Nasrallah: Eradicate cancerous Israel

YNet News (Link) - Roee Nahmias (September 18, 2009)

Hezbollah chief addresses followers in special speech marking end of Ramadan, 'al-Qods day,' slams moderate Arab nations seeking normalization with Israel. 'No one has any right to give away one inch of Palestinian land,' he says.

Hezbollah Chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah criticized moderate Arab nations which support normalization with Israel Friday, saying that Israel was "a cancer� a metastasis which must be eradicated."

In a speech given in honor of the last day of Ramadan and "al-Qods day," Nasrallah stressed that "normalization with Israel is forbidden according to the sage ones (of Shiite tradition). Palestine, from river to sea, in the property of the Palestinian nation.

"The Zionists have no right to the land and no one � Arab, Palestinian, Muslim or Christian � has any right to give away one inch of Palestinian land. The Israeli entity is aggressive, cancerous and illegal. No one is allowed to recognize its existence or pursue normalization with it."

The Hezbollah leader pointed out that his support of Palestinian groups correlates with his criticism of the moderate Arab forces, especially Egypt, calling on all to "support the Palestinian people and the Palestinian resistance � lift the siege they are under. You don�t have to supply them with arms, but let them smuggle them.

"If you don�t want to aid the Palestinian, Iran will," he continued, "But don�t give Israel information on the Palestinian tunnels, or on their leaders' whereabouts. Either support the Palestinian people, or let it be."

As for the chances of another war, Nasrallah aid that "if Israel will try to attack Lebanon in the future we will have to turn the threat into an opportunity�if we can run them to the ground and destroy them, if we can eliminate the Israeli army, what kind of future will Israel have in the region?"