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Global Warming? Temps On An 8-year Decline

One News Now (Link) - Pete Chagnon (June 16, 2009)

The Science & Public Policy Institute has released their monthly CO2 report for the month of May.

The monthly CO2 report is edited by Lord Christopher Monckton, who says the organization takes satellite and scientific data and presents them to the public without any alteration. He says the data collected shows a surprising trend.

"Temperatures have now been declining quite rapidly for nearly eight years," he notes. "And none of the U.N.'s models predicted that."

The report also shows that despite a decline in the average global temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2) levels continue to climb, but not as fast as the U.N. predicted.

"And it's certainly only rising at about half of what the U.N. had predicted," Monckton adds. "That alone requires us to divide all of the U.N.'s forecasts for temperature change between now and the year 2100 by two -- you have to halve them."

According to Monckton, any warming gained by higher CO2 levels will be drowned out by natural climate variation. He also notes that the sun, which has a great effect on the weather, has entered an 11-year solar minimum, which is causing a cooling effect on the planet. †

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