Syria's statement at UN General Assembly debate on goldstone report

Syrian Arab News Agency (Link) - Mazen Eyon (November 6, 2009)

Syria's permanent representative to the United Nations Bashar al-Ja'afari said that the Syrian delegation has voted in favor of the decision adopted by the UN General Assembly today on holding the Israeli occupation authorities responsible for the crimes they perpetrated during the latest aggression on Gaza.

"Syria sees the member countries voting for that decision as a criterion of their credibility towards one of the important aspects in the work of the international organization," al-Ja'afari said in Syria's statement at the UN General Assembly debate on Goldstone report Thursday evening.

"There is no justification for any country not to vote in favor of that modest decision because the human duty and responsibility of the international organization, in the face of the Israeli crimes, impose this attitude," al-Ja'afari said, adding that allowing Israel to continue its violation of the human international law and the human rights law means that these countries have abandoned their responsibilities and gone far away in practicing double standard policy.

The statement said that conversing facts is a denying of peoples' right, living under occupation, to resist their occupiers, adding that Syria, along with a number of countries that share this certainty, will not accept to convert right to injustice or let oppression and killing defeat justice and law.

It urged the UN member countries to support that decision and bring the Israelis who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity to international justice.