'Israel behind Iran attack'

YNet News (Link) - Dudi Cohen (October 19, 2009)

After accusing the United States and Britain of involvement in the suicide attack that took place in south Iran on Sunday, the Islamic Republic on Monday claimed that Israel was also involved in the terror attack.

Five senior Revolutionary Guards commanders and 37 others were killed in the bombing.

Revolutionary Guard chief Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari said Monday that the Sunni rebel group, known as Jundallah, or Soldiers of God, is at work to disrupt security in Iran and he vowed to deliver a "crushing" response.

"New evidence has been obtained proving the link between yesterday's terrorist attack and the US, British and Pakistani intelligence services," state TV quoted Jafari as saying. "Evidence shows that US, British and Pakistani intelligence supported the group."

He said the attack was "undoubtedly" planned and ordered by the three nation's intelligence services and that a delegation would soon travel to Pakistan to present evidence.

When asked how those responsible for the attack would be punished, Jafari said, "The American and Israeli intelligence agencies are behind this. We must pay them back in order to punish them, and, God willing, we hope to be able to do so."

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the terrorist that carried out the attack are now hiding out in Pakistan, and said he had phoned his Pakistani counterpart and demanded the terrorists be extradited.