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�N. Korea may have sold nuke technology to Iran, Syria�

The Jerusalem Post (Link) (November 9, 2010)

A UN report suggesting that North Korea might have supplied Iran, Syria and Myanmar with banned nuclear technology could be published on the Security Council�s North Korea sanctions committee website on Tuesday prior to being reviewed by the Council, Reuters reported.

The report has been in the committee�s possession since May but was not published or passed to the Council in line with standard procedures because of objections from China.

The Security Council will now be able to review the seventy-five page document and consider any action deemed necessary against North Korea as a result of its findings.

According to Reuters, the report states there is reason to believe North Korea is supplying the banned technology. The six-month delay in getting the potentially damning report to the council for a ruling, they say, is �emblematic of China�s increasingly self-confident approach to international diplomacy as it seeks to protect states like North Korea to which it has close ties.�

The panel reportedly felt cause for concern in North Korea�s �continuing involvement in nuclear and ballistic missile related activities in certain countries including Iran, Syria and Myanmar.�

Last week, said Reuters, China did not voice any objections when all Security Council members were asked about the report�s progression, thus allowing it to finally proceed. �

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