UN chief warns of 'incalculable' suffering without climate deal

Yahoo! News (Link) - AFP (August 17, 2009)

UN chief Ban Ki-moon warned Tuesday of "incalculable" human suffering if the world fails to reach a deal at crucial climate change talks this December.

The United Nations is orchestrating the talks in the Danish capital in hopes of securing an agreement to slash greenhouse gas emissions blamed for global warming.

"As we move toward Copenhagen in December, we must seal a climate change deal that secures our common future," Ban told an environmental forum in Incheon city west of Seoul.

The UN secretary general, who began a visit to his homeland Sunday, warned of catastrophes if the world fails to work out a deal.

Ban said unchecked climate change would intensify drought, floods and other natural disasters and bring water shortages and malnutrition -- aggravating tensions and social unrest and even sparking violence.

"The human suffering will be incalculable," Ban said.

He said he was confident the world could avert catastrophe but time was running out. "We have the power to change course but we must do it now."

Ban said industrialised countries should lead the way by committing to mid-term targets of cutting greenhouse gas emissions 25 to 40 percent below 1990 levels.

He urged developed countries to provide "sufficient, measurable and verifiable" technical and financial support to developing nations to achieve the common goal.

Ban also urged developing countries to take "measurable, reportable and verifiable" actions to reduce emissions.

"Any agreement must be fair, effective, equitable and comprehensive and based on science," he said. "Trust between developing and developed countries is essential."

Ban recalled that Incheon was the city where United Nations forces launched a daring landing in 1950 to turn the tide of the Korean War.

"Today we need to turn a different tide. The tide of climate change.... Together we truly can turn the tide once again here in Incheon," he said.

Ban, a former South Korean foreign minister, is on a 10-day private visit and returns to New York on August 18.

During his stay he plans to meet President Lee Myung-Bak, Prime Minister Han Seung-Soo and Foreign Minister Yu Myung-Hwan to discuss issues including climate change and the UN-South Korean partnership.

It seems this method of fear to hurry through an agenda furthering governmental control in becoming more common locally and on a global sphere. Whether healthcare reform, global warming, or the economic crisis; it seems the desire to move America and the world closer to the kind of global governance that will be in place during the fulfillment of Bible prophecy is well under way. Fear is a great tool to motivate change and with the idea of man-made global warming and others, a way to further unite the mindset of those who accept the premise since we are all in the same boat after all.

Personally, I cannot accept that man is the cause when Earth isn't the only planet warming and historically Earth's temperature has changed up and down before there were cars or industrial pollution. True localized pollution is bad, but warming the planet? Volcano eruptions produce more CO2 output than anything and volcanic activity is increasing as well as undersea ocean warming, which can have a great effect on ocean currents and therefore weather patterns. When solar activity has also been increasing over the past 100 years until just recently, it all comes together to paint a picture not of man-made global warming, but of natural cycles of earth changes.

I don't expect the governments to sincerely view or accept these facts because then they have not power to affect change as far as the population is concerned and it is much harder to further control and unite the population behind it. There's a lot of money to be made in going green. So don't expect it to go away, but rather to intensify as the earth changes do indeed continue and the move toward the fulfillment of Bible prophecy continues to it's foretold end. Keep watching!

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