'In Next War, All Israel Will Be One Front'

Israel National News (Link) - Gil Ronen (November 4, 2009)

In the next war, missiles will rain down on all of Israel, Major General (ret.) Uzi Dayan, the former Head of Central Command and head of the National Security Council, told Arutz Sheva Wednesday. The discovery of the weapons shipment and the information provided Tuesday by Military Intelligence regarding a long range missile tested by Hamas prove yet again that in the next round of fighting, �all of Israel will be a single front,� he said.

�The IDF can chalk up a great achievement after using precise intelligence to take over a ship 200 km from Israeli territory,� Dayan said. He added sarcastically: �I think Judge Goldstone can write up another report against Israel, on how it dared to flout international law and take over a ship that was floating in international territorial waters, but we do not have to be concerned about that.�

�We need to protect ourselves because it is our basic right to live here. Whoever does not want to help us, let him at least be quiet when we defend ourselves,� he said.

Iran is continuing to beef up its outposts in the Middle East, Dayan explained. �The Iran-Syria axis continues to strengthen its northern outpost outside of Iran, the Hizbullah, and it wants to establish a similar array in Israel's south and we must not let that happen because then we will be in a complicated situation,� he warned.

The continued rearming of Hamas and Hizbullah stem from Israel's failures in the last wars, he added. �If you do not end a war with a military decision, then you need to continue to deal with the unsolved problem again and again. We should have brought Hizbullah to a collapse in the Second Lebanon War and we should have brought Hamas to a collapse in Cast Lead. We did not do that and now we have to deal with their continued rearming.�