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Stories in red are what I believe to be related to end-times buildup for fulfillment of prophecy.
Stories in green are related to the rise of Islam. The 4th seal is the pale (green) horseman.
Stories in blue are earth and solar system changes.
Stories in teal are related to events in Europe, the fourth kingdom and the New World Order.
Stories in orange are related to the economic crisis.

Newsletter for December 27, 2008

Barak: We'll deepen and widen operation as much as needed | Beirut, Lebanon Demonstration- Hezbollah say Gaza is not alone | EU Calls For Immediate Ceasefire In Gaza | Egypt slams Israeli 'murder' in Gaza, summons ambassador | Mashaal Calls for 'Third Intifada,' Israeli Arabs Declare Strike | Syria calls for urgent Arab summit | Israel launches air strikes on Gaza, 155 dead | Report: Russia selling missiles to Syria, Egypt | China and U.S. bound themselves with linked addictions | Taleban 'will kill school girls' | Nineteen injured in southwest China earthquakes | Pakistan Moves Troops To Indian Border Amid Rising Tensions | Ashkenazi: IDF prepared for Gaza | Katyushas Found in S. Lebanon Ready to Launch at Israel | Crackdown on bailed out banks | Significant Climate Anomalies in 2008 | Withdrawing From The Golan Talks | Rare first century half shekel coin found in Temple Mount dirt | From Global Crisis to "Global Government" | In Paris, Netanyahu airs concerns on Iran | Obama planning billion-dollar 'bailout' for abortion industry | Many beliefs, many paths to heaven? Raid on Family's Home and Organic Food Co-Op Challenged | U.S. - Israel Collision Course | Top Israeli officer says Hizbullah will be destroyed in five days 'next time' | Four really, really bad scenarios | Mutilated Christian girl, 10, forgives attackers

Newsletter for December 20, 2008

6.5-magnitude quake off Japanese coast | Auto Makers to Get $17.4 Billion | Maitreya Rising? | Does our Federal Government Take Money Management Advice from Bernard Madoff? | White House shocked by Lebanon fighter jet deal with Russia | Hamas says won't extend truce with Israel | Obama defends Warren choice | IMF warns of economic riots, police ready for civil unrest | With economy in shambles, Congress gets a raise | Dollar No Longer Haven After Fed Moves Rate Near Zero | Earthquake shakes southern Sweden | A Giant Breach in Earth's Magnetic Field | Brown: Settlements obstruct peace | Israel: Hamas Makes "Declaration of War" | Qurei: No room for Jews in the West Bank

Newsletter for December 13, 2008

U.S. now only 2 states away from rewriting Constitution | Iraq plans EU-style Middle East union | FBI: Illinois Governor Sought To "Sell" Obama's Senate Seat | Gaza Jihad: Calm before the Storm | Mexico drug gang killings surge | And now for a world government | Results of the General Affairs and External Relations Council | EU's Solana: Warships Can Use "All Means" To Fight Piracy | Blair says that Palestinians and Israelis Reached a Secret Agreement | Magnitude 5.1 Quake Shakes Southern California | Exposed: Europe's 2009 plan for Israel | Scientists: Rain stopped when Jews left Mideast | An Enlightened Race? | Israeli West Bank forces on alert | Think-tank comments on Iran worry Israel | IDF preparing options for Iran strike | Senior Iranian commander leads Hezbollah drill in south Lebanon | As Ankara Moves Closer to Tehran, US Faces Reality | A new sun spells new trouble? | Is 'Operation Israeli Freedom' the Obama mettle test?

Newsletter for November 30, 2008

Lebanon recognizes 'state of Palestine' | Two earthquakes rattle remote Alaska | Mag 6.2 Quake Strikes Off Coast of Northern California | Strong quake hits waters off western Indonesia | Arkansas Could See High-Magnitude Earthquake: Expert | Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede | Legal Hurdles in West Slow Pursuit of Pirates | Hurricane Season Blows Away Records | The Famine of 2009 | Iran, Lebanon sign 5-year security pact | Red Alert: Possible Geopolitical Consequences of the Mumbai Attacks | Iran Urges Lebanese to Unite Against Israel | The Truth behind the Citigroup Bank "Nationalization" | Faltering EU Deal Strengthens Islam | PM: Peace deal with Palestinians soon | A magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck off the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia's far east Monday evening | U.S. Pledges Top $7.7 Trillion to Ease Frozen Credit | Worst of financial crisis yet to come: IMF chief economist | Powerful earthquake off Sumatra | Glenn Beck A Kook? Carmen Sees The Crisis | A Plan For Action: Renewed American Leadership And International Cooperation for the 21st Century | Bush Hands Over Reins of U.S. Economy to EU | Obama to fund forced abortions

Newsletter for November 22, 2008

Martin Hennecke - US May Lose Its 'AAA' Rating | Facts About Tax: Socialism, Christianity, and Taxation | Iran, Syria tauten grip on Lebanon, Tehran woos Christian president | Clinton would be well seen abroad as US top diplomat: Solana | Hillary Clinton accepts post as Secretary of State | A Plan for Action: Managing Global Insecurity | Security forces brace as settlers arrive in droves to Hebron | Secret 'peace talks' exposed | Anarchy Has Come | Recession fears hit stock markets | Cosmic Rays from Mysterious Source Bombarding Earth | Peres Says Peace Is Made by Closing the Eyes | Irish voters may back Lisbon treaty, poll reveals | Japanese economy now in recession | Indonesia Issues Tsunami Warning after Strong 7.7 Mag Earthquake | Obama transition tangled in ties to lobbying | Eurozone officially in recession | German economy falls into recession | Ex-Hitler youth's warning to America | 'Gay fascists' storm church, attack members | Liberals clinically mad, concludes top psychiatrist | An Interview With Dr. Ron Paul | Has the U.N. Found the Smoking Gun in the Syrian ‘Nuclear’ Incident? | Russia to Sell Heavy Arms to Lebanon | Council on Foreign Relations president predicts coups, genocide and terrorism to test Obama | Russia: A Future Radical Muslim Superpower? | Obama's Council on Foreign Relations Crew | Who are the Architects of Economic Collapse? Will an Obama Administration Reverse the Tide? | Iran Challenges Obama by Hiking Tensions on Israel’s Borders | Big Pharma May be Handed Blanket Immunity for All Drug Side Effects, Deaths | Obama and Ahmadinejad | The Story Of Our Generation | The Putin-Osama Connection

Newsletter for November 11, 2008

Earthquake Data Shows Frightening Trend | Mexico deadlier than Iraq | Interview: Single EU defence 'not for all' | Gordon Brown calls for new world order to beat recession | European Air Transport Fleet Launched | Strong quake hits China's Qinghai region | Obama could reverse Bush orders on drilling, stem cells | World has 100 days to fix crisis: EU leaders | Europe unveils its vision for global financial reform | Netanyahu offers new peace vision | Dollars lining up for 'civilian national security force'? | Christians brace for gang-rape, slaughter | 3 'Superbanks' Now Dominate Industry | Obama and EU to reinvent global politics, pundit says | Volcano Erupts in Ethiopia | Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the CFSP, congratulates Barack Obama on his election as President of the United States of America | Ron Paul Warns Of Great Shift Toward Global Government Under Obama | Syria moves more tank-artillery forces south to Israel border | More than 35 Qassams, mortars fired at Israel | U.S. Treasury teaches 'Islamic Finance 101' | Dems Target Private Retirement Accounts | French EU defence plan is not anti-NATO, minister says | Obama Tells Abbas: I Support Dividing Jerusalem | Summary of remarks by Javier Solana, EU High Representative for the CFSP, at the Ministerial Meeting of the Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean | Mediterranean Union agrees on HQ, Arab-Israeli role | Is a 'Global Superorganism' in our Future | Time for Israel to appoint a king, scholar says | Russia determined to broaden interaction with Islamic world - Medvedev | Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis: Prepare for the Coming of Messiah | Ireland to work with EU lawyers on Lisbon opt-outs | The Third Temple | Getting the World to Hate Israel | Romans Chapter 13

Newsletter for October 31, 2008

Hate Crime Laws: The Criminalization of Christianity | Syria reportedly boosts troop deployment near Lebanese border | Libya offers to host Russian military base | Iranian Nuke Scientist: Weekend Quake was a Nuclear Test | Solana’s speech to Institute for Security Studies | Hailstorm sparks 'absolute chaos' | A Real Election Choice On The United Nations | Snow blankets London for Global Warming debate | Egyptian War Games Cause For Concern in Israel, Lawmaker Says | Mideast: Putting the 'Peace Puzzle' Together | Brussels renews attempt to seize control of telecoms | Jewish Temple Will "Complicate" Peace Deal - Moroccan King | Sharia banking 'strengthening' | Uses for $700B Bailout Money Keep Changing | U.S. attacks inside Syria | Russia blasts off back to the future | At the U.N., Many Hope for an Obama Win | Political alarms ring as panicked markets dive | Newspaper shows Obama belonged to socialist party | EU's Solana targets deal with Syria next year | Closer global integration needed: Blair | Security & Defense: 'We're in the midst of preparing the home front for war' | A Syrian Takeover of Lebanon?

Newsletter for October 22, 2008

In One Hour Everything Is Going to Change | Recommendation 816 | Top Iran officials recommend preemptive strike against Israel | Coordinated European action needed to tackle financial crisis says the European Parliament | Obama's expected victory in US election could signal bad times for Israel | Post-'excellent' speech euphoria at the UN | MEPs debate EU response to world crises with French president Sarkozy | Training A Socialist Army of World Servers Part II | Biden to Supporters: "Gird Your Loins", For the Next President "It's Like Cleaning Augean Stables" | 'Smears' About Obama Largely True | Bush backs EU plan on global financial reform | Strong quake hits Indonesia's Sulawesi island | Europeans signal clash with US over global capitalism | Police Arrest Temple Institute Director | Powerful quake rattles Tonga | Obama raises stunning $150 million in September | New Home Construction at Lowest Level Since World War II | Ireland to work with EU lawyers on Lisbon opt-outs | Russian envoy: Tehran-Moscow ties in an unprecedented stage | Swords and Shields: Russia shields Syria | Corsi releases statement blocked by Kenya | 6.5 earthquake sparks panic in southern Mexico | Gordon Brown expects news on global regulation plans in the 'next few days' | The O Jesse Knows | Obama's Abortion Extremism | Statistical dead heat | Jalili's letter to Solana circulated as UN Security Council document | EU flag and anthem revived by MEPs | More than 60,000 affected in Tibet quake | From Syrian fishing port to naval power base: Russia moves into the Mediterranean | Glenn Beck: What happened?

Newsletter for October 11, 2008

EU Integrated Rule of Law Mission for Iraq (EUJUST LEX) | The Silent Church | U.S. confirms bank buy-ins | China stiffing America for $100 billion in debt | Quake shakes British Virgin Islands | Iceland turns to Russia for bailout | Proof Obama backed ruthless, foreign thug | Berlusconi says leaders may close world’s markets | Potential Economic Seizure Dead Ahead | Interview: EU to govern Internet of the future | European electronic ID framework gathers pace | Farrakhan on Obama: 'The Messiah is absolutely speaking' | New World Order: Global co-operation, nationalisation and state intervention - all in one day | Is the Federal Reserve Engaged in Acts of Economic Warfare Against America? | AIG Hits Up Fed for More Money | Federal Reserve, ECB and Bank of England make emergency interest rate cuts | National Interests and European Foreign Policy | George Bush to summon leaders to emergency finance summit | Syria 'boosts troops on border' | European Crisis Deepens; Officials Vow to Save Banks | Panic engulfs global stock markets | Kyrgyzstan hit by magnitude 6.3 earthquake: US seismologists | Ministers okay Moscow's property claim | Four European nations call for new EU body to supervise banks | Syria rebuffs nuclear inspectors | Rebuilding EU-US relations | 'Abbas to meet with Assad in Damascus' | NATO and EU to pool helicopters and air carriers | Palestinians accept Olmert peace offer | Rally against violence on Christians taken out in Tamenglong | Evangelicals see moral decline in Wall St. woes | Spain holds 121 over child porn | Spotless Sun: Blankest Year of the Space Age | Foreign economists urge 'global plan' | Americans Clueless About Plans to Create New Life Forms | Congo's children abducted back to battle and abuse | France's Sarkozy battles fallout from financial crisis | Dow drops 777 after house rejects bailout bill | 7.3 quake strikes outer New Zealand islands | Training A Socialist Army of World Servers | Senate Sends $634 Billion Spending Bill to Bush | MEPs to ask US Congress about funding for Irish No vote | US textbooks misrepresent Jews, Israel | U.S. losing financial superpower status: Steinbrueck

Newsletter for September 26, 2008

Statewatch: The Shape of Things to Come | Wall Street rescue deal blocked | WaMu is largest U.S. bank failure | Solar wind weakest since beginning of space age | Hamas plotting West Bank takeover in early 2009 | Syria poised to invade Lebanon | UN chief calls for 'global leadership' | FINAL WARNING: The Birth Pangs of the New World Order | Russia sends warships on military exercise in America's 'backyard' as the new Cold War intensifies | Islam, Secularism and the Gospel | US banks make shock status switch | The coming 1-world currency | Ten Russian warships have docked at Syrian port | Syrian Tripwire For WWIII | Government rushing to finish huge financial rescue plan | Darkest day for Scottish banking as the Bank of Scotland faces its end | Israel: Tzipi Livni prepares to take over as prime minister | China Paper Urges New Currency Order After "Financial Tsunami" | Bush Agrees to War on Iran | Juncker rules out Lisbon treaty before 2010 | US government rescues insurer AIG | Glenn Beck: Congrats! | Panic as Russian market suspended | Russian Markets Halted as Emergency Funding Fails to Halt Rout | New Wall Street crisis will create a new financial world order, says RCM CIO | Draghi: Deeper Crisis Would Call for Global Solution | A Trillion Here; A Trillion There | Financial Crisis in America Threatens Israel's Stability | How the Masters of the Universe ran amok and cost us the earth | IDF intelligence: Syria strengthening ties with radical axis | Solana: political pressure an option for EU to push forward Mideast peace process | Fed Adds Most Reserves Since 9/11 as Banks Hoard Cash | Turkey, Egypt To Intensify Cooperation And Consultations | US faces the F-16s it supplied Pakistan | Olmert: Forget Greater Israel | Codex Alimentarius: Population Control Under the Guise of Consumer Protection | Putin's Unholy Land Grab: Red Square In Jerusalem

Newsletter for September 13, 2008

Ahmadinejad: Iran will support Hamas until collapse of Israel | Syria-Russia naval cooperation grows | Drugs Affect More Drinking Water | EU flag and anthem revived by MEPs | Venezuela joins Bolivia and expels U.S. ambassador | Nasrallah: No peace in Middle East as long as Israel exists | The Feds are Running Scared | U.S. to guarantee Palestinian state | Taxation Nation: Now You Own Fannie and Freddie | Four dead, 26 injured in Iran quake near oil port | A Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake Strikes Mid-Atlantic Ridge Region | Mag. 7.0 Earthquake Hits Northern Japan | Russian Bombers Land in Venezuela | Rabbi Tendler to Rabbis: Permit Temple Mount Visits! | Swastika Epidemic in the United States | Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Return to U.S. | Former German president bashes EU court | 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits off Vanuatu | Brussels approves GMO bean despite public fears | Russia proposes closer ties with OPEC | Turkey alarmed by Russian 'imperialism' | Ireland may consider EU defence opt-out to pass Lisbon Treaty | Fannie and Freddie | Israel considers paying settlers to leave West Bank | Solana to reveal his updated European Security Strategy | Syria makes peace proposal to Israel | Freak hailstorm turns part of tropical Kenya white | Syria warns of 'catastrophic' effect of any Israeli strike on Iran | Israel foils 5 attempted abductions by Hizbullah | Israeli-Syrian peace talks postponed | Solana: EU plans civilian mission in Georgia | America's demonization next step in New World Order? | Young Adults and Liberals Struggle with Morality | Hizbullah-Iran-Syria-Lebanon Axis Tightens

Newsletter for August 31, 2008

South-west China hit by new quake | Palin electrifies conservative base | U.N. Confirms: Hizbullah Importing Weapons From Syria | Hamas reportedly ups ante for Schalit | Officials prepare for Gustav, Hanna | 'Israel reaches strategic decision not to let Iran go nuclear' | South Ossetia: Russia Intends to Absorb Georgian Region | Will Turkey Abandon NATO? | Russian Navy planning greater presence in Syria | Irish seek Denmark's advice on EU treaty opt-outs: report | Condi pulls a Solomon: Split Jerusalem in 2 | 'Hizbullah tightens hold on Venezuela' | Abbas-Olmert Meeting Sunday Amid Signs of Secret Deal | New Wave of Violence Against Christians in Orissa State | Powerful Magnitude 7 Quake Rocks Siberia | Ireland shoots down idea of swift Lisbon revote | Europe into the breach | Iran's Ahmadinejad, Russia's Medvedev to hold talks | Explosion severs Azerbaijan-Georgia-Europe fuel railway link | Jews in the Temple Area: A "Mount"-ing Controversy | Tornado touches down south of Denver | New Orleans Repeating Deadly Levee Mistakes | Obama chooses Sen. Joe Biden to be running mate | Iran's Ahmadinejad in New Verbal Attack on Israel | Beirut to petition UN on Jerusalem threats | US concedes Kremlin’s first military response in Georgia was “legitimate” | Could this be a prelude to our "Krystallnacht"? | U.S. government: We know parenting better than you

Newsletter for August 22, 2008

We'll soon avenge Mughniyeh's death | NATO Says Russia Has Cut All Military Ties With Western Alliance | Hamas leader: We'll retrieve Jerusalem only by way of jihad | Fear of new Mid East 'Cold War' as Syria strengthens military alliance with Russia | Satellites track Mexico kidnap victims with chips | Russia sends aircraft carrier to Syria | Monitor: UN peacekeepers in Lebanon co-opted by Hizbullah | Norway: Russia to cut all military ties with NATO | As US Looks to Improve Ties, Libya Positions Itself in Russia’s Corner | Israeli missile defense system detects Syrian tests | Report warns of global fallout from invasion of Georgia, faults U.S. intelligence | Top Russian general names Israel as Georgian arms supplier | 30 dead in worst weekend of Mexico violence this year | Israelis: War With Hezbollah Inevitable | Lisbon treaty would have helped in Georgia crisis, says France | Russia: Poland risks attack due to U.S. missiles | Lebanon, Syria open diplomatic relations | Iran, Turkey fail to reach deal on new pipeline | Is Temple Mount God's time bomb? | Ocean dead zones become a worldwide problem | Europe's major economies contract | Russian Tanks Head for Tbilisi, Georgia, Despite Ceasefire Pledge | Japan on brink of recession as economy shrinks | Report: Judge Says University Can Deny Course Credit to Christian Graduates Taught With Creationism Texts | U.S. green lights anything into oil | Ahmadinejad in new Israel tirade before Turkey trip | PA: Reported peace offer unacceptable | Fed holds first auction for 84-day loans | 'Syria and Hizbullah gaining strength' | Ex-communist states' backing for Georgia rooted in Soviet trauma | Is the U.N. advocating homosexuality and pedophilia? | Son of Hamas leader declares his faith in Christ | Exclusive: Hizbollah 'stronger than before' and ready to strike Israel

Newsletter for August 11, 2008

EU under pressure to shed light on expert panels | Georgia claims Russians have cut country in half | Ukraine says it reserves right to bar Russian ships from entering to their Crimean base | Russia Deploys Ships, Expands Georgia Bombing Blitz | 'Hizbullah received advanced launchers' | War in Georgia: The Israeli connection | Michael Savage vows to take Islam fight to Supreme Court | Georgian Jews Flee from Russian Border, Expecting Invasion | 'Oil, Israel and Iran' Among Factors that Led to Georgia War | Siniora: We must regain occupied land | Syria turned down IAEA inspection request, diplomats say | Credit crisis triggers unprecedented response | EU keeps ticking without Lisbon treaty, report says | Third Aleutian Volcano Erupts Explosively | Gaza Terrorists Warn Truce May End in Three Weeks | Russia, Georgia Risk Larger War as Attacks Continue Into Morning | '2 US aircraft carriers headed for Gulf' | Sept launch for bid to crack secrets of universe | Energy ties deepen between Iran and Turkey | Libya says Mediterranean Union will divide Africa | Strong quake hits China's Sichuan ahead of Games | 5.5 magnitude earthquake hits Indian Ocean | Saudis to Christians: Get out! | Biometric ID bill comes under fire | Lebanese gov't: Hizbullah can use force to 'liberate' territory | Official: Olmert to give Palestinians state before quitting | Managing Global Security per German Foreign Minister Walter Steinmeier | Are feds stockpiling survival food? | Sarkozy: no Mideast peace without sharing Jerusalem

Newsletter for July 31, 2008

The Bride | Potential for Strong Earthquake in Pacific Northwest | Israeli prime minister to resign in September | IMF Contemplates System Failure. Could it be the 1.2 Quadrillion in Derivatives? | Turkey's Ruling Party Escapes Ban | Huge Chunk Snaps Off Storied Arctic Ice Shelf | U.S. companies vulnerable to foreign buyers | California 'dodges bullet' as 5.4 earthquake rocks region | U.S. Intel: Iran Plans Nuclear Strike on U.S. | Home prices drop by record 15.8 pct. in May | Hamas Uses Truce to Stock Missiles, Explosives, and Weapons | Uzi Dayan joins Likud, says Netanyahu incorrupted | Iran's Ahmadinejad in Turkey In Next Month | Study reveals signs of toxicity of GE maize approved for human consumption | Report: Convoy shipping arms to Hizbullah destroyed in Tehran blast | One dead as three quakes hit China's disaster area | Israel to build new settlement in West Bank | Jim Deeds: End of the World? No, Not Really. Just Time to Adjust Your Thinking | Strong Quake Jolts Northern Japan | Food crisis looms in East Africa | Solana: EULEX operational by autumn | IDF MI chief: Hamas, Hizbullah May be Planning Imminent Attack | Iran, Turkey discuss ways to further cooperation, nuclear issue | Iraqi Sunni bloc rejoins government | Strong Earthquake Rocks Solomon Islands | Quake Off East Coast of Japan Shakes Tokyo Buildings | Javier Solana, EU High Representative for the CFSP, signs agreement on security of information with the European Space Agency | Hizbullah moves into 'every town' | EU Lisbon treaty officially ratified by UK | Waiting For Islam's Messiah | Dinars for Dollars: Arabs Buying Out Collapsing Western Banks | We only get one strike | Americans may be losing faith in free markets

Newsletter for July 15, 2008

Earthquake near Rhodes felt in Israel | Euro soars to $1.60 against U.S. dollar, a new record high | Fannie Mae, Freddie Rescue a 'Disaster,' Rogers Says | Analysts say more U.S. banks will fail | Ahmadinejad: We'll sever enemies' hands | 43 nations creating Mediterranean union | Strong quake hits Taiwan | 'We'll Take Land By Force if Talks Fail' | Feds take over mortgage lender IndyMac. May become most expensive bank collapse ever | Sarkozy: Syria and Lebanon will open embassies | Iran says Solana nuclear talks July 19 in Geneva | Chile's Llaima volcano rumbles into action | McDonald's: Christian boycotters 'hate' homosexuals | U.N. scheme to make Christians criminals | Britain okays human-pig embryo | Hezbollah movement triples number of rockets - report | Hezbollah uprising exposed it as Iran's puppet in Lebanon | Defense officials: UN Resolution 1701 on the verge of collapse | Congress' approval plunges to 9 percent | EU Governments Endorse Capability Plan for Future Military Needs, Pledge Joint Efforts | Strong quake strikes southern Peru | World Bank: Biofuels lift food prices 75 percent | Report: Emirates calls on GCC countries to depeg currencies from US dollar

Newsletter for July 5, 2008

2008 ICA Conference Video Presentation | Magnitude 7.5 Earthquake Strikes in Sea Off Russia | Javier Solana: What Kind of Palestine? | Satan Now Appearing Naked In Human History? | Crossfire War - Israel Estimates Iran-Syria to Fire 250-300 Long Range Missiles | Israel in Jerusalem dilemma after bulldozer attack | Russian FM visits Turkey | Jews Inch Towards Their Temple | Turkey's past is ruining hopes of a liberal future | 'UN report ignores Hizbullah violations' | Israel authorities warn hospitals to prepare for earthquake | 6.7 Earthquake Rattles South Sandwich Islands | U.S. and EU near deal on sharing data | 6.7-Magnitude Earthquake Rocks India's Andaman Islands | Muslim Terrorists May Be Trying To Sink the Dollar | Rift Extends for 15 Km Along Ground After Tohoku Earthquake | Hamas says it will not police truce with Israel | Israeli politicians avert elections | PLO Sees Bush's Exit as Chance for EU To Take Over | Chinese renew interest in U.S. property | Religious Americans: My faith isn't the only way | Scientist: 'Global warming' scheme to push global tax | Senate Housing Bill Requires eBay, Amazon, Google, and All Credit Card Companies to Report Transactions to the Government

Newsletter for June 23, 2008

Perot Charts: Charting Government Fiscal Irresponsibility | Automatic License Plate Recognition | Russia Warns Israel Against Tehran Attack | Ireland to hold second referendum | Israel on the Iran Brink | You. Will. Not. Be. Able. To. Get. Food. - report on trends | Police chase UFO over Cardiff | State denies cancer treatment, offers suicide instead | Millions displaced after east Indian floods | RBS issues global stock and credit crash alert | Leading UFO Researchers Confirm Christian View | EU Presses Ahead With Treaty Ratification Despite Irish "No" | Mississippi levee buckles under rising waters | Flooding hits southern China | Does God Sanction Mystical Experiences? | Oklahoma to feds: Don't tread on me | Earthquake caused strong vertical shaking | Eye on the EU: The Trouble With Iron and Clay | Ireland's no vote: Europe is not going away | Nicolas Sarkozy plans to bypass Irish no vote | Lisbon No vote: What happens next? | Fate of Lisbon Treaty rests on Irish referendum | Major earthquake shakes northern Japan | Flooding Hits Historic 500-Year Levels in Iowa | Secret Bilderberg Agenda To Microchip Americans Leaked | Worries Mount as Farmers Push for Big Harvest | Fighting for Turkey's soul | U.S. stops following foreign money trail | Forecast: Dead zone off La., Texas coasts to grow | Hillary Waits for Obama to Stumble | Japan Reeling from Stabbing Spree | We can reduce risk in the financial system | Earthquake swarm picks up again in northern Nevada | Iran and Syria sign missile pact | Bees 'killed by mobile phone signals' | EU foreign policy expected to enter 'new era'

Newsletter for June 8, 2008

Earthquake swarm picks up again in northern Nevada | Gas hits national average of $4 for first time | Strong Quake Shakes Western Greece | Threat of world Aids pandemic among heterosexuals is over, report admits | Powerful storms swamp U.S. Midwest, spawn tornadoes | European HQ heads Sarkozy plan for greater military integration | Investors Flee Stocks As Oil Surges Close to $140 | 'Unavoidable' attack on Iran looms, says Israeli minister | 'Undemocratic' EU needs to be tamed | Links Between Daniel 9:27, the 70th Week and the ENP | Natural Disasters Up More Than 400 Percent in Two Decades | Turkey, Iran Coordinating Action Against Kurdish Rebels: report | Magnitude 5.3 aftershock hits quake-battered China | Defense sources: Syria arming Hezbollah, despite Israel talks | Planned Parenthood's Obscene Profits | Myanmar's Christians Tell Stories of Hope | Obamamania in Damascus | Ahmadinejad says Israel will soon disappear | Exclusive: Limited US attack on Iranian Revolutionary Guards bases in sight | France readies for 'heaviest Presidency in EU history' | The Rebellion Within | 6.8 Earthquake Strikes in Pacific Ocean Near Taiwan | SYRIA: Israeli hopes for a Tehran-Damascus rift collapse | Irish referendum could scupper EU treaty | Earthquake rocks Iceland damaging buildings | US: Iranian warhead blueprint 'alarming' | Fearing Olmert collapse, Palestinians rush for deal | Turkey In Between: Syria-Israel & Georgia-Russia | Habitat for Humanity partners with Planned Parenthood | US nears record tornado year; meteorologists don't know why | Iran's Ahmadinejad wants closer Syria defence ties | Ahmadinejad sure Syria will press struggle against Israel | Earthquake rocks central Colombia | Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare | Surging inflation will stoke riots and conflict between nations, says report | The September War | Iran Allows Solana to Visit Tehran to Deliver Nuclear Proposals | Syrian military delegation arrives in Moscow | Pope tells young people to trust in Mary

Newsletter for May 26, 2008

Lisbon Treaty Unlikely to End the WEU Anytime Soon | ANALYSIS / Price of quiet in Lebanon is Hezbollah in power | Palestinians reject Israeli offer to hand over 91.5% of W. Bank | Lethal storms kill 8 in Iowa and Minnesota | China aftershock destroys 71,000 homes; 1 killed | 'Iran to give Hamas more arms, funds' | Earthquake rocks central Colombia | Iran tells Syria must regain control of Golan | Mexican homicides jump 47 pct.; 1,378 die in '08 | Tornadoes tear up Colorado | Rare Tornado Strikes Southern California | Congress vs. OPEC: Flexible-fuel cars | Russia's Putin Pledges to Buttress Ties with Libya | Pilots run out of fuel, pray, land near Jesus sign | Israel: Russia may be selling Syria arms | Ethiopian millions 'risk hunger' | What Holly Thinks: Mistakes People Make When Studying the End Times | Spain to run America's 1st superhighway? | 31,000 scientists reject 'global warming' agenda | China says quake killed 12.5 million farm animals, will hurt rice production | High food prices forcing millions of Filipinos into poverty | Russia: A totalitarian regime in thrall to a Tsar who's creating the new Fascist empire | Thousands flee China quake area over flood fears | Opponents to Fight Gay Marriage Ruling | Last-days 'birth pains' have begun | Hezbollah in dangerous territory | World economy on thin ice - U.N. | Israel firm on refugees after Bush dismays Arabs | Russia captures 'Georgian spy' | New rumbling from Chilean volcano worries experts | The gathering storm, and beyond | Deal seeks to end Lebanon strife | Commentary: Tax-free hypocrisy from higher education | PMW: Hatred of US a Pillar of PA Ideology | Egyptian culture minister: I would burn Israeli books myself | Solana welcomes appointment of EU civilian operations commander | Bush urged to address Muslim 'hate' in books | Jim Deeds. Hyperinflation: Are We There Yet? | Violence in Mexico Spills Across US Border | Vatican: It's OK to believe in aliens | Britain Opens Up Secret UFO Files | Hamas says rejection of truce will lead to blow-out | Hezbollah 'redrawing' Mideast map | Experts: Twisters Getting Larger, Deadlier | EU plans international embassies

Newsletter for May 13, 2008

Etna Volcano Rumbles Back to Life in Sicily | Ahmadinejad: Israel to be 'swept away soon' | Iran's Ambassador to Syria says Israel in worst ever condition | Blair unveils new 'West Bank package' | Tornado season deadliest in a decade | Report: Death toll in China quake exceeds 12,000 | Global free market for food and energy faces biggest threat in decades | Myanmar junta votes as cyclone victims starve | Hezbollah to end Beirut seizure | Hezbollah gunmen seize large areas of Beirut | Happy Europe Day! | Are Emerging Church Critics Too Critical? | Severe storms cause damage in 4 Southern states | Ahmadinejad: Israel a 'stinking corpse' facing annihilation | Burma death toll worse than Tsunami | Strong quake rocks Tokyo | Israel's Olmert admits taking cash but won't quit | Egypt extends ration cards due to high food prices | Violence rekindles fears of Lebanese civil war | Iran clerics rebuke Ahmadinejad over 'hidden imam' | State of Israel turns 60 | Magnitude 6.7 earthquake jolts eastern Japan | 'Day of Silence' walkout a success | Secret documents detail post-WWII debacle | Georgia says "very close" to war with Russia | Full evacuation ordered around Chile volcano | Relief slow for victims in cyclone-hit delta | Population Control and a World Food Authority Reshaping the International Order Part 5 | Germany 'business as usual' with Iran | Search Under Way for Missing in Boryeong, S.Korea Tidal Wave | Troubling turnaround at Olmert-Abbas meeting | Mogadishu rocked by food demonstrations | UN-American | Unnatural Grid Appears in Nevada Earthquakes | Illegal Aliens Demand 'Rights' and 'Reforms' | EXPELLED Producers to Yoko Ono: Let It Be | Report: Israel threatened to target Syria if Hezbollah attacks | Gulf States May End Dollar Pegs, Kuwait Minister Says (Update4) | Blood moon eclipses: 2nd Coming in 2015? | Reshaping Public Opinion and the White Coated Propagandists Reshaping the International Order Part 4

Newsletter for April 30, 2008

The Separation of Church and State | Mapping Sharia in America Project | Study: 3 in 4 U.S. mosques preach anti-West extremism | Rising Prices: Food Slammed on all Sides | Global Paradigm Shift: From Free Market Capitalism to State Controlled Socialism | EU warns Russia against boosting troops in Georgian breakaway regions | Iran completely stops conducting oil transactions in US dollars | Palestinian factions agree to truce with Israel: MENA | Quake series stresses Reno-area residents | U.N. and World Bank say to tackle Food Crisis | Virginia residents inspect twister damage | Mississippi River Flooding Dooms Farmers | Iran tells Russia of plan to solve world problems | EU Condemns Israel, Hamas | As polls narrow, Irish PM warns of 'disaster' if EU treaty defeated | Israel: UNIFIL is hiding information about Hezbollah from Security Council | Report: Hezbollah man says new attack on Israel is question of 'when, not if' | Earthquake rattles Mexico City | Glenn Beck Interviews Joel Rosenberg about the End Times | Euro dives as wheels fly off eurozone economy | Bush backs peace deal as Hamas offers truce | Hamas Offers Israel Six-Months ''Calm'' | Israeli envoy to UN calls Carter 'a bigot' for meeting Meshal | At Expense of All Others, Putin Picks a Church | On St George's Day, EU wipes England off map | Concerns mount ahead of US briefing on IAF strike in Syria | Europe's role in the Middle East: Model or mediator? | 2012: TEOTWAWKI

Newsletter for April 22, 2008

California foreclosure "surge": Up 327% from '07 levels | MEPs to use budget power over EU president perks | Al Qaeda No. 2: Attacks on Western nations in works | "Functional" Sovereignty and the Common Heritage of Mankind: Reshaping the International Order Part 3 | Hamas’ new strategy | Zimbabwe recount deepens crisis | Defining a better Mediterranean union | Bloody Weekend: 32 Shot, 2 Stabbed, 6 Dead | Brown deal bars Blair from top EU job | Children's hospital launches sex change for kids program | North American Union: PR Was Focus of Recent Secret Meeting of the SPP | British prime minister calls for global 'interdependence' | Small state, small job and a safe pair of hands | 5.2-Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Midwest | Lessen focus on eternity, McLaren says at Willow Creek student ministries conference | Across globe, hunger brings rising anger | France seeks more ambitious EU globalisation strategy | Jet Streams Are Shifting And May Alter Paths Of Storms And Hurricanes | Earthquake Hits Aleutian Islands | Putin in Libya to close $2.5b arms deal | Irish government embarrassed by leaked EU treaty email | Europe or Eurabia? | Putin accepts leadership of party | Iran: We'll 'eliminate Israel' if it launches attack | Reshaping the International Financial Order Reshaping the International Order Part 2 | EU defends biofuel goals amid food crises | Mobilising People and Actions for War | Unusual earthquakes measured off Oregon | EU: Europe Needs More Say in World Economy Talks As Strong Euro Gains Ground

Newsletter for April 11, 2008

Minerals: Crumbling Bedrock of U.S. Security | Forecasters Predict 'Well Above Average' Hurricane Activity for 2008 Season | 'Hamas will lose its ability to hit us' | Food price rises threaten global security - UN | Rice Jumps to Record on Philippine Imports, Curbs on Exports | Sadr to consult top Shiite clerics about possibility of disbanding Mehdi Army | A Mystery in the Middle East | Israeli intel projects a one-month war with Syria | Israel, Palestinian talks raise hope for 2008 accord: Solana | Insider leaks plans for Palestinian state | 'The Grid' Could Soon Make the Internet Obsolete | Olmert, Abbas to meet again after seven weeks | PM, Abbas aim for deal by end of '08 | What Does a World Governed by Humanistic Socialism Look Like? Reshaping the International Order Part 1 | Shell chief favours cross-border cooperation over competition to cut CO2 | Schools' new prom fever: Giving condoms to kids | Syria on Alert 'Because Hizbullah Revenge Attack is Near' | Jewish group to slaughter lamb in Passover sacrifice rehearsal | 'Warning to Assad sparked tension' | Time for a more coherent voice | Brown to host world leaders at 'progressive' summit | Turkey's EU bid runs into trouble | Lawmakers heavily invested in defense | ‘Implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in 2007’ Progress Report Israel | Exclusive: Barak calls off German trip next week as Damascus raises war alarm | We have created human-animal embryos already, say British team | Iran Gains African Foothold up to Chad through Pacts with Sudan | 'Silent' famine sweeps globe | Fears of Muslim Violence Inactivates Web Site | Will Uncle Sam let the dollar collapse? | Student Sues Wisconsin School After Getting a Zero for Religious Drawing | "Doomsday Seed Vault" in the Arctic | Here A "Christ," There A "Christ," Everywhere A "Christ-Christ"! | Rice Wins Concessions From Israel, Paving the Way Towards Peace Agreement | Laser plane could destroy tanks from 10 miles | EU borderless zone to be extended to airports | Report: Iranian, Syrian missiles to pound Israel in next war | Bernanke: Federal Reserve caused Great Depression | Ghost of Nazi Past, Ghost of Nazi Present | China's Big RFID Market Beyond The National ID Program | Parents urged to boycott homosexual indoctrination

Newsletter for March 31, 2008

Iraqi cleric calls off militias | IDF increases Gaza ground ops in face of heavier rocket fire | No Lebanon Breakthrough for Arabs | Dobson editing radio show to avoid 'hate crimes' laws | Fed Offers $100 Billion More to Banks | Supplier Under Scrutiny on Arms for Afghans | Congress, watchdog probe passport security | Obama contends belief in Jesus Christ not necessary for salvation | Outsourced passports netting govt. profits, risking national security | If Foreigners Could Vote in '08 | The Ahmadinejad Machine | Only Two European Mayors Decline to Participate in Campaign for Gay Pride Parades | BBC Caught Red-Handed on Anti-Israel, False Coverage | Toward A Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World | Your Tax Dollars at Work in Gaza | Prepare for the Worst, Because Solar Storms Are About to Get Ugly | It's the end of Britain as we know it | Syria Deploys Three Military Divisions on the Border with Lebanon | Livni: Jerusalem on the Table | Embassies pay for devalued dollar | Climate facts to warm to | Treasury Department Making Special Agreements With Islam Over Vital U.S. Investments | Abortion at industrial level - MP | US Plans to Send Palestinians Almost US $300 Million | McCain Believes Abbas | Glenn Beck: The $53 trillion asteroid | Israel in cross-hairs of summer war? | Inside the hush-hush North American Union confab | Syria 'intensely' arming itself | U.S. Jews give Palestinian state endorsement

Newsletter for March 18, 2008

End of Nations - EU Takeover & the Lisbon Treaty (Video) | J.P. Morgan Buys Bear in Fire Sale, As Fed Widens Credit to Avert Crisis | 'Israel threatened Syria with strike if Hizbullah attacks' | No One Can Separate Iran, Turkey - Ahmadinejad | Summit approves 'Union for the Mediterranean' | Over 20 Kassams pound western Negev, shattering calm | Jim Rogers Addresses the Recent Actions of the Federal Reserve | Israel to Hizbullah: Revenge Attack Could Mean War | Keeping Europe safe | Syrian Defense Minister receives a Russian Military delegation | Allies of Syria and Iran Ready to Confront Israel | EU must boost military capabilities in face of climate change | Keeping the peace | President or foreign minister - who should talk to Medvedev? | AIM Says Media Cover-Up Obama’s Socialist-Oriented Global Tax Bill | Report launch for "Towards a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World"

Newsletter for March 7, 2008

Olmert Offers Judea, Samaria, Divides Jerusalem in Draft Accord | Attack will be seen in Messianic terms | EU's Solana condemns Jerusalem attack | Leaders push PR campaign for North American alliance | I call on the FARC not to commit the irreparable | UK referendum bid defeated | Vatican, Muslims, to establish permanent dialogue | Tensions rise in Colombia-Ecuador-Venezuela dispute | Court's homeschool ban creating 'panic' | Hamas In Gaza Ask Children To Stand On Rooftops To Prevent IAF Attacks | Feds Cite Hassles if ID Law Not Followed | The Coming Times: 2008 & Beyond | 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Philippine Islands Region | Climate change poses 'security risk' | Oprah's new Easter | Extreme weather kills 13 in Europe | Gaza: EU Slovenian presidency condemns ‘disproportionate use of force’ by Israel | Europe In The World: The Next Steps

Newsletter for February 29, 2008

Abbas Says Terrorist Path is Impractical - "Now" | Europe's Power to Lead | Survey: Americans freely change, or drop, their religions | Dollar plunges to fresh record euro low | Part of Jerusalem Officially Labeled PA Territory | Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Hits Islands South of Tokyo | Alarmed rabbis: Prime minister dividing Jerusalem | Quake warning as fault line 'under stress' | Kuwaiti Paper: Mega-Attack on Israel in March | Foreclosures up 57 percent in the past year | Moneychangers Destroying America, and Christians Don't See It | Why cash is no longer king | 'Earth worship' on the rise among evangelical youth | Big quake strikes off Indonesia: seismologists | Holy land in escrow | Most New Olim in Jerusalem From Western Countries | Abbas: Peace in 2008 or never | North American Army created without OK by Congress | Foreign Ministry: Peace talks on the right track | Food shortages loom as wheat crop shrinks and prices rise | The Fuzzy-Wuzzy World of Charismatic Morality | Electronic tattoo display runs on blood | 6.3-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Nevada | Damascus Seizes on Mughniyeh Killing for Lebanon Comeback | Syria, Iran foresee large clash with Israel | Behind The Veil In Washington DC -- The Rise Of Angelic Rule

Newsletter for February 20, 2008

FYI: February 20th Total Lunar Eclipse | FYI: USA National Gas Temperature Map | Quake in Indonesia Kills 3, Injures 25 | Israel, US discuss deploying NATO troops in West Bank | America's economy risks the mother of all meltdowns | Banks "quietly" borrow $50 billion from Fed: report | Credit Suisse Shocks With $2.8Bn Mark-Down | 5.0 Quake Shakes Calif.-Mexico Border | Media criticize JFK "Conspiracy theorists" before any theories begin! | Damaging Tornadoes Touch Down in South | Sarkozy wants six-nation elite EU defence force | 'Syria and Iran anticipating serious military clash with Israel' | Gaza Muslims continue ethnic-cleansing effort | Earthquake Damages Temple Mount and Shechem | Global Systemic Crisis / September 2008 - Phase of Collapse of US Real Economy | A Common Agenda Behind all the Military Conflict | France: Sarkozy wins vote on EU treaty with help of Socialist Party | 6 Dead In N. Illinois University Massacre | Sleep well: Javier Solana and Company are Protecting you! | North Korea, Muslim countries make list of top persecuting nations | For the benefit of you doubting Solana's global influence | Enemy of the Civilization | Barkat: Secret agreement to divide Jerusalem reached | EU willing to sustain initiative | Southern Mexico Coast Hit by 6.4-Magnitude Earthquake | Magnitude-4.9 Hits Baja California | Revising Israel's History With Google Earth | Small town thanks God for response | World markets lose $5.2trillion | EU foreign policy plan may not deliver strong voice | Brown's secret talks on 'new world order'

Newsletter for February 11, 2008

Christianity Today Proclaims Ancient Future Church At Hand | 'Arab view of deal close to Israel's' | The Great Depression 2008 - It Can't Happen to Us....Can It? | "Comrad J" | While We Slept, Disaster Didn't | Is the euro becoming the new greenback? | Big Media and the New World Order | Ecuador volcano blows its top, forces 1,450 from homes | Bad News in Gaza? Look For Tehran | World Leaders Gather To Roast Mahmoud Ahmadinejad | "Euros Accepted" signs pop up in New York City | Tornadoes rip through South, killing 48 | Embryos created with DNA from 3 people | Economist: Expect Fed to lower Dow to 8,000 | Uniquely Bizarre | Mercury’s Araneidal Terrain | PA's Message: In English – Coexist; In Arabic – Destroy Israel | EU treaty to be ratified by France | EU to act in Gaza if solution is reached, Solana says (Roundup) | Re-Thinking Revised | Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Goes Live | Judges: 'Gay' exposure OK for kindergarteners | Power in the Prayers of Children in Kenya | Dozens of U.S. banks will fail by 2010: analyst | 'Palestinian state temporary ruse to destroy Israel' | MEPs issue wake up call on EU diplomatic service | Top Economist Warns Of "Serious Breakdown" In World Financial System | The Purposes and Principles of the Shadow Government

Newsletter for January 31, 2008

Obama would talk with Iran and Syria | Rare snowstorm hits the Middle East | Tsunami alert as quake hits Indonesia | Slovenia and Malta ratify EU treaty | Ahmadinejad tells West: Accept Israel's 'imminent collapse' | Ethiopian Woman Raised from the Dead after 12 Hours—Tells about Heaven | EU troops mobilise for Chad role | Blair Wants Mideast Peace in 2008 | Coincidence, or Message From God? | Alert over jab for girls as two die following cervical cancer vaccination | 28 Women Miscarry After Receiving HPV Vaccine Gardasil; FDA Says No Reason to Re-Examine Approval | Hope for Israelis, Palestinians | "Watch" - Part 3 | In Response to an Israeli Attack, Iran Can, With Syria's Help, Wipe Out Half of Israel | EU blames US spending for market turbulences | Global government, mankind's gravest need - Ahmadinejad | US warns EU on using climate change as pretext | A new peace vision | They lied yesterday; they will lie tomorrow | Overseas Investors Buy Aggressively in U.S. | Animal-human embryo research is approved | Researchers Take Step Toward Synthetic Life | Israel flattens Hamas ministry in Gaza Strip | Colombia's Galeras volcano erupts | New EU treaty worries US intel services | The Panic Starts | U.S. abortions at lowest rate since 1974 | Foreclosures - The Untold Story | AT&T and Other I.S.P.’s May Be Getting Ready to Filter | 'Second Thoughts about Fluoride,' Reports Scientific American | Major Outcomes of the Alliance of Civilizations Forum | LEAP/E2020 Alert: Breaking phase ahead for the global financial system in 2008 | Will Presidential Decision Directive #25 be Declassified?

Newsletter for January 17, 2008

Rethink Conference Starts Today: Christian Leaders Help Bring About Robert Schuller's Dream of an All-Inclusive Spirituality | Ahmadinejad: Mideast countries will erupt like a volcano | First Temple seal found in Jerusalem | Winograd Commission member: Report could topple government | Joint US-EU-NATO security body mulled | UN 'civilization' forum endorses measures to end intolerance | Islamic charity indicted for ties to terrorist | Unfavorable drug studies don't get into print: report | U.S. to study bizarre medical condition | 7-year plan aligns U.S. with Europe's economy | Indianapolis mayor: killings were 'evil' | White House recycles backup e-mail tapes | Inflation rate is worst in 17 years | Alliance of Civilizations told to act - Summary  | Don't panic over heart drug news, U.S. group advises | Citi writes off $18 billion, Merrill gets capital | UN Alliance of Civilizations to stage first forum in Madrid | Israel and Palestinians open talks | Bush stops in Saudi Arabia for talks | Report: Olmert Agrees to Allow in 50,000 Arab 'Refugees' | Coast Guard forces vaccine derived from aborted child | 'Islamic Jesus' hits Iranian movie screens  | Shi'ite calls for Sunni detente | Homeland Security Department Announces Deeply Flawed Regulations for National ID System | British Pound Stumbles | Prof teaches 'being gay' with taxpayer funding | Turkey Firm On Boosting Ties With Iran | U.S. Wary of Warming Syrian-Turkish Ties | Netanyahu to Bush: Jerusalem to stay under Israeli control for eternity  | Medieval Mosque Shows Amazing Math Discovery | Ministry founder: U.S. Christians 'absolutely not prepared' for persecution | Mexico to use biochip to control illegal immigration | Big Brother on Stage: What Kind of Actor is the EU? | Dictator at the Door | Narco-Dollars for Beginners "How the Money Works" in the Illicit Drug Trade | The Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientology Tried To Suppress

Newsletter for January 11, 2008

Merck drug company vaccines admits injecting cancer viruses | The Mahdi is Coming | Shiite leaders urges outreach to Sunnis | ECB, Bank of England holds rates steady | Bush predicts Mideast peace treaty | Olmert: No peace unless attacks stop | Anxious people have higher heart risk | Jesuits gather in Rome to elect new "black pope" | WiMax seen growing fast globally | Rare winter tornado reported in Ark. | It's All Happening at the ZOO | Indonesia mud volcano breaches barrier and sparks panic | Forget oil, the new global crisis is food | World Powers call for Coalition Government | Bush sees Israeli-Palestinian peace deal in 2008: report | America Has Lost Her Mind | SWF'S - Saviours or Harbingers of Economic Apocalypse? | Trends to a New World Order: Part 1 |Is Your Church Suffering From R & R? | Borse Dubai to acquire stake in Nasdaq | The Coming of Eurabia | Olmert says Israel must internalize divided Jerusalem | Kosovo train-wreck warnings | Oooh arrrr not alone anymore | Hamas averages 8.2 missiles a day in 2007, steps up Iran-Syrian-backed preparations for full-scale war | Cyprus and Malta make the switch to Euros | Abbas: This will be the year of our victory | Global Banks Adopting Islam | U.S. under U.N. law in health emergency  | How Pietism Deceives Christians