Report: 1/5 of EU will be Muslim by 2050

YNet News (Link) (August 9, 2009)

Telegraph says findings led to allegations that policy-makers failing to confront widespread challenges of 'demographic time bomb'.

Rising levels of immigration from Muslim countries and low birth rates among Europe's indigenous population means that by 2050 the total population of the 27 EU countries will be 20% Muslim, according to forecasts cited by the London-based Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

Data gathered by the Telegraph indicate that Britain, Spain and Holland will have an even higher proportion of Muslims in a shorter amount of time.

Last year the figure stood at 5%, the London-based daily reported.

The report said that Britain, which currently has 20 million fewer people than Germany, is also projected to be the EU's most populous country by 2060, with 77 million people.

"The findings have led to allegations that policy-makers are failing to confront the widespread challenges of the 'demographic time bomb'," the Telegraph said in its report.

The British daily quoted experts as saying that there has been a lack of debate on how the population changes will affect areas of life from education and housing to foreign policy and pensions.

"Although some polls have pointed to a lack of radicalization in the Muslim community, little attention is being given to the integration of migrants, it is claimed, with fears of social unrest in years to come," according to the report.

Excerpts from Islam: Cult of apartheid in the West by John Hartnett March 19, 2008:

"...the birth rate has fallen amongst Australian women since the introduction of the contraceptive pill in the 1960s. Though there was a slight increase1 between 2001 and 2005 it looks like it is now continuing to decrease. Also, the number of abortions performed in the country has reached unprecedented proportions. As of 2005, almost one in five Australian babies were killed by abortion�approximately 91,000 per year�according to federal government findings.

In 2006 Dana Vale, an Australian member of parliament, warned the nation that in 50 years time it would be a Muslim state.4 The reason is that both abortion and contraception are either prohibited or not recommended in Islam5 and so many immigrant Muslim women are having many more children than the average non-Muslim. ...

...Dana Vale took her information from an imam at one mosque in Sydney who claims that within half a century Australia will be a Muslim state. She is quoted as saying, �I did not believe him, but if we look at the birth-rate ... We are dying out of our own accord: every year about 100,000 abortions are registered. If this number [keeps increasing at its present rate] over the next fifty years, then we will only have 5 million [non-Muslim] Australians,� announced Vale.

So with declining non-Muslim birth rates throughout the Western world and massive abortion rates, the population balance is shifting from non-Muslim to Muslim. ...

There is debate on whether Islam or Europe will be the focus of fulfillment of Biblical end-time prophecy regarding the final kingdom that will rule the earth under the man of sin, or antichrist. It is my belief that Europe will be the center of the kingdom of the man of sin, but that Islam will play a big role in enforcement worldwide. For more, see my comments in the post, "Iran leaders pave way for messianic 'Mahdi'."