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UFO sightings in 2011 break records worldwide for flying saucer craze

Huliq (Link) - Dave Masko (February 13, 2011)

It�s stood the test of time, and other than Roswell, the �flying saucer craze� that began here in McMinnville in 1950, and continues today with UFO evidence �lighting-up Cairo and Jerusalem,� is breaking records already in 2011 for more UFO sightings than at any time in human history.

�Now that things have calmed down in Cairo�s Tahrir Square, there may be time to investigate recent UFO activities seen over Cairo and over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem,� state confirmed reports out of the Egyptian Mail, Le Progres Egyptien, the Middle East Times and other newspapers and media that serve this region.

In fact, local witnesses told Egypt�s �Nilesat� TV that UFOs are �lighting-up Cairo and Jerusalem.�

Thus far in 2011, there�s been more UFO sightings worldwide in just �these first 44 days of the new year than at any time in previous years,� say a host of well-known optical physicists and prominent UFO investigators in the United States, at the European Union, in China, Russia, Australia and the Middle East.

McMinnville�s �Project Grudge� lead the way

Here in McMinnville, a place best known today for its Oregon wine and a rural get-away for those who live in busy Portland (located about 35 miles southwest of Portland), there�s just one word that locals use to describe their famous UFO sighting � �Mesmerizing.�

�You look back at May 11, 1950, and remember what happened at the Trents� farm down the road 10 miles out of town and you say it�s mesmerizing for sure,� says local UFO guide William �Bill� Manuel who says the experience of seeing a UFO � and this retired fireman says he sees them on a �regular basis� � is akin to what it must feel like �when you die.�

�I read that dying is akin to diving into a deep lake on a hot day. There�s the shock of that sharp cold change, the pain of it for a second and then accepting is a swim in reality. That sums up what I feel when viewing them up in the sky,� says Manuel as the vein in his forehead swelled like a thick, black snake.

In fact, UFO-focused tourists say a visit to the hallowed ground that is the location of the old Trent farm is just that �mesmerizing,� as Manuel says it is during one of his accounts of what went down more than 50 years ago.

�Evelyn Trent said she spotted a �metallic disc-shaped aircraft hovering in the northeast sky. It was silver and bronze colored, with a tapered shape, a flat bottom, and a protruding, antenna like structure on top.� Evelyn called for her husband Paul to take a picture,� explained Manuel.

Moreover, this McMinnville UFO guide produced copies of 1950 stories from the McMinnville Telephone-Register and Portland Oregonian newspapers that detail how an official U.S. government investigation was launched after this UFO sighting and after McMinnville was dubbed �Saucerville� by national media.

McMinnville, home to quirky Linfield College and the Evergreen Aviation Museum that features numerous local UFO artifacts, this story grew huge after the government �confiscated the negatives from the local McMinnville newspaper of the Trents� UFO pictures.�

A formal investigation of McMinnville UFO sighting was called �Project Grudge,� that to this day still remains the �gold standard for confirmed sightings.� In fact, the photos taken by Paul Trent (*he took two images on that fateful night) are among the most thoroughly analyzed in UFO history.

�The Trents� were impeccable witnesses, and no evidence of a hoax has been found,� said the famed UFO expert at the time, Dr. Bruce Maccabee.

It was Maccabee who served as a chief investigator of the Trent photos. And, it�s Maccabee�s endorsement of the photos� authenticity that�s made McMinnville �the Roswell of the North,� added Manuel who points to �tens of thousands of tourists who come to McMinnville each year to visit the sighting location at the Trent farm.�

UFO debunkers and believers argue for proof

Other than the Roswell �flying saucer crash� in Roswell, New Mexico, on July 2, 1947, McMinnville is one of those fascinating locations in UFO lore that opens and even skeptical mind.

For instance, McMinnville�s UFO community � that includes several members of the Oregon UFO �watchers� group that�s active on the central Oregon coast at known UFO sighting areas as Bray�s Point and Stonefield Beach � states a belief that there exists in the heavens worldwide, a true physical phenomenon that appears to be under intelligent control.�

Moreover, the view that UFOs are of �extraterrestrial origin� is a rational one and must be taken into account by world governments.

Already, leading international scientists and detailed UFO reports � by the United States, Great Britain, France, Russia, China and other world governments and that include detailed analysis over 50 years�are calling on the United Nations to review �all UFO evidence� and produce a �systematic scientific investigation� to make first contact now.

However, there�s real concern addressed in Project Blue Book and other official U.S. and foreign government reports that �UFOs can affect national security.�

Thus, a defense view has been taken and that�s why � say UFO experts � Roswell, McMinnville and other UFO �hot spots� are still not within the mainstream of what the general public is �ready to believe.� �

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