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IDF Report: Hezbollah Preparing for War on Israel

CBN News (Link) (April 1, 2011)

The Israeli Defense Forces released information Thursday documenting that Hezbollah is preparing for war.

Since the end of the Second Lebanon War in the summer of 2006, the terrorist group has entrenched itself deeply in 270 villages throughout southern Lebanon.

Uzi Rubin, Israel�s foremost missile expert, told CBN News the threat to the Jewish state was �severe.�

�Those bunkers are not in population centers just by mistake,� Rubin said. �The idea here is to attack Israeli population centers from Hezbollah population centers, to attack our population centers in order to terrorize and discourage us and to fire from their population centers in order to use them as a human shield.�

IDF intelligence estimates the Iranian proxy has constructed some 550 bunkers stocked with a variety of weapons, 300 underground facilities, and 100 weapons warehouses for missiles, rockets, and other war materiel.

Like Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Hezbollah has constructed its terror infrastructure adjacent to schools, hospitals, and private residences.

The IDF Northern Command reports that the number of Hezbollah terrorists has doubled since 2006.

Since the end of the war nearly five years ago, Hezbollah has acquired more than 40,000 rockets from Iran and Syria. In the southern Lebanese village of al Khiyam, hundreds of missiles, rockets, and mortar shells are being readied for the next war with Israel.

About 100 Hezbollah terrorists work in al Khiyam, where Special Forces are training for combat with IDF troops.

All of Hezbollah�s terror activities in southern Lebanon are in violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701, issued on August 12, 2006 with the U.N.-brokered ceasefire.

Hezbollah fired more than 4,000 rockets on northern Israel in the Second Lebanon War, which began on July 12 and ended on August 14, 2006. �

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