Six Volcanoes Erupt in Russia

New Tang Dynasty Television (Link) (September 17, 2009) Video of text at link

Six volcanoes are currently erupting in Russia's remote Kamchatka region. Volcanologist Yaroslav Muraviyev says so much activity was last recorded 55 years ago. He says the number of eruptions is increasing all over the world.

[Yaroslav Muraviyev, Deputy Director of Science, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka Institute]:
"We have seen two, three, up to five volcanoes erupting simultaneously, but we have six volcanoes erupting this year and it is not just happening here, this is a global trend."

Despite the obvious dangers, there is mixed reaction among local people.

Olga Shepetovskaya says the volcanic ash improves her vegetables.

[Olga Shepetovskaya, Local Resident]:
"Some people are saying that this ash brings natural mineral fertilizers. When we first came here the snow was grey and everything was melting in spring time, fertilizing the soil. Just take a look around and you will see that the plants are flourishing at the bottom of the volcano."

Another villager sees the health hazards.

[Alexander Shepetovski, Local Resident]:
"This volcano was dangerous, we were breathing in the volcanic ash and it was harmful to our health but now the wind is blowing in the other direction."

But Anatoly Molchanov has gotten used to the risks.

[Anatoly Molchanov, Local Resident]:
"I don't worry too much about the volcano erupting or not, the main thing is to have time to run away."

With any luck he won't have to run away from his home any time soon.