Turkey To Israel: Cross Our Airspace To Bomb Iran & We Will Respond Like An Earthquake

Political Theatrics (Link) (December 8, 2009)

The following has been translated from its original Arabic by the site administrator. (See link above for original source)

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan stated that if Israel crossed over into Turkey�s airspace in order to bomb Iran then their answer to Israel shall be like that of an �earthquake.�

Erdogan�s response was due to a question, in an interview with Lebanese newspaper �Al Safir,� over information indicating that Israel had violated Turkish airspace in the process of spying against Iran.

Erdogan continued, saying that certainly �the information [stating that Israel was using their airspace to spy on Iran] is incorrect,� but he stated that, �if Israel did so, they will receive a response equal to that of an earthquake.�

He also said it was not reasonable that Israel went to Gaza and �swept� the population and later had the audacity to believe that they would still be permitted to train with Turkish defense forces after they have wrought havoc on the Gaza Strip.

�We, the elected government, came into being due to the will of our people. We cannot then challenge the feelings of the Turkish people, who were greatly effected by what happened during that aggression on Gaza. Our respect for the sentiment of the Turkish people played a decisive role in the background of our decision in refusing to conduct exercise �Anatolian Eagle.�

Furthermore, the Israeli�s cannot use the relationship they have with us that is declared on paper in order to hit Iran and we will not stand neutral or with folded hands.�

�He said that most worry about in the Palestinian issue now is to develop the Gaza Strip�, which Turned into a big prison open, everyone stands idly by and indifferent to it. Which should not be Silence him, not only by the countries of the region, but also by the civilized world that respects Human rights.� He described Israel�s war on Gaza as �aggression,� he is a crime against humanity in all its Standards, where Israeli forces used white phosphorus against civilians.

He said that �after the aggression, which led to the destruction of Gaza: killing 1,500 of its people and wounding 5,000, a meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh had been agreed in order to rebuild what was destroyed. And there had been millions of dollars dedicated to help rebuild the strip, but the decision was not implemented. The ruins of Gaza have remained unchanged. Worse still; the blockade continues to deprive all basic needs of the people. I have heard that they have had to use the tunnels for the smuggling sheep in order to celebrate Eid al-Adha.�

This is a desperate situation and inhumane situation requires special effort in order to better treat it, so it was natural to include a list of the agenda of the visit �which is currently in Washington.� Erdogan added that there are other items which occupy his mind in this context -The first is that the cessation of settlement activity by Israel which is a necessary condition to return to peace negotiations. And second, Erdogan says that they will do their part in mediating between Israel and Syria. He has, so far, held five rounds of negotiations between the two parties.

In response to a question about the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wherein the Israeli PM made clear that he was no longer assured of the mediation capability of Turkey in this regard, and preferred the mediation of France, Erdogan replied:

�We wish to mediate between both parties, and if we receive this desire will again respond to them. If Netanyahu does not wish for us to mediate, then we will not� Nor will Turkey pressure Israel into accepting them as a mediator.

Erdogan mentioned that Turkey had made a deal 7 years ago in order buy a non-pilot aircraft but, �this [deal] has not been fulfilled by the government of Tel Aviv� and as a result Turkey had to lease an aircraft due to necessity.

Israel still has the remainder of 40 days to fulfill the deal and �if [after the 40 days] they do not fulfill the contract made over the unmanned airplane we will declare the agreement void.�

Al Safir asked whether or not Iran would be a topic of interest during Erdogan�s visit to Washington wherein he replied by saying that, �it would not be strange to bring up Iran during the trip to Washington� he continued to point out that the �understanding between Turkey and Iran has come a long way in containing many things surrounding the two countries� and noted that they were becoming the most influential nations in the region, and the volume of imports and exports between the nations was, as of now, 10 Billion dollars. There was an expressed hope that it will rise to 30 billion within a short period of time.

The �two countries are in a position of great significance in the Middle East� Erdogan stated, �without any direct intervention with either nations internal affairs.�