Israeli leaders such as former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the crisis in the Middle East and focuses on the threat now posed by Iran. The author is hopeful the DVD will make people aware of a relationship developing between Iran and Russia that has him deeply concerned. Rosenberg says that the Book of Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39, discuss a military alliance between Gog, or Russia, and Persia, now known as Iran. Scripture says the two entities will form an alliance with a group of other Middle Eastern countries in the last days to attack Israel. That alliance, says Rosenberg, has never happened until now. "As I note in the film, in the 2,500 years since Ezekiel wrote that prophecy, Russia and Iran have never had an alliance like what Ezekiel described," he explains. "Now, just in the last few years, this alliance is rapidly emerging." In an earlier report, he cited an increasingly close rapport between the two nations' presidents, Vladimir Putin and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Rosenberg also says that while this cozy relationship between the countries does not necessarily mean the prophecy will be fulfilled soon, he believes it very well could become a reality.
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School board upset over clinic visit Associated Press (June 13, 2007) - The city school board ordered an investigation into an after-school program run by the YMCA in which some middle school students were taken to visit a Planned Parenthood clinic. New Hampshire Right to Life, an abortion opponent, is now asking for equal time with the seventh and eighth grade students, as well. The visit was part of the YMCA's STAY program, for students considered at risk of dropping out of school, abusing drugs or getting into trouble with the law. The trip, a week ago, was part of a tour of several social service agencies in the city, to show the students where they could go for support and recreation during the summer. The school board voted Tuesday to investigate how the decision to visit Planned Parenthood was made and determine whether anyone should be disciplined. The Planned Parenthood educator who met with the students, Anne Johnson, said she never mentioned abortion, but Darlene Pawlik, New Hampshire Right to Life, said the subject was obvious. "Everybody knows Planned Parenthood performs abortions," she said. "There were protesters outside with signs saying 'Babies killed here.' There's no mistaking that (the students) have already been exposed to the issue." Schools Superintendent Michael Ludwell said he would need to see a formal, written request from New Hampshire Right to Life before deciding whether a representative would meet with the students. Ludwell said he hoped to finish an internal investigation by the end of the week and meet with the YMCA president to draw up new program guidelines, but overall he defended the STAY program. "We have had a very long and, prior to this incident, a very positive relationship," he said. more...
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Education of children is the most effective way to implement social changes on a large scale. We've seen this with evolution and the scientific method along with the latest attack on the family brought about by the gay and lesbian agenda. Selfish desires and fulfilling the lusts of the flesh have also created a society that is ok with abortion. Children who shouldn't be thinking about sex are taught how to do it with the excuse that they're going to do it anyways. This is a self-fulfilling statement because when you continually talk about it with children in a society where sex and nudity is seen in TV and movies as well as billboards and other places in public, what do you expect? This is the result of a society who has rejected God's ways to fulfill the lusts of the flesh. America today is a great example of why we need to obey God and what happens when we don't. Many don't see a problem, but we're not at the worst of it by far. Keep watching!

Solana Says EU Would Consider Military Role In Gaza Haaretz (June 13, 2007) - The European Union would consider participating in an international force in Gaza if asked by the major players in the region, the EU's foreign policy chief Javier Solana said Wednesday. "If we are asked, of course, we will consider the possibility," Solana told reporters. He spoke in response to a suggestion by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that international forces could be stationed along the Gaza Strip's volatile border with Egypt to prevent arms from reaching Palestinian militants. The EU, which has police officers already helping to monitor the Gaza-Egypt border, has long said it would examine a possible peacekeeping role in the region if there is an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. Solana stressed that as yet there had been no decision among players in the region to seek EU help. "We are far from a decision," he said. "We'll see how things go, and what is the decision to be taken by the important players, that have to take a decision, which are ... the Israelis, the Palestinians and the Egyptians." Solana said he'd been in touch overnight with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and other Palestinian leaders in an effort to calm the situation in the Gaza Strip between Abbas' Fatah forces and the rival Hamas faction. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said he supports the deployment of a multinational force along the Philadelphi Route in Rafah on the Gaza-Egypt border. more...
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Daniel 8:25
And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.
As I've said before, this is speaking of Antiochus IV, who performed an abomination of desolation (setting up an idol in the Holy of Holies) several hundred years before Christ. However, the same spirit of antichrist that motivated him, will be with the final man who will declare himself god in the future. Currently, the Western European Union fits the 10 toes/10 horns prophecy the best and there is one man who is at the head of the WEU among other powerful positions. The deep desire for peace by the world in the face of radical Islam fits, I think, with the idea of conquering by peace. He conquers those causing the trouble by force and conquers the rest of the world (the West) by offering them the solution to the chaos they want. Since Lucifer is behind both, he can play off each other to wear down the world to the point of exhaustion and they will accept any messiah who can solve their worldly problems. Are we in this time? I believe we are and HIStory, Our Future seems to provide the Biblical details while looking at history to strengthen faith in what the Bible says about the future. I believe that time is now.

Italy's Prodi says EU close to deal on treaty Tehran Times (June 13, 2007) - Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi said the member states of the European Union were close to agreeing on a treaty to replace their rejected draft constitution. "We are close to the goal of finding a common synthesis to the next European framework. The way has been well-paved," he said ahead of talks with his German and Hungarian counterparts and Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus in Berlin. "We are prepared for giving a clear mandate to the upcoming intergovernmental conference," Prodi added. Germany, which holds the EU's rotating presidency, wants to unveil a plan on the outline of a new treaty and how to ratify it before European Parliament elections in 2009 at the bloc's summit in Brussels on June 21-22. Problem areas with regard to the content of the treaty would then be ironed out at an intergovernmental conference, possibly starting in July. German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government has signaled that it is confident of clinching a deal in Brussels despite veto threats from Poland's conservative leaders. Merkel told reporters Monday: "We will do everything possible to ensure that we take a big step forward at this summit." "The starting positions are very different and everybody's ability to compromise will be tested," she conceded. With pre-summit negotiations in their final stage, Britain, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Poland are shaping up as the most difficult countries to convince of reforms written into a new treaty. more...
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RF urges Palestine to immediately cease fire – diplomat Itar-Tass (June 13, 2007) - Russia calls on Palestine’s authorities, all parties and structures to do everything possible to immediately cease fire, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mikhail Kamynin said. “Moscow is extremely concerned over the escalation of tension in the Gaza Strip, and on Palestinian territories in total. Nothing can justify the death of people and sufferings of the peaceful population. Further confrontation in Palestine may lead to full chaos, new victims and the escalation in conflict in the region,” the Russian diplomat stressed. “We call on the authorities and the Palestinian Authority administrative structures irrespective their party membership to do everything possible to immediately cease fire, stop the bloodshed and civil discord. The priority task is to restore law and order, ensure control on Palestinian territories, comply with the key inter-Palestinian agreements reached in Mecca this year that open the way to create an independent vital Palestinian state,” Kamynin said. “We are convinced that the implementation of these tasks will meet the supreme national interests of the Palestinian people and all political forces,” he added. “Contacts with Palestinians, regional sides and our Quartet mediators will help do everything to overcome a severe crisis on Palestinian territories and promote peace in the region,” the diplomat pointed out.
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Ezekiel 38,39 speaks to the state of peace that Israel will live in when attacked by Gog, Iran, Turkey, and others. From a Biblically ignorant perspective of a group we know will ultimately attack Israel, a state of peace is the ideal place for the enemy to be on a surprise attack. If Yom Kippur is going to be the time of the attack, Israel will be even more vulnerable than if they just didn't feel concerned about their immediate safety (no rocket attacks).

Shimon Peres elected ninth president The Jerusalem Post (June 13, 2007) - Vice Premier Shimon Peres put an end to his historic losing streak Wednesday by beating MKs Reuven Rivlin (Likud) and Colette Avital (Labor) to become Israel's ninth president. The Knesset elected Peres in a second round of voting in which Peres was the only candidate. 86 MKs voted in his favor, while 23 voted against him. In his presidential acceptance speech, Peres, wearing a white yarmulke, gave thanks to his fellow candidates Avital and Rivlin, and paid tribute to his family. "I have been in the Knesset for 48 years and not for one moment have I lost faith or hope in Israel,' said Peres. "What Israel has achieved in 60 years, no other country has been able to achieve. I hope I can be representative of our faith not because there are no problems but because we all want to overcome them." "I will dedicate myself wholly to the nation," continued Peres, vowing to continue efforts to bring back the kidnapped IDF soldiers. Earlier, during the election, Rivlin, a former Knesset Speaker, and Avital, a former diplomat, dropped out after the first round in which they earned 37 and 21 votes respectively. The 83-year-old Peres will assume the presidency on July 15 for his seven-year term. The largely ceremonial position will cap Peres six-decade long career, in which he served in nearly all of Israel's top civilian posts, and won the Nobel Prize in 1993 for reaching an interim peace deal alongside Yitzhak Rabin and the late Yasser Arafat. more...
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Iran, Turkey Set To Expand Ties PressTV (June 12, 2007) - Iran and Turkey enjoy high capacities to expand cooperation in different fields, an official from the Iranian foreign ministry has said. Mehdi Mostafavi made the remarks in a meeting with the visiting Deputy Undersecretary of Turkish Foreign Minister Sinirly Oghly in Tehran. "Tehran-Ankara cooperation has reached a satisfactory level," he was quoted by IRNA as saying in the meeting. The exchange of political, media and economic delegations would serve to increase mutual understanding between the two countries, he stated. Elsewhere in his remarks, he referred to shortage of military equipments as the main problem facing the Iraqi government in fighting terrorists and establishing security. Oghly, for his part, called for constant exchange of views on regional issues as means to help build up security and stability in the Middle East. He also underlined the need for preserving territorial integrity of Iraq. "Turkey backs the Iraqi government and every effort with the aim of strengthening that government." On ties with Iran, he said, "We support the expansion of cooperation with Iran, particularly in energy sector, in line with financial interests of the two sides. We also support Iran's right to attain peaceful nuclear energy." He added that all political parties in Turkey are keen on expanding relations with Iran.
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The Dark Side of Vaccines WorldNetDaily (June 12, 2007) - It wasn't until right after the little girl had received her third and final pertussis shot that all hell broke loose. One of five children in a Christian homeschooling family I know well, the child suffered an extreme and life-altering reaction to the common childhood vaccine. Today, perhaps 15 years later, her family's life largely revolves around taking care of the now-teenage girl, confined to a wheelchair, unable to speak, her life decimated by a "required" vaccine shot. Indeed, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, part of the federal Department of Health and Human Services, was set up years ago to pay for the care of just such vaccine-injured Americans. If you or your child suffers from anaphylactic shock or brachial neuritis as a result of getting any tetanus-toxoid-containing vaccine, you're eligible. Develop encephalopathy – literally, disease of the brain – from pertussis antigen-containing vaccines, or from measles, mumps and rubella virus-containing vaccines, and you qualify. What about chronic arthritis from rubella virus-containing vaccines, or a vaccine-strain measles viral infection from a measles virus-containing vaccine? What about contracting paralytic polio or vaccine-strain polio viral infection from a polio live virus-containing vaccine, or intussusception (prolapsed intestine) from vaccines containing live, oral, rhesus-based rotavirus? These are just some of the vaccine-caused injuries suffered by Americans, conditions quietly being cared for with federal dollars. To report journalistically on vaccination controversies is a real challenge. On one side you have the medical establishment, including the federal government's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which endlessly repeats the mantra that vaccines are safe and effective and everybody should get them. To question their wisdom makes you a paranoid conspiracy theorist. On the other hand, you have a substantial and growing movement of skeptics, including many medical professionals, who openly question vaccines. Some are strident, claiming all vaccines are bad for all people at all times and places, and a few even impute a sinister motive to vaccine manufacturers and the doctors that give the shots. But many others are careful and nuanced and very well informed. They consider each vaccine individually on its merits as well as its known and suspected negatives – and still come out holding up a big "caution" sign. For years, the vaccine debate was confined largely to the traditional childhood vaccines like DPT (diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus), MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) and polio. Even then, there were major concerns. The pertussis vaccine, for example, is notorious for having rare but horrendous side effects, and most polio cases in the world in recent years have been caused by the live-virus vaccine itself! These are widely known facts the CDC will not contradict – although it certainly doesn't go out of its way to advertise the dark side of vaccines. (The U.S. government stopped using the live-virus polio vaccine in 2000 because of the incidents of vaccine-related polio, the last U.S. case of which was documented in 1999.) These are just some of the vaccine-caused injuries suffered by Americans, conditions quietly being cared for with federal dollars. To report journalistically on vaccination controversies is a real challenge. On one side you have the medical establishment, including the federal government's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which endlessly repeats the mantra that vaccines are safe and effective and everybody should get them. To question their wisdom makes you a paranoid conspiracy theorist. On the other hand, you have a substantial and growing movement of skeptics, including many medical professionals, who openly question vaccines. Some are strident, claiming all vaccines are bad for all people at all times and places, and a few even impute a sinister motive to vaccine manufacturers and the doctors that give the shots. But many others are careful and nuanced and very well informed. They consider each vaccine individually on its merits as well as its known and suspected negatives – and still come out holding up a big "caution" sign. more...

I am strongly against vaccines, I trust in the Lord over the tinkerings of chemical manufacturers. There are so many reasons to not trust who we're taught to trust with our health, such as the pharmaceutical companies. Trying to get that across can be difficult in a world where we're taught to rely on men's medicine. How much do they really know about it? The more I learn about DNA and the way the body works, the more I realize that the traditional way of dealing with things is highly deficient from a lack of understanding. Now I'm not saying I know it all, but I've been listening to some doctors who do know a lot, and what they say makes sense and fits with ideas from the Bible. For instance, I highly recommend Dr. Len Horowitz's DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral (2005). There is the original book and the 2-disc DVD. There's some stuff I don't have the background understanding of in order to agree or disagree with, but the basics are pretty clear and even evident from nature. For instance, the idea of frequency and its effects. The electromagnetic spectrum covers both visual light and auditory frequency along with a whole range of frequencies we cannot perceive with our senses. This fits too with some other concepts emerging about our solar system you can see in the Thunderbolts of the Gods video. We live in an electro-magnetic physical reality that houses our eternal souls unto death. We are not the temples of flesh and blood we inhabit. The very fact that we are just now learning about these things causes me to question the medical knowledge that is employed today. For instance, cancer is treated with chemical combinations that kill cells in the body, cancerous and otherwise. Is that really the best way? In Deadly Emotions: Understand the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection That Can Heal or Destroy You, Don Colbert, M.D., speaks to how our emotional state can cause disease in our bodies. So if we repent, are we healed? The Greek from which "repent" comes is actually two words, Change-Mind. I think the church needs to change its mind on how we approach our illnesses, rather responding with faith and repentance, trusting in God and not the medicinal tinkering of men who are still trying to learn how things work themselves. We serve a mighty God who created all things and knows how they work. It seems the further we get from His ways, the more the world becomes what it is today. That's not a good thing. So before you get a vaccine, look at what is done to create it. Think about what is being put into your body and how that affects the delicate balance that God built into our bodies. Perhaps we should look first to how our attitudes and beliefs affect our bodies.

Mideast 'may see full-scale war' The Press Association (June 12, 2007) - UN envoy Terje Roed-Larsen has warned that the Middle East could see full-scale war. He said a fresh effort was needed to contain the current violence, or energetic diplomacy to try to bring peace. "The picture which emerges is very dark, and apparently getting darker," he said. "So there are reasons for real concerns in the international community." Roed-Larsen, the current UN envoy for Lebanon-Syria issues who for many years was the top UN Mideast envoy, said "the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East has changed fundamentally over a few years". "A few years ago, as it had been over many, many decades, the centre of gravity for all the conflicts were the Israeli-Arab conflicts," he said. "Now, there seems to be four epicentres of conflict in the region with their own dynamics, the Iraqi issues, the Iranian issues, the Syrian-Lebanese issues, and of course the heart of hearts, the traditional conflict, the Palestinian-Israeli issue."
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It is clear that Jerusalem is a burdensome stone for all people.
Zechariah 12:1-3
The burden of the word of the LORD for Israel, saith the LORD, which stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him. Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.
It's recognized as the center of the conflict brought about by radical Islam because it centers on that age-old conflict between Isaac and Ishmael. The conflict centers on the ownership of the land. The "Palestinian" claim is built on lies and deception repeated over and over like a mantra so those who don't have the desire to search out the truth are pulled into accepting the lie. They don't understand Islam very well, in my opinion. They are told its ok to lie to non-Muslims, or kuffah.

Hamas TV: We have taken over the northern Gaza Strip The Jerusalem Post (June 12, 2007) - Hamas forces captured the headquarters of the Fatah-allied security forces in northern Gaza, seizing control of a key prize in the bloody power struggle between the sides, Hamas and Fatah officials said. Hamas attacked the compound with mortars and automatic gunfire, and after several hours of battle, seized control, said Hamas commander Wael al-Shakra. A Fatah security official confirmed the building had been lost. He said at least 10 people were killed and 30 wounded. The attack was part of a full-scale assault launched by Hamas earlier Tuesday afternoon against Fatah security bases and positions in Gaza. Hamas-affiliated television said that the organization overtook the entire northern section of the Gaza Strip. After airing the report, the station was attacked by PA security forces and forced to play pro-Fatah songs. Israel Radio also reported that a top Fatah military official sent a message to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas stating that security forces were holding their ground, but calling on the Fatah leader to order an end to the current policy of restraint, allowing troops to return fire. more...
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Another Border Patrol agent sent to prison WorldNetDaily (June 11, 2007) - Noe Aleman, a border patrol agent for 12 years in the El Paso sector of Texas, is headed to federal prison today, destined to join Border Patrol Agent Ignacio "Nacho" Ramos in solitary confinement at Yazoo City, Miss., both having been prosecuted by El Paso U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton. He surrenders to the U.S. Marshal's office at the U.S. District Court in El Paso at 2:00 pm local time today. What was Aleman's crime? "I was prosecuted for trying to adopt the three daughters of my wife's sister after their father died in Mexico," Aleman said in a telephone interview. "My wife and I cannot have children and we already have an adopted Samoan child from Hawaii, Noe Aleman III, now age 18." But to read the statement from Sutton's office, Aleman is a dangerous criminal who defrauded the United States by smuggling aliens, providing false testimony to the adoption court, and lying to federal authorities about the girls' ages, whereabouts, and parentage. "I'm just another victim in George Bush, Alberto Gonzales, and Johnny Sutton's war against Border Patrol agents," Aleman said in the telephone interview. According to Aleman, Sutton's prosecutors repeatedly lied, suggesting that Aleman had a sexual relationship with the girls, aged 12, 13, and 15 when the adoption procedures began 3 years ago, and that his purposes were prurient, not fatherly. "Federal investigators questioned these minor girls without a lawyer present," Aleman said. "We protested, but nothing we have said in this whole case has made any difference." "Sutton's office decided my wife and I were criminals," Aleman pleaded. "Our only offense was that we wanted to adopt my wife's three nieces from Mexico and some forms were filled out incorrectly. How many illegal immigrants from Mexico bother to fill out any forms at all?" Aleman's legally adopted daughters are today at an orphanage in Juarez, separated from their adopted parents and forbidden from returning to the United States for another 10 years. "It's hard to see what's happened to me as justice," Aleman argued over the phone. "I spent 12 years of my life on the border trying to prevent criminals and illegal aliens from entering the United States and now I find myself going to federal prison." "What crime did I commit?" Aleman asks. "There are organized criminals out there who bring hundreds of women and children into the U.S. for sexual exploitation. I'm not one of the bad guys. I'm one of the good guys who just wanted to adopt three kids who were already part of our family." The Aleman family has set up a defense site at their website.
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Man's justice through Beaurocracy. Thank God His justice is actually just. This story makes me sick and it's this kind of thing that could be happening to others in the near future, especially those considered radical by the state. Such broad definitions will be applicable to many who don't deserve it. This story has an air about it that stinks to high heaven of corruption, but what can we do? Contact the government? I think there is a method to this madness, which is even more scary. That is why it's so important to remain in Christ, watch, and pray.

PC mandate gone wild: Christian books yanked WorldNetDaily (June 11, 2007) - Hundreds of Christian books are disappearing off the shelves of U.S. prisons under a federal directive intended to prevent violent inmates from receiving radical Islamic texts, prompting a lawsuit. Instead of focusing on Muslim books, the directive restricts literature from all religions, the Associated Press reported. The post-9/11 order, which only now is being implemented, allows the prison libraries to stock only 100 to 150 books for each religion. Three inmates at the federal prison camp in Otisville, N.Y., have filed suit, claiming violation of their constitutional rights. Inmate John Okon told U.S. District Judge Laura Taylor Swain the set of books removed from the prison were used to minister to new converts. "I have really seen religion turn around the life of some of these men, especially in the Christian community," he said, according to the AP. Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian Feldman explained to the judge the rule limiting books was the result of a review by the Department of Justice in April 2004 of how prisons choose Muslims providers of religious services. The reason for the delay is unclear, the AP reported, but prison officials said they needed time to look over a long list of books. As WND reported, prisons have proven to be a fertile recruiting ground for al-Qaida, spawning the likes of shoebomber Richard Reid and alleged dirty bomber Jose Padilla. Christian prison chaplains say Islam is so popular with inmates they are having a hard time competing with Muslim chaplains for their souls. Blacks are being converted by the cell block. The FBI worries blacks could be the next face of terror in America.
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Turkish, Iranian cooperation against PKK irks US and Iraq Turkish Weekly (June 11, 2007) - News that Iranian and Turkish forces are shelling the PKK hideouts in northern Iraq from their own territories apparently in a coordinated manner has created deep discomfort in Baghdad, Erbil and Washington prompting the Iraqi government to hand a diplomatic note to Turkey calling "to act together" against the militants. Turkey's charge d'affair in Baghdad Ahmet Yzal was invited to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry on Saturday where he was handed the note. Turkish diplomatic sources stressed that this was not a protest note and that it was aimed to call for cooperation. Foreign news agencies, however, said Baghdad had protested Turkey for shelling border regions. A statement by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry said Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Haj Mahmoud called for an immediate halt to the shelling, saying such actions "undermine confidence between the two nations and negatively affect their friendship." The statement was the first government confirmation of the shelling. Mahmoud said the shelling had started large fires and caused serious damage, but gave no other details. The note said the recent security measures Turkey is taking in the border regions is causing scare among the people of the region on the Iraqi side and requested a concerted effort to prevent any harm to the locals. Turkey has been building up its forces along the border with Iraq, and its leaders are debating whether to stage a major incursion to pursue separatist Kurdish militants who cross over to attack Turkish targets.
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Wisconsin shooting kills 6, wounds toddler Associated Press (June 11, 2007) - A domestic dispute erupted into a mass killing in southern Wisconsin, leaving six people, including two infant boys, shot to death, and a 2-year-old girl with a gunshot to her chest. A prosecutor said late Sunday no one was in custody but that police weren't looking for a suspect and no one else was in danger. Officials often use such language when the shooter is among the dead. "What we have is a complicated death scene and we're investigating all the possibilities," said Kevin St. John, a spokesman with the state Justice Department, which is leading the investigation. Walworth County District Attorney Phillip Koss said the shooting was part of a domestic dispute, but he wouldn't elaborate until autopsies were completed and the crime scene was fully evaluated. Officers, responding to a report of shots fired, stormed an A-frame duplex Saturday night with weapons drawn, kicking in the door, neighbor Richard Heideman said. He saw two paramedics go in behind them and come back out minutes later. "That's when I knew everybody was dead," Heideman said. As the bodies were wheeled out, one onlooker dropped to his knees on a neighbor's lawn and threw his hands to the sky in prayer. The 2-year-old girl was found in a nearby van, seriously wounded. A male family member who escaped the shooting was helping investigators. more...
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Officials: Iran, Syria orchestrated raid on Jewish state WorldNetDaily (June 11, 2007) - An attempted Palestinian raid of the Israeli border this weekend, purportedly to kidnap an Israeli soldier, was orchestrated by Syria and Iran, according to security officials associated with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party. The Israel Defense Forces on Saturday thwarted an attempt by the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad terror group to kidnap a soldier on the Israeli side of a major crossing into the Gaza Strip. Four terrorists approached the Israeli border in an SUV bearing "TV" signs in an attempt to disguise themselves as journalists. Reporters working in Gaza usually travel in cars with "TV" symbols to identify themselves. Upon reaching the crossing, the terrorists blew a hole in the border fence and attempted to storm an IDF position. IDF troops rushed to the scene, chasing three of the gunmen back to the Gaza Strip. One of militants, 19-year-old Mohammed Jaabari, became separated from the group and hid inside Israel. Jaabari was shot dead after he opened fire when soldiers approached him, the IDF said. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack. "The aim of the operation was to retreat with a prisoner," said Abu Ahmed, a spokesman for Islamic Jihad. "This was prevented by the use of Israeli helicopters." This attempted kidnapping took place just before the one year anniversary of the kidnapping by Hamas and two other groups of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who has been held in Gaza and is being used as a bargaining chip by the Hamas-led Palestinian government to release Palestinian prisoners, including arrested terrorists, held in Israeli jails. more...
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Is the constant warnings of a coming war with Syria, Iran, and Israel starting to cause you to lose interest like it's the same old story never coming to pass? That's part of what Bible prophecy says will happen in the end, wars and rumors of war. Matthew 24:3-6 Keep watching!

The wrath of 2007: America's great drought The Independent (June 11, 2007) - America is facing its worst summer drought since the Dust Bowl years of the Great Depression. Or perhaps worse still. From the mountains and desert of the West, now into an eighth consecutive dry year, to the wheat farms of Alabama, where crops are failing because of rainfall levels 12 inches lower than usual, to the vast soupy expanse of Lake Okeechobee in southern Florida, which has become so dry it actually caught fire a couple of weeks ago, a continent is crying out for water. In the south-east, usually a lush, humid region, it is the driest few months since records began in 1895. California and Nevada, where burgeoning population centres co-exist with an often harsh, barren landscape, have seen less rain over the past year than at any time since 1924. The Sierra Nevada range, which straddles the two states, received only 27 per cent of its usual snowfall in winter, with immediate knock-on effects on water supplies for the populations of Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The human impact, for the moment, has been limited, certainly nothing compared to the great westward migration of Okies in the 1930 - the desperate march described by John Steinbeck in The Grapes of Wrath. Big farmers are now well protected by government subsidies and emergency funds, and small farmers, some of whom are indeed struggling, have been slowly moving off the land for decades anyway. The most common inconvenience, for the moment, are restrictions on hosepipes and garden sprinklers in eastern cities. But the long-term implications are escaping nobody. Climatologists see a growing volatility in the south-east's weather - today's drought coming close on the heels of devastating hurricanes two to three years ago. In the West, meanwhile, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests a movement towards a state of perpetual drought by the middle of this century. "The 1930s drought lasted less than a decade. This is something that could remain for 100 years," said Richard Seager a climatologist at Columbia University and lead researcher of a report published recently by the government's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). While some of this year's dry weather is cyclical - California actually had an unusually wet year last year, so many of the state's farmers still have plenty of water for their crops - some of it portends more permanent changes. In Arizona, the tall mountains in the southern Sonoran desert known as "sky islands" because they have been welcome refuges from the desert heat for millennia, have already shown unmistakable signs of change. more...
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The third seal is famine. With the bee disappearances and the weather changes, if this drought is truly as bad as they believe it will become, along with the financial issues of America, the power of this nation could be very much diminished. Additionally there is the possibility of terrorism as well. The terrorists have a definite desire to see America's influence disappear. Outside of America, here's a story about Yemen's recent locust outbreak putting their crops at risk.

Small earthquake reported in Victoria AAP (June 11, 2007) - An earthquake measuring 3.2 on the Richter scale has shaken the town of Myrtleford in Victoria's north-east. The tremor was detected about 6am (AEST) on Monday, and lasted only a couple of seconds, Geoscience Australia said. Seismologist Phil Cummins said the earthquake occurred 45km south-east of the town and did not cause any damage. "We estimate a magnitude of 3.5, and was not large enough to cause damage," Mr Cummins said. "It appears to have been shallow, but the depth is uncertain (at this time)." Mr Cummins said that shock waves could be felt in the area, but he did not expect any further earthquakes in the coming days. He said small quakes like this were common in Australia, even though the country was not on the edge of a plate boundary. The Indian-Australian plate was being pushed north and was colliding with the Eurasian, Philippine and Pacific plates, he said. "That sort of creates a compression of the plate, and it squeezes it," Mr Cummins said. "In this area (Myrtleford), it is pretty much squeezed in an east-west direction, so due to that squeezing the stress in the Earth's crust gradually builds up until it is eventually released." According to Geoscience Australia, there was a small earthquake, which measured 2.5 on the Richter scale recorded on June 6, near Foster, 140km south-east of Melbourne. On May 28, a quake measuring 2.5 occurred near Grantville, in Victoria's south-east.
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3.9 earthquake shakes parts of southern Utah Deseret News (June 11, 2007) - A 3.9 magnitude earthquake centered about 18 miles from Enterprise and about 50 miles from Ivins shook areas of southern Utah about 7 p.m. The earthquake's epicenter was 0.1 miles below ground, according to University of Utah seismograph reports. No damage had been reported by late Sunday, emergency dispatchers said.
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Mild earthquake hits Bengkulu Antara News (June 11, 2007) - A tectonic earthquake measuring 4.8 on the Richter scale jolted Indonesia's Bengkulu province early Monday (00:24 am) but no damage and victims were reported. The epicentre of the quake was located at 3.98 degree south latitude and 101.68 degree east longitude, Coordinator of the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency's Bengkulu provincial office Adjat Sudrajat said here Monday. The position of the tremor was 87 kilometers south west of Lais subdistrict, Kaur district, Bengkulu province at a depth of 33 kilometers from the sea surface. Bengkulu is among areas in Indonesia vulnerable to earthquakes. Almost everyday, mild quakes measuring less than 3.0 on the Richter scale occur in the province but are not felt by local people. According to Adjat, Bengkulu has three areas of fault prone to quakes -- Kepahiang, Ketahun and Siberut. He added that the three areas belonged to the Semangko fault or the Sumatra fault which triggered a 5.8 magnitude quake in West Sumatra on March 6, 2007. Adjat called on the local people to be always on the alert against possible earthquakes which could rock Bengkulu any time. Bengkulu was hit by a tectonic earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale in June 2000 killing 96 people, injuring thousands of others and devastating public facilities as well as houses and causing financial losses of about Rp400 billion.
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An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.0 jolted Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture Kyodo News (June 11, 2007) - An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.0 jolted Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture, early Monday, the Japa Meteorological Agency reported. No tsunami warning was issued. There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage from the 3:45 a.m. quake. The quake measured 4 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale of 7 in the city of Wajima and the town of Wajimamonzen in Ishikawa Prefecture and 3 in the city of Himi, Toyama Prefecture.
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Court to Determine Vaccine-Autism Link Associated Press (June 11, 2007) - Thousands of parents with autistic children are preparing for their day in court. Nearly 5,000 families filed claims against the government over vaccines that they say caused autism in their children. They blame the preservative thimerosal - an ingredient made with mercury, for causing autism. The court is being asked to decide whether there is a link between autism and childhood vaccines. Federal hearings started today and if the families prevail, they could be eligible for compensation from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund, a program established by Congress to ensure an adequate supply of vaccines by safeguarding manufacturers from lawsuits. Under the program, people injured by vaccines receive compensation through a special trust fund. Because of the controversy, the U.S. government asked manufacturers to lower or eliminate the mercury content in childhood vaccines. Autism is characterized by impaired social interaction. Those affected often have trouble communicating, and they exhibit unusual or severely limited activities and interests. Classic symptoms of mercury poisoning include anxiety, fatigue and abnormal irritation, as well as cognitive and motor dysfunction. The preservative thimerosal, about 50 percent mercury by weight, is no longer found in routine childhood vaccines but is used in some flu shots.

Iran Threatens Gulf Blitz If US Hits Nuclear Plants Times Online (June 10, 2007) - IRAN has threatened to launch a missile blitz against the Gulf states and plunge the entire Middle East into war if America attacks its nuclear facilities. Admiral Ali Shamkhani, a senior defence adviser to the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warned that Gulf states providing the US with military cooperation would be the key targets of a barrage of ballistic missiles. Shamkhani told the US journal Defense News that missiles would be launched not only at US military bases but also at strategic targets such as oil refineries and power stations. Qatar, Bahrain and Oman all host important US bases and British forces are based in all three countries. Any Iranian attack would be bound to draw in the other Gulf Cooperation Council states: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. The attacks on Arab states would be in addition to air strikes on Israel, which have been threatened repeatedly. An Iranian foreign ministry official said: “The objective would be to overwhelm US missile defence systems with dozens and maybe hundreds of missiles fired simultaneously at specific targets.” Shamkhani, a former Iranian defence minister, accused the Gulf states of “helping the US establish legitimacy for its anticipated aggression against Iran”. Shamkhani is the head of Iran’s Centre for Strategic Studies, a think tank made up of former foreign, defence and interior ministers that advises the supreme leader. Another Iranian official said to be familiar with the “retaliation plan” claimed it would be launched within an hour of a US attack and would be accompanied by increased support for terrorist groups. “The US will be as surprised with Iranian military capabilities as the Israelis were with Hezbollah in last summer’s war in Lebanon,” he said. more...
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Earthquake rattles portions of Indonesia The Honolulu Advertiser (June 10, 2007) - The timing of Gov. Linda Lingle's visit to Indonesia for meetings with tsunami experts and government officials on emergency preparedness seems eerily coincidental. An earthquake assigned a preliminary magnitude of 5.0 jolted portions of Indonesia about 950 miles northwest of Jakarta about 5 a.m. Hawaii time Saturday morning. The were no reports of injuries, damage or a tsunami resulting from the temblor, which was centered in Indonesia's Simeulue Region.
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Indonesians Rally Against Israeli 'Occupation' of Palestinian Territories YNet News (June 10, 2007) - Thousands of Indonesians rallied across the world's most populous Muslim nation Sunday to protest 40 years of Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, some carrying banners that said "Israel is the enemy" and "Save our Palestine." Police estimated that crowds swelled to 10,000 in the two largest cities of Jakarta and Medan, where demonstrators clad in flowing white gowns waved flags and accused Israel of human rights abuses.
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I find it interesting that this day an earthquake also hit Indonesia.

Goodbye to the Good Old Days Financial Armageddon (June 10, 2007) - Last week, the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note recorded its biggest one-day jump in years and breached the five percent level for the first time since July. Other fixed-income markets quickly followed suit, hurt not only by a nominal rise in rates but by a jump in risk spreads. One trader described the sell-off in the mortgage-backed securities market as “a good old-fashioned mortgage puke.” The ostensible reason behind the sudden jitters, following a period when yields were already drifting higher, was the decision by European and New Zealand central banks to boost short-term interest rates. What’s more, a smattering of positive economic data finally convinced some investors that the Federal Reserve meant business when it said rising inflation was its main concern. The turmoil was not confined to fixed-income markets, however. Most U.S. and European stock markets were also rattled, after testing new highs only days earlier, and emerging equity and currency markets also got slammed by a bout of heavy selling. Precious metals prices slipped amid liquidation pressures and short-covering in the dollar, while options premiums rose, as the VIX index, or “fear gauge,” broke out from a multi-week base. There was trouble in other quarters, too. The Wall Street Journal reported that some recent leveraged buyouts were starting to trigger alarm bells, noting that it was “striking how quickly a few of the deals have run into problems.” A Federal Reserve loan officer survey indicated that lenders were not only tightening standards on subprime loans, but were beginning to closely scrutinize some prime borrowers. Another recent poll noted that corporate chief financial officers had turned pessimistic on the U.S. economy. Elsewhere, a report revealed that analysts, in a rare move, had downgraded earnings forecasts for a number of investment banks, whose financial vitality is often seen as a leading indicator for markets as a whole. There was also growing speculation that Goldman Sachs and other bulge-bracket firms were considering a hiring freeze, which is not the sort of step that is taken lightly by revenue-hungry operators.
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Israeli therapy kills brain cancer cells with electrical fields Israel21c (June 10, 2007) - An Israeli-developed treatment that specifically targets rapidly growing cancer cells with electrical fields shows great promise in treating patients with brain cancer. The Novo-TTF (Tumor-Treating Fields) device, invented by Technion Professor emeritus Yoram Palti, uses electrical fields to disrupt tumor growth by interfering with cell division of cancerous cells, causing them to stop proliferating and die off instead of dividing and growing. Healthy brain cells rarely divide and have different electrical properties than cancerous brain cells. This allows the device to target cancer cells without affecting the healthy cells. Early results of cell culture, animal and early phase human trials showed that compared to historical data, the device more than doubled the median overall survival rates in patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most common and aggressive type of malignant brain tumor. The findings were reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) journal article. Palti, MD, Ph.D, founded a company NovoCure in 2000 to develop his research in treating cancer with electrical fields. According to Palti, this is the first time that electrical fields are being used to kill cancer cells, and it opens the door for other forms of cancer to be treated as well. "This is a new general modality for treating cancer. In a way it's similar to radiation, it's physical in the same sense, but the major difference is that there are no side effects," he told ISRAEL21c from his office at Novocure's headquarters in Haifa. more...
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Exclusive: The Lost Angeles Tinderbox Primed for Large Riots! Americans for Legal Immigration (June 9, 2007) - Small fires quickly become big fires. Every child in America is taught this and every public official and American citizen knows this. Every firefighter and police officer knows this, as did the LAPD riot teams in MacArthur Park on May 1. Now that the dust is starting to settle from the mayhem in MacArthur Park on May Day 2007, an understanding of basic and mob psychology tells us that Lost Angeles is again primed for major riots and destruction on a large scale. While we hope these riots never manifest, the recent actions of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and LAPD Chief William Bratton have primed the city for major upheavals. Their actions have provided LAPD officers an incentive not to do their jobs and given pro-illegal alien protesters a political incentive to create larger and more destructive mobs. Mayor Villaraigosa and Chief Bratton have quickly denounced their officers based on video footage and verbal reports from illegal alien supporters and press crews that are politically supportive of the illegal aliens. Their rush to judgment and politicization of the matter is clear as they have demoted several high-ranking officers and taken more than 60 of their best officers off the streets before the official investigation is even in full swing! Amazingly, they have done this immediately after requesting a "Marshall Plan" for Lost Angeles County. They have asked for billions of dollars from the American taxpayers to fight the paramilitary drug and human smuggling illegal alien gangs that have the LAPD outmanned and outgunned! In fact, these illegal alien gangs such as MS-13, the 18th Street Gang, LA Surenos, and many more now control large areas in Lost Angeles. According to the LA Times, they have set up ethnic cleansing zones where Anglo and black Americans can be murdered just for entering these areas. Most of the prisons in Southern California are now segregated by race because major riots occurred when the Latino illegal alien gangs attacked the black prisoners. Many schools easily erupt into race riots, including Jordan High School, where Lost Angeles police had to enter in riot gear because more than 1,000 black and Hispanic students were fighting. It is no surprise that Lost Angeles would ask for an expensive "Marshall Plan" comparing LA to a war zone, because LA is a war zone! Many of these illegal alien gangs have their roots in the civil wars of Central and South America. They have a military structure and carry military grade weaponry. Gang leaders encourage their street thugs to join the American military for training and access to elite weaponry and tactics. They are known for their ruthlessness, assassinations of police officers, and ability to organize sophisticated supply lines. In fact, they have shown the world that in Central and South America, these gangs become the rulers of large areas in what is called "Gang Rule." These drug cartels and gang street soldiers have manifested with such power South of the Border that nations such as Mexico, El Salvador, and Columbia now have conflicts on their hands that resemble civil wars. As these organized crime syndicates fight for control of local and national governments and multi-billion dollar human and drug supply lines, these conflicts can easily and accurately be described in military terms as Low Intensity Conflicts or LICs. Lost Angeles and other border areas of the United States now have growing LICs! Congressional reports tell us that these organizations control our southern border and that the same crime cartels that are bringing in over 90% of America's cocaine, methamphetamine, and black tar heroin know as "The Cheese" are the exact same groups importing the vast majority of our illegal aliens. The relationship between individual illegal aliens and these crime cartels does not end after they reach the US as they rely on these multi-billion dollar cartels for things such as fake documents, job support, drugs and prostitutes. If you paid the mob $5,000 to bring you into the US, do you think your relationship with organized crime would end there? more...
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Israeli official confirms Syria messages Associated Press (June 9, 2007) - Israel has put out secret feelers to Syria, but has not received a response, Israel's deputy prime minister confirmed Saturday. The comments came a day after an Israeli newspaper reported that Israel has told Syrian leaders it is willing to give up the captured Golan Heights as part of a peace deal that would require Syria to distance itself from Iran's virulently anti-Israel regime. Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz, speaking Saturday to Israel Radio, confirmed that a message was sent to Syria, but would not describe the content in detail. "In light of the tensions in the current period, and considering the fact that in the past ... the Syrians sent messages that they want peace, I thought and I still think today that a secret channel is one of the channels for checking intentions and expectations," Mofaz said. "And such an approach, in a secret channel, was done. And this was said clearly by the prime minister's office. At this stage, there is no Syrian response, or any comment on this issue." Mofaz said he considered a back channel to be important, noting that Israeli peace agreements with other Arab countries started in such a way. He said Syria seemed to be ambivalent about peace talks with Israel. "At the beginning, they (the Syrians) speak about their desire to renew talks and the process, and after messages are sent, there is no answer," he said. At this stage, he said, Israel is not sure what Syria's intentions are. Syrian officials were not immediately available for comment. more...
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I think the silence is telling. This method of speaking out both sides of the mouth is popular with Islam and seen as normal operating procedures since according to their holy book, lying to non-Muslims is perfectly ok and encouraged to further the cause of Islam. When that ultimate end is world-domination and the destruction of Israel, is it any surprise that they would lie to bide their time? I don't think so, and I think Israel is going to catch wind of Syria's true intentions in their alliances with Iran, Russia, and Islam's ultimate goals. Gog/Magog by Yom Kippur this year, (September 22, 2007)? Keep watching.