News for January 13, 2005

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Increasing Western Media Concern about Chaotic Global Weather, Earthquakes and Meteor Explosions in Atmosphere - The title says it all, but there is a lot more written in the article

Water Depths in Malacca Straits Altered - KUALA LUMPUR (PTI) - The northern section of one of the world’s busiest shipping channels, the Straits of Malacca, may have had its draught altered by several meters in the aftermath of the December 26 sub-sea earthquake, according to reports. The reports said water depths in parts of the Straits of Malacca could have dropped from 4000 feet before the quake to as low as 100 feet.

Explosive change (Prophecy)

This was actually received on January 11th, 2005 and matches with what I've been feeling inside for some time now so it has more personal resonance for me than some.

More Bizarre Psychological Testing so the Globalists Can Figure Out How to Break the Human Spirit - Torture is being used to help scientists understand how the brain works. Volunteers are to undergo torture to see if faith eases pain. Oxford University scientists will carry out experiments on hundreds of people in a bid to understand how the brain works during states of consciousness.

How sick are we getting in the “places of learning?”

Explosive Fireball Said to Shake Earth - 'The noise was so loud, for a moment I thought I had turned deaf' Villagers in India are in a state of shock and local officials baffled after a fireball was seen crashing Tuesday night, causing a massive explosion that "shook the Earth." Air-traffic controllers say all planes have been accounted for, and the Mumbai Meteorological Department ruled out any asteroid or meteorite event. Officials with the Indian Space Research Organization also dismiss it was satellite debris.

We have to be passing through some major meteor storm since this has been happening all over the globe recently. Those stories are included below.

Mystery fire from sky in California - Dozens of residents reported something on fire in the atmosphere, crashing toward Earth Tuesday night. Moments later, a shed was reported on fire at the time the object was supposed to have hit the ground.

It seems that the earth is passing through some kind of debris in space right now. There was another story a few days ago of fire in the sky over another US city. I tried to find the story and link it here, but I can't remember where it was. That's one of the reasons I started this.

Meteor Roars Over Area with Light and Noise - Antigo and Langlade County were apparently in the path of a meteor that brought reports of the strange happenings from South Dakota across central Wisconsin. Area law enforcement agencies made contact with the Federal Aviation Administration at the Minneapolis airport to determine what was going on, and the tower personnel said they had taken reports from an aircraft flying at 31,000 feet south of Eau Claire and another from a pilot outside of Sioux Falls, S.D. Both reported bright flashes of light in the sky.

LAB: Meteor Could Cause Big Tsunami - Los Alamos National Laboratory is watching the sky for tsunamis. While most tsunamis are caused by earthquakes or landslides, the potential for an asteroid-caused tsunami remains a threat the world should watch out for, said Galen Gisler, a Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist.

In goodwill gesture, Vatican allowing Jews to view priceless Maimonides manuscripts - The Vatican will loan the work of Moses Maimonides, one of Judaism's most celebrated rabbis and sages, to Israel this year in a gesture meant to improve relations between Catholics and Jews.

At first glance, this sounds great. When you know prophecy however, a sense of urgency comes over you because it is prophesied in the Bible that there will be a fake peace with Israel and then suddenly everyone will turn against her.

Israel acts to halt Russian missile deal with Syria - Israel was attempting yesterday to halt a weapons deal under which Russia agreed to supply Syria with advanced anti-aircraft missiles.

US warns Russia on selling missiles to Syria - The United States warned Russia against selling missiles to Syria amid reports that Moscow was ready to provide Damascus with a sophisticated weapon that could hit any target in Israel.

Syria is one of the last countries that should ever have these kinds of weapons. Their stated goal is the destruction of Jews period. If you don't believe me, listen to the words they say, not what is reported by our pathetic news organizations. It's time to wake up.