News for January 16, 2005

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Major MT Shift in Progress: - Indications are that a strong earthquake is in final preparation, and deep crustal resonant harmonic energy is surfacing along the Pacific and North American Plate boundary.

Does the Bible Predict President Bush Will Start WWIII in 2006? - The title says it all, but there is a little more written in the article.

Signs of rising global temperature just today:

Europeans Wonder: Snow, Where'd You Go? (01/16/2005)

Rising Seas Threaten Islands, Cities, Coasts (01/16/2005)

Moscow Melts in Record Warm Spell (01/16/2005)

US Sub Accident Shows Earth’s Crust Changing Fast Without Notice to the Monitoring Systems - The U.S. Navy submarine accident that killed one sailor and injured 24 others occurred when the vessel -- traveling at high speed -- hit an undersea mountain head-on, Pentagon officials said recently. The mountain was uncharted while the submarine was in the area that was supposed to be charted. There is absolutely no evidence that the submarine was attacked or collided with another naval vessel.

Sanhedrin Rabbis Discuss Sublime, Procedural Issues - The 71 rabbis seeking to fulfill the Biblical commandment of renewing the Sanhedrin continue to meet regularly, solidifying their organizational structure and establishing an agenda of topics.

It seems that the push to establish Jewish law and rebuild the temple is getting closer to a reality than ever before. For those prophecy buffs out there, you know what that means! It's time to tell everyone because the time is getting shorter.