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Fear of Swine Flu Mutating As City’s Death Toll Rises To 32 Total

Daily News (Link) - Oren Yaniv (June 24, 2009)

The number of swine flu deaths in the city climbed to 32, it was reported yesterday, as German scientists warned that the virus may be mutating into a more aggressive form.

The city's Health Department announced two more fatalities from the H1N1 virus, identifying the latest victims only as persons between the ages 25 and 65.

But the spread of the disease is declining, the department said, with fewer people coming to emergency rooms with flu-like symptoms.

Germany's federal agency for infectious diseases yesterday expressed concern about how the H1N1 virus was developing in Australia and South Africa.

"It's possible the virus has mutated," Joerg Hacker, head of the Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases, said in Berlin. "In autumn, the mutated form could spread to the northern hemisphere."

The director general of the World Health Organization, Dr. Margaret Chan, said recently the virus is currently "pretty stable," but can still take a more dangerous form. †

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