New Life

Please enjoy this selection of music as you browse the website.

I began writing the music in this album in 1997. The sum of my work is my little dedication to my Creator and Savior, Yeshua who has been there to guide me to my destiny in Him, even when I keep trying my own way.

Winter Morning

This is the first song that I wrote. It is the most basic one and the one most people I've talked to enjoyed the most.


I found a cool cello sound font and started playing around with it on the keyboard. I started recording one track and the rest started to fall into place.

A Night Alone

This song kind of struck me as a relaxing little piece that you would want to listen to by yourself. I was later told that it was kind of sad. It wasn't my intention, but I can see where that comes from.

Life's Little Adventures

The French Trumpet sound always reminded me of the foxhunt. I started playing around with this sound an came up with this piece. It seemed kind of adventurous and it was short so the name came from that.

New Life

This is the second song that I wrote and used a sound font called new life. I felt that it fit so I used it in the name of the song.

These Precious Moments

This song was written in a few days and was centered around the idea of enjoying what you have because nothing on earth lasts forever.

Visions of the Future

I was trying to copy the music of another song and learn how to play it when this piece kind of formed. Like most of my music, I had a hard time starting out and finishing it, but I liked the fast beat to it.

A Day In The Sun

This song was begun a while ago and I was going to go back and work on it some more. It is pretty close to finished for now so I just wanted to post it with the other music here.


Faith Building

My compositions