News for January 11, 2005

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Storms Batter Calif.; Ohio Faces Flooding - More rain on Monday doused Southern California, where a toddler drowned after being wrenched from her mother's grasp by a raging flood, a homeless man was killed by a landslide and a man was carried two miles down a swollen river before being rescued.

The whole West coast is getting nailed with harsh weather recently.

Storms bring record snowfall in Reno Seattle Times

3 Killed, 15 Homes Crushed by Tons of Rain-Soaked Mud Steve Quayle

Is anything mightier than the Sword? Steve Quayle - 120 lb robot small enough to take on the battlefield. Reminiscent of T1 from Terminator films.

“The Five Angels of the Continents” Steve Quayle - An intriguing prophecy from 1998. I recommend reading it keeping in mind it was from 1998.

Iapetus moon bulges at equator - The Cassini spacecraft's flyby of Saturn's moon Iapetus has revealed a bizarre geological feature in its images: a bulging ridge at its equator.