Leading Climate Scientist: Cap and Trade Could Ruin US Economy

Northern News Network (Link) (October 28, 2009)

As debate over climate change legislation heats up on Capitol Hill, the Director of the University of Montana�s Climate Change Studies Program, and a co-author of a Nobel Prize winning report, says cap and trade legislation could ruin the US economy.

During a Wednesday morning interview with statewide radio talk show host Aaron Flint on �Voices of Montana,� Dr. Steve Running said any climate change solution needs to involve all nations.

�We have to have all the major nations in agreement on future progress,� said Running.

Running is a co-author of the Nobel Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and founder of the Climate Change Studies program at the University of Montana. He added, �If the US passed a cap and trade and other countries did not, it wouldn�t work. It would ruin the US economy and it wouldn�t save the climate either. So this is a global issue, the global climate statistics are global in nature, global carbon emissions are global in nature, and we really have to have an international consensus of what to do. That is going to stretch our international diplomacy to its limit, there�s no doubt about that.�

Nonetheless, Running called on the United States to show leadership on the issue of addressing climate change, saying other countries will follow suit.

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October 28, 2009 - Dr. Steve Running