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Syrian FM warns of war with �peace evading� Israel

The Jerusalem Post (Link) (November 26, 2010)

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem on Friday warned of the consequences that a war with Israel could entail.

In an interview with Russian newspaper Moscow News, Moallem said �there is no doubt that closing the horizons to peace may lead to a possible war. This option always exists in our region, as Israel usually outrageously evades the commitment to peace.�

�I want to stress that a new war will not result in a winner and loser,� the Syrian foreign minister added. �Everyone will lose because the existing advanced military technology can cause great damage, even for the side with huge military power.�

Moallem told the paper that �the negotiations on the Syrian channel are possible as far as we are concerned if there is a partner which seeks peace, however this does not exist at the moment.�

�The negotiations must take into account a full return to the Golan up to the June 4 1967 border. This matter is not negotiable, and is the basis for a dialogue on the other issues stemming from it,� the Syrian foreign minister added. �

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