Copenhagen: Never Waste A Good Crisis

The Hal Lindsey Report (Link) - Hal Lindsey (December 11, 2009)

 The UN�s Conference on Climate Change got underway this week in Copenhagen, Denmark. With thousands of delegates from most of the world�s nations and more than 100 heads of state due to make appearances, this conclave has a sense of urgency about it not even seen at the opening of the United Nations.

The �Climategate� scandal seems to have added fuel to the fire. The conference organizers realize they have to ram their agenda through before it�s too late. Even the conference president acknowledged this in her opening remarks. Connie Hedegaard, former Danish Climate and Energy Minister, said, �This is our chance. If we miss it, it could take years before we got a new and better one. If we ever do.� That sounds a lot like US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announcing at the European Union that our government was taking advantage of the global economic crisis to ram home massive changes under the guise of responding to the emergency. She actually said, �Never waste a good crisis.�

If the Administration gets its way, we�ll see massive increases in the cost of all fossil fuel energy. It�s an open secret that the government wants the price of gasoline to hit $8.00 per gallon. That, in turn, will drive the price of everything that requires energy, including manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, heating and cooling, through the roof. Copenhagen is all about controlling the world�s energy sources, then being able to dictate how that energy will be distributed -- and taxed. Many strategically-placed individuals (Al Gore and George Soros come to mind), government officials (too long a list here), political parties (take a guess), corporations (GE is leading the pack), and science institutions and universities (as well as the scientists who receive huge government grants for coming up with the goods) will grow massively wealthy as a result. But, trust me, none of it will filter down to you and me. In fact, we�ll be the ones paying the new taxes to enrich these parties and many of the �underdeveloped� countries in the world.

You know, it�s ironic that some of the underdeveloped nations in Africa that depend on income from their oil sales will be hurt by the drive to eliminate fossil fuels as an energy source. I suppose that�s why the �developed� countries will be expected to replace that lost income. It�s sort of like the Obama Administration demanding that Israel freeze settlement construction in the West Bank. A freeze puts thousands of Palestinians out of work in the construction business. Come to think of it, the Administration�s policies will do the same thing right here in America. At least they�re consistent!

I believe that what we are now witnessing in �Hopenhagen� is perhaps the most concrete step toward a one-world bureaucratic regime in recent history. And it could reduce some of the world�s most prosperous nations to the level of third world countries.

To give our President some bargaining clout in Copenhagen, the Environmental Protection Agency this week declared �greenhouse gases,� most notably carbon dioxide, a public health hazard. This allows the EPA to regulate it -- read that �tax it� and �outlaw it� -- under the Clean Air Act. The Supreme Court had ruled that the Administration had to go back to Congress for that authority. No longer. This declaration by the EPA, just in time for Copenhagen, is almost a criminal circumvention of the Constitution. The Agency has already begun developing permit requirements for �carbon dioxide pollution.� And I�m sure those permits will cost a pretty penny.

Oh, yeah. Just in case you don�t know, carbon dioxide is what we humans breathe out. Plants breathe it in and make oxygen. So I guess that means we�ll now be taxing air!

As I reported in the last couple of shows, The International Atomic Energy Agency recently found traces of highly enriched plutonium at the Syrian nuclear site bombed by Israel in 2007. Now, the IAEA has confirmed that the uranium used to separate the plutonium is of Iranian origin. This plant had quite an international flavor: North Korea, Iraq, Iran, and Syria all contributed to its development. Of course, the United States still isn�t sure if this is quite enough evidence to warrant getting tougher on Iran. I suppose a nuclear warhead detonated over Tel Aviv or one of our massive US military installations in the Middle East will be the �smoking gun� the Administration is looking for.

The Supreme Court announced it will hear the appeal of a Christian student group at the University of California�s Hastings School of Law. The school required the Christian organization to accept practicing gay and lesbian students even though their lifestyle was in direct conflict with the scriptural tenets of the organization. Funny, you never hear about gay rights activists suing to be accepted into Muslim groups. I think I know why.

This week, Iran�s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that Iran has documented proof that we have devised plans to prevent the coming of the Mahdi because we �know that the Iranian nation is the one that will prepare the grounds for his coming and will be the supporters of his rule.� Has he been watching �The Hal Lindsey Report?� And some people accuse me of just making this stuff up!

Finally, I�ll have a few thoughts on how Copenhagen may fit into the drive to a one-world government foretold by the Bible prophets.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey