Evil Times and Weak Leaders

Israel National News (Link) - Tamar Yonah (November 18, 2009)

The world has been spinning on path towards the redemption without our even being aware of it. We are so involved in our daily routines and family obligations, that we tend to live in microscopic worlds not bothering to take a step back out of the circle and examining what is happening on a larger scale. We are headed towards a 'Centralized One World Government' whether we like it or not.

Now, we can take it in stride and say that it is all for the best, as anyway, when the Messiah comes, the whole world will be united anyway, and this is just a step in that direction, albeit under the wrong idea of unity. What I am saying is, that when the world is united under the Moshiach (Messiah), it will be united under G-d, The Almighty, The Creator, and not united under the god of trade, security and prosperity promises, or the god of money. We are told that unity is good, but it depends what people unite under. People can unite under a swastika, a red backed hammer and sickle, ...or under G-d. So it DOES depend on what people choose to come together for. A New World Order, or a One World Government, or the new 'Trans-Nationalism' (hear this show I just did with John Loeffler) being touted today as the enlightened and sexy thing to do, is a recipe for disaster because essentially, we are united under evil.

Perhaps it's natural for mankind to constantly want to build a Tower of Babel and de-throne G-d from the heavens and take over, throwing G-d's laws aside and instead choosing to be the 'masters of their own destiny', but you'd think after thousands of years, we'd know better.

One person who was able to cut through the matrix and see the future, not necessarily as a prophet, but from common sense and a keen eye to applying the Torah's lessons to today's reality, was Rabbi Meir Kahane z"l.

(I want to thank here, Eddie, from the virtual studio for playing this video after my show. I watched and asked him where it was posted on the internet and then I would post it on the blog for others to view as well. Thanks Eddie.)

Where are our true leaders today and why can't they be honest, truthful and straightforward like we need them to be? Are they ALL sold out? Even today, at the request of the U.S. Obama administration, our leaders kowtowed to American pressure to not give a memorial speech in our own Knesset, for Rabbi Kahane. What's it Obama's business on what we do domestically (rehtorical, because I know it is to not wake people up to the suicidal 'peace process' they want shoved down our throats.) and what makes our puny leadership today acquiesce to this pressure? It's pathetic, and we are living in evil times with weak leadership. Take a listen...

The first 6 minutes or so is an intro. You may forward the video ahead for the direct interview with Rabbi Kahane.