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Who Shut Off the Lights? Bring Back the Incandescent Lightbulb

Big Government (Link) - Adam Sparks (February 8, 2011)

The enviros have succeeded in destroying both the environment and jobs with their radical legislative successes. First, it was their complete stranglehold on our nation�s energy policy: no new nuclear plants, a complete ban on exploring for natural gas domestically or for drilling for oil near our coasts. This forced us into the more hazardous and more expensive deep water drilling. This time they�ve succeeded with the outlawing of the lowly light bulb. The incandescent light bulb, the one Thomas Alva Edison invented in 1879, will be put to death in the US due to federal energy regulations. A law passed quietly in 2007 will be phased in next year with the final sales of incandescents occurring in 2014. Don�t blame Obama, this was done under George W. Bush�s watch.

The liberals, who always cry for �choice,� don�t want to give the American consumer choice in choosing light bulbs. They�re apparently only pro-choice with baby killing. Otherwise, they will tell you just how to live your life, thank you. The banning of the incandescent light bulb meant that General Electric, the largest maker of light bulbs, had to close all their plants in the US. The last factory closed in Winchester, VA. in September of last year.  The jobs are now all in China. They�re the largest makers of the compact fluorescent bulbs, CFLs.  They�re not made here, in part, because they�re too hazardous.

Ironically, the CFL�s contain mercury, a highly toxic substance. A broken bulb can create an environmental nightmare and according to Scientific American at least one case of mercury poisoning has been linked to these bulbs.

Toxic cleanup crews may be necessary to contain a broken light bulb. I guess this is what the enviros mean by creating more �green jobs.� Cleaning up the mess that they�ve foisted on the American people through advocacy of their radical legislation. First, we ban imports of lead in Chinese toys and now this: forcing Americans to buy toxic light bulbs from the Chinese at the expenses of American jobs and consumer safety? What kind of insanity is this?

Congressmen Ted Poe, R-Texas got up on the house floor to give a hilarious step by step explanation of EPA rules on how to dispose of a broken CFL. Suffice it to say, you�ll cry if you don�t laugh.  You practically need to hire a hazmat team.  The process is a convoluted and expensive nightmare. Rep. Poe also makes the most impassioned and articulate plea for overturning this legislation.

Fortunately, there�s hope on the horizon. The new chairman of the House Energy Committee, Michigan Republican Rep. Fred Upton, promised to re-examine this ban on the incandescent.  Let�s just hope Representatives Fred Upton and Ted Poe along with their GOP house can keep the lights on for us. �