Border incidents fall on deaf ears

One News Now (Link) - Chad Groening (April 13, 2010)

The head of an organization advocating for reduced immigration says the Obama administration seems willing to ignore the plight of ranchers near the Mexican border who face the constant threat of property damage or even death from the invasion of illegal immigrants.

As reported earlier on OneNewsNow, Arizona rancher Robert Krentz was recently found shot to death on his property. Officials suspect the perpetrator was an illegal alien who made his way back across the border, and Arizona Attorney General has suggested the murder may have been carried out by someone attached to the drug cartels in the area.

Roy Beck, founder and president of Numbers USA, says it is unfortunate that the mainstream media does not report on much of the violence that happens along the border.

�I do think that there�s a lot more than we hear about,� he remarks. �I mean, this Robert Krentz murder [has] hardly gotten any publicity outside of the Internet circles. The other thing that happens is that our Border Patrol [officers] are getting fired upon far more often than we hear about. They�re constantly encountering people in Mexican military uniforms.�

Beck says even if those individuals are drug cartel members posing as military, the U.S. should be using its military to deal with incursions of our border. �We should be using military to help bolster the efforts of the Border Patrol,� he emphasizes. �The other thing is, the Border Patrol could do a lot better if [Homeland Security Secretary] Janet Napolitano would allow it.�

But Beck says the Obama administration is not willing to do all it can to shut down the border and those who cross over illegally and trample over the property of people like Robert Krentz -- sometimes with tragic results.