2,000 Year Old Hebrew Love Scroll Found At Qumran

Temple Mount Faithful (Link) (July 8, 2010)

It is so special and certainly not an accident that at this very critical time of godly redemption of the people and land of Israel, when G‑d is rebuilding His Kingdom together with His chosen people, Israel is discovering numerous and very exciting archaeological artifacts from the biblical era. Each one of them is a message from the G‑d of Israel and a testimony from our forefathers calling Israel to not allow the Land of Israel and especially Jerusalem to fall again or to be divided.

Israel recently discovered among the Qumran scrolls in the Judean Desert a Hebrew scroll more than 2,000 years old containing a poem that describes deep and profound love for Jerusalem. The poem was written by a Jew during the Second Temple period, using the same Hebrew script that is in use today. Again, it is not an accident that it was found close to the time when Israel celebrated her 62nd anniversary. What is even more exciting is the fact that this poem of love, written to Zion and Jerusalem, is so similar to the national anthem of Israel, Ha Tikvah (The Hope). Both poems are speaking about the eternal hope of Israel to again be a free nation in Zion and Jerusalem.

The ancient poem describes, in very meaningful and emotional words, the great love of the Jewish people for Jerusalem and the hope of the redemption of Jerusalem, which in those days was controlled by the Romans. I will attempt to translate all the lines in the poem which were written in Hebrew in alphabetical order. Each time the poet used the word Zion, he was referring to Jerusalem. The term Zion is the most important godly name given to the Temple Mount and throughout time it also became the name for Jerusalem and also the name for the Land of Israel. The Zionist movement of our time derived its name from the biblical term Zion:

א I will mention you �O Zion� with a blessing.
ב With all my might, I love you; blessed forever will be your memory.
ג Great is the hope for you, O Zion, peace and salvation is soon to come to you.
ד Generation after generation will dwell in you,
ה Those who desire the day of your salvation will rejoice in your awesome glory.
ו And generations of the righteous
ז Will suck up the beauty of your glory and honor and in the streets they will glorify you.
ח The grace of your prophets O Jerusalem is unforgettable and by the deeds of your righteous you are glorified.
ט Evil, lies and injustice were cut out of you.
י Your children will rejoice in you and those who love you will follow you.
כ O Zion, so many hoped for your salvation and continually mourned for you.
ל Your hope will never be lost O Zion and you will never be forgotten.
מ Justice will save you while evil will hurt,
נ Every person is judged by his behavior and according to his deeds will be rewarded.
ס Your enemies all around, O Zion, were cut off and those who hate you will be scattered.
ע The fragrance of your goodness, O Zion, is pleasant, it blesses all the earth.
פ Forever O Jerusalem you are a blessing, with all of my heart I bless you.
צ Eternal justice dwells in you, O Zion, blessings of honorable ones are upon you.
ק Visions were spoken in you and dreams of prophets designed you.
ר Be exalted and boundless, O Zion.
ש Praise the Most High, your Redeemer.
ת My soul rejoices in your glory, O Zion.

It is so special and exciting that 2,000 years after this beautiful poem was written in Qumran, the national anthem of Israel was composed by Naphtali Hertz Imber with such similar content, emotion and deep love towards Jerusalem as is found within the Qumran love poem. It shows that the chain of great love of the Jewish people for Jerusalem and Zion, the heart and soul of Israel, continued for thousands of years and caused the words of Ha Tikva to be so similar to the love poem from Qumran. Both poems show in such an extraordinary way the unique love of the Jewish people for G‑d�s eternal capital where the G‑d of Israel dwells.

Ha Tikva

�As long as deep in the heart
The soul of a Jew yearns,
And towards the East
An eye looks to Zion

Our hope is not yet lost
The hope of two thousand years.
To be a free people in our land
The land of Zion and Jerusalem.�

The unique love and faithfulness of the people Israel for their godly capital continued for 4,000 years and never ceased even throughout the period when the Jewish people were exiled from Jerusalem and the Promised Land. This is an incomparable depth of love for a city that you will not find among any other nation. How can we explain this deep love and connection of the Jewish people with Jerusalem? There is only one answer. The G‑d of Israel, the Father and Creator of the Jewish people, chose to dwell in Jerusalem among His people in the Holy Temple that the children of Israel built for Him, and glorified to be the most beautiful building in the world, both physically and spiritually, when they answered His call, �Build me a Temple and I will dwell among you� (Exodus 25:8).

Millions of Jews during biblical times sacrificed their lives to protect their beloved capital when enemies attempted to occupy or destroy Jerusalem. They preferred to die on the walls of Jerusalem and to protect the Holy Temple and the city of their beloved and Almighty G‑d. They knew that they would give their lives for their beloved Father and G‑d and that without Jerusalem there would be no meaning for their lives. Even in the exile, when millions of Jews were persecuted or murdered by the Inquisition, they died with the name of their G‑d and the name of His city Jerusalem on their lips.

The Arab-Islamic enemies of Israel today, with the support of most of the world, direct all their efforts to rob Jerusalem from Israel. They know that Israel cannot exist without Jerusalem and they believe that through the taking of Jerusalem from Israel they can eliminate Israel from the map of the world. They have illusions and do not know that the G‑d of Israel is in Jerusalem and He will not allow them to rob or destroy Jerusalem ever again. G‑d put His Shekina and His Name in Jerusalem to be His capital and the capital of His people Israel forever. The judgment of G‑d upon them is soon to come.

I am calling everyone in the world who has evil plans towards Jerusalem, the capital of the G‑d and people of Israel, to read both the love poem from Qumran and the �Ha Tikva� and to read carefully this article. Maybe it will allow them to realize that all their evil plans pertaining to the Holy Temple Mount, Jerusalem and every part of the Holy Land of Israel are mere illusions that will soon become a boomerang of G‑d�s judgment.

At this critical hour we again feel the need to share that in these days Israel is lifting her eyes, face and heart to heaven to the G‑d of Israel. We know, as always, that salvation for Israel will come from the beloved G‑d of Israel, Who will fight together with His faithful Israeli soldiers that are ready to fight against the many enemies of the G‑d and people of Israel, and to sacrifice everything when it is needed for Him, for His people, for His Land, and for the betterment of mankind throughout the world.

In G‑d we trust!!

A call of appreciation to the wonderful lovers and friends of Israel and the Temple Mount Faithful Movement for standing and helping us during such critical times.

From the bottom of our hearts we again want to send these few words of love to the many, many friends and lovers of Israel and the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement who are all over the world and are standing strongly with Israel and her Faithful Movement of G‑d at this time of darkness. We feel, and we know that by this and by your good hearts, you have touched the heart of G‑d and were chosen by Him from all the nations to have an important part in His end-time plans. You are carrying the torch of light at this time of darkness and you give hope to the entire world. The G‑d of the people of Israel will never forget what you are doing for the people of G‑d in a time when it is so needed. Soon we shall stand hand-in-hand in the rebuilt Temple of G‑d in Jerusalem and we shall thank Him for the great privilege that He gave us to serve Him and His end-time plans at such a major godly time. Thank you again and again so much for all of this and for who you are!

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement wants to again thank all of you who stand with the Faithful Movement both spiritually and practically with such great faithfulness and love. At this special time the Faithful Movement is fulfilling an important part and role which is in the midst of all these end-time events that are increasingly focused on the Temple Mount and Jerusalem. From this most holy place starts all the godly end-time events and here they will soon be completed, when G‑d will dwell in His rebuilt Temple, among His people Israel and among all humanity. For this and for making Israel again a biblical nation with a biblical mission, the Faithful Movement is dedicated.