Arab countries establish their own EU and are ready to integrate Turkey and Iran

ABC.AZ (Link) (March 29, 2010)

The Arab states received the proposal made by Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh for creation of an �Arab union,� an analogue of the European Union (EU).

The Statement of the XXII Summit of the League of Arab States says that the Arab leaders endorsed establishment of quadrilateral commission to draw up a document on improvement of joint activity. The commission includes heads of Lybia, Egypt, Qatar, Iraq and Yemen and LAS secretary general.

The document to be prepared by the commission will be presented for consideration of Arab countries� foreign ministers and already this September or October an extraordinary Arab summit will discuss the ready plan.

Besides, the Arab leaders also decided to focus in details on the proposal of LAS secretary general Amra Mussa for creation of an organization to unite the Arab world with its neighbours � Iran and Turkey.

The League unites 21 countries and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

The seven founding members of the League; Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan and Yemen signed an agreement establishing it at a conference in Cairo on March 22, 1945. The Headquarters of the pan-Arab organization is located in Cairo.

The LAS summits take place annually.

In March 2005, at a summit in Algiers, a transitional pan-Arab parliament, which has advisory functions, was created.

Currently, all Arab countries each appoint four deputies, but it is planned that in future they will be elected. The headquarters will be located in the Syrian capital Damascus. The Arab countries are also trying to implement a major project to create a single customs zone.