Arctic ice was pushed out, rather than melted

Herald Sun (Link) - Andrew Bolt (February 21, 2010)

Serial alarmist Marian Wilkinson on the ABC�s Four Corners hailed the big Arctic melt of 2007 as evidence the world was heating disastrously and man was to blame:

If you want to see climate change happening before your eyes, scientists will tell you: �Go to the end of the earth�, and that�s why we�re here, in the Arctic Circle.

Wilkinson never explained why the end of the earth we had to go to for evidence was the top, and not the bottom, where sea ice was actually increasing:


Nor has she been back to tell us that the Arctic has since increased its ice cover:


And here�s one more thing she might now need to add - that part of that big melt of 2007 was caused not so much by a warmer world melting that ice where it lay, but, NASA now concedes, but by currents pushing the ice down to warmer seas:

In 2007, the Arctic lost a massive amount of thick, multiyear sea ice, contributing to that year�s record-low extent of Arctic sea ice. A new NASA-led study has found that the record loss that year was due in part to the absence of �ice arches,� naturally-forming, curved ice structures that span the openings between two land points. These arches block sea ice from being pushed by winds or currents through narrow passages and out of the Arctic basin.

NASA does still insist this makes its claims of future warming apocalypse more credible, but its concession at least complicates the simple story Wilkinson tried to sell us about some 2007 heat wave blitzing the Arctic.