Mainstream Media Fears Where Stories They Ignore May Lead

Big Hollywood (Link) - John Nolte (September 16, 2009)

Forget bias. Bias is officially the good ole� days. Bias is the warm memory of Mary Ellen Hickenlooper in the back seat of the family station wagon on a cloudless Fourth of July night. Oh, how we long for the Days of Bias when the world was young and full of rainbows and peppermint trees.

Damn that Charlie Gibson. After the 2008 election, I pinky-sweared to myself that I would never be amazed by the mainstream�s media�s behavior again. And I made it through so much � through Van Jones, ACORN, the Tea Parties and all the NEA revelations. Not being caught off guard by any of these non-stories was a victory, like winning a Decathlon � and then Charlie Gibson opens his mouth and it�s like celebrating the win only to have some judge tap you on the shoulder and point to the swimming portion.

Yesterday the anchor of a major network (ABC) consciously chose to try and look like an imbecile rather than have to answer why he wasn�t covering what so far ranks as the biggest story/scandal of the year. And I say �try and look like an imbecile� because the ruse didn�t work. You, me and anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows he wasn�t telling the truth about not knowing anything about the ACORN scandal. The Manhattan/Cocktail Party Bubble is immune to many things � humility, tolerance � but we�re supposed to believe a network news anchor went two or three days without hearing ACORN was fired by the U.S. Census Bureau?

Of course, we�re not supposed to believe that. �Incredulous� doesn�t begin to describe the nonsense that came out of Gibson�s mouth. But fear makes you do stupid things, and short of wetting his pants, Gibson proved that.

The Palace Guards are � terrified.

The Palace Guards know full well how the �narrative� works and each of the stories they�ve ignored at crippling expense to their own integrity and relevance represents what terrifies them most � a string that could unravel The Whole Thing.

A single serious tug on the Van Jones� string can only mean questions and more questions that cannot be answered without great harm to the White House and the Leftist agenda our media so desperately wants to see become law. Who vetted Jones? Who recommended him? Did they know about his past? Did the President know? Were the other Czars vetted (or not) in the same way? What�s to be found in the past of these Czars?

Best case scenario, the story swamps the White House and has them playing defense for a time � and this is an important time for a media eager to see the rest of us lose our health insurance. Worst case scenario (for those more enamored with socialism than government accountability), is that we learn Van Jones wasn�t an outlier and that unaccountable, un-vetted radicalism rules the West Wing�

The Perfect Storm, of course, is the laying of this same template over the NEA and ACORN stories.

So you bet they�re terrified. And who can blame them? If you were an ideologue willing to sell your legacy as a journalist down the river for a first love named Bloated Government you�d be terrified too.

And we should stop referring to them as the �Dinosaur Media.� That misses an important point. The dinosaurs didn�t extinguish themselves. They were victims of meteors or Flintstone-made global warming or something.

This is the Kamikaze Media.