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Turkey Security Chiefs Cite Israel as National Threat

The Media Line (Link) (October 31, 2010)

In a new national security assessment, Turkey�s National Security Council (NSC) has cited Israeli policies as a new �major threat� to the country. The new assessment removes Iran, Syria, Bulgaria, Georgia and Armenia from the list of countries that pose a threat to the Turkey, which belongs to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Greece, Ankara�s long-time foe and fellow NATO member, retained its status as a threat. The Turkish NSC�s �Red Book,� also known as its �secret constitution,� warned that Israel�s policies could lead to a regional arms race. Analysts have said Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, who leads a mildly Islamic Party, may be using the Red Book as a means of convincing his secular nationalist opponents into adopting his hostile attitude toward Israel. �

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