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Stories in red are what I believe to be related to end-times buildup for fulfillment of prophecy.
Stories in green are related to the rise of Islam. The 4th seal is the pale (green) horseman.
Stories in blue are earth and solar system changes.
Stories in teal are related to events in Europe, the fourth kingdom and the New World Order.
Stories in orange are related to the economic crisis.

Newsletter for December 28, 2006

Germany At EU Helm Seeks to Revive Mideast Quartet | Deadly wave of violence hits Rio | Islamic forces abandon Somalia's capital | Israel to renew Gaza pinpoint attacks | Taiwan quake disrupts communications | King Abdullah: Israel not as strong as we thought | 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Taiwan | 3-Foot High Tsunami Headed for Philippines | US, EU Strengthening "Abbas's Force" | Israeli spies divided over Syria's peace overtures | Burning Issues No. 18: Is Russia an ally of Iran? | Putin to remain leader after leaving Kremlin: senior politician | German homeschool advocate says Nazis have returned | Turkey, Georgia vow to strengthen ties | After Shell, Russia now turns on BP | Syria building 'death trap' villages | ‘Syria preparing to lure Israel into war’ | Olmert: Syrian Peace Overtures Not Genuine | The Alliance of Civilizations: War on Monotheistic Religions? | Assad to meet Putin and ask for weapons | Seven dead, 150 injured in Indonesian earthquake | Iran to celebrate nuclear victory in February: Elham | U.S. violent crimes jump in first half of 2006: FBI | Their Global Plan | One of the Most Influential "Immortals" of the French Academy Believes a Coming Christian Renaissance will go Beyond All Expectations | Russia Defies West And Goes Ahead With Nuclear Fuel Sale To Iran | Northwest Storm Leaves 1.5M in the Dark | Iran offers nuclear technology to Gulf nations-TV | Assad calls for dialogue with Israel | EU Constitution Back On The Political Agenda | Medical Breakthrough—Diabetes Cured in Mice | Pentagon honors Wahhabi-trained Muslim chaplain | Raids in 6 States May Be Largest Ever | Report: Saudis warn they may back Sunnis | Dollar collapse would result in Amero | The plan to destroy America – via the dollar | MK Eldad: If world doesn't stop Iran, we will | Science Gives Christians Upper Hand Over Atheists

Newsletter for December 12, 2006

Syrian guerrillas 'to launch resistance within months' | Modern day Gog and Magog | The Frankish Empire Strikes Back | Sunspot 930 | U.S. And U.K. Leaders Agree On Two-State Solution | Haniyeh Vows To Never Recognize Israel | Philippines Braces Itself For New Typhoon as World Vision Continues to Provide Essential Aid | Nasrallah: Weapons Aimed At Israel Only | Dore Gold: Israel must prepare for different reality | No Winter for Europe | U.S. Uneasy About Biotech Food | Universities Trash 1st Amendment | Chinese have ownership in U.S. cargo monitors | Olmert: No negotiations with Syria any time soon | Initiative – Middle East Peace Conference without Israel | Top-Level Insiders Selling Their Stock | Baker Report Demands Israel Give Away Golan Heights | Warmed-up oceans reduce key food link | EU constitution talks likely to sideline Brussels | Hizbullah and Hamas Beating the War Drums | Stroke rehab in a glove | Plans to rescue and revitalise a dormant EU

Newsletter for December 6, 2006

Terrorists rejoicing over new Iraq 'plan' | Ahmadinejad: Iranian Nation To Crush Enemies | Follow God Or Vanish, Ahmadinejad Tells West | Rabbis Urge Israelis To Revolt Against Government | Strengthening the European Neighbourhood Policy - Foreshadowing of the covenant with many? | Important Mideast declaration signed at Tampere EU conference | Declassified IDF Photos and Footage Expose Hizbullah Tactics | Second Volcano Erupts in Russia's Far East in 2 Days | Finland Ratifies EU Constitution | Hamas Chief Promises War Even if PA State is Established | Turkey warns EU not to push it away from membership negotiations | Iran Urges Arab Countries To Eject US Military | Iraqi Christians plead for help from White House | Turkey Seeks To Boost Iran Ties | Syria smuggling missiles to Hizbullah | Mullah: Iran-Turkey-Syria cooperation helps preserve Iraq | Netanyahu: Gaza turning into second Lebanon | Putin wanted Blair to gag poisoned spy | Call for lifting borders separating Islamic states | "Backscatter" X-Ray Screening Technology | Pope hailed for praying toward Mecca like Muslims | The Coming Era of Magical Physics | E-passports with RFID chips cracked | 1,400 Terrorists for Gilad Shalit? | Olmert’s Speech Angers Many, Even in Kadima | Hitler's On The Verge of Victory | The Gym of the Soul

Newsletter for November 26, 2006

Islam: What the West Needs to Know - Trailer | DEBKAfile Exclusive: Hamas hardliner Khaled Meshaal’s deposits in Cairo a list of tough, non-negotiable ultimatums for a ceasefire and Palestinian unity | Russian-born businessman: I met poisoned ex-spy Litvinenko in Israel | Gog and Magog Alliance - CSTO ready to cooperate with SCO | Erdogan calls on pope to back 'alliance of civilizations' | Russian rocket deliveries to Iran started | Ahmadinejad Predicts Collapse of Israel, U.S., U.K. | Abdullah: Possibility Of Three Civil Wars In Mideast | Chirac, Prodi call for European push on Middle East peace | Israeli Prime Minister Accepts Gaza Cease-Fire Offer From Palestinian President | Earthquake Hits Hawaii's Big Island | Dead Russian ex-spy accuses Putin | Hubble telescope's top ten greatest space photographs | Baghdad locked down | 'God' erased: Names of U.S. cities forced to be changed? | Anti-Syrian leader Warns of More Lebanon Violence | Bush warns Syria, Iran after Lebanon killing | Terrorists give order: Jews must evacuate | AIDS Cases On The Rise | One Voice Vital For EU On Energy Resources, Says Solana | Syria and Iraq Restore Diplomatic Relations | Messengers From Hell | Iran Slowly Securing Its Grip Around Israel | Israeli Minister – Forget Peace, Declare War! | Syria on the Move in Lebanon and Iraq | 'Innocent Citizens' Protecting Terrorists? - No Such Thing | The Elephants are Going Mad | So How Come We Haven't Stopped It? | Al-Qaeda: Kill the Christians

Newsletter for November 20, 2006

Palestinians suspend talks on unity government | Iran calls for summit with Iraq, Syria | Bomb on passenger train in India kills 6 | Nine Qassam missiles fired from Gaza Monday - two hit Sderot center. One missile hit Kibbutz Beeri offices causing heavy damage | Spain, France and Italy push Middle East peace initiative that does not require Hamas government recognition of Israel | The fire of the Holy Spirit sweeps over ‘The roof of the world’ | Christianity being wiped from tales of U.S. history | Alliance of Civilizations - THE REPORT | The New Truth | Hamas spokesman says new Palestinian unity government will neither recognize Israel nor accept a two-state solution | DEBKA-Net-Weekly: Very recent Iranian-North Korean nuclear collusion revealed | Annan links Arab-Israel to broad conflict | Solana Wants New Roadmap to Cooperate With PA | Awaiting the Iranian Messiah | Loose Ends | Israel Develops Laser to Destroy Roadside Bombs | IDF girds for possibility of war with Syria, Hezbollah in 2007 | Signs of the Times | Eye of the Storm: The 'Iranization' of Syria | Prodi Heads to Eygpt to Push for ME Peace Plan | Annan urges Syria and Iran to help Lebanon | Use of human shields continues in Gaza | Report: Olmert orders killing of Hamas politicians | 'Bush doesn't think America should be an actual place' | European trio presenting new Mideast peace plan | Israel secretly studies 'bold' peace bid | Democrat win paves way for Mideast 'chaos' | World's most deadly bugs... in the hands of terrorists | Ahmadinejad: Israel’s destruction near | Palestinian FM accepts Arab Proposal For Peace Conference | 'Israel Must Prepare For Full-Scale War' | Iran in UN protest over Israel 'military threats' | Olmert: 'I am ready for territorial compromises' | Ancient Egyptian City In the Grand Canyon? | Megapastor Rick Warren's Damascus Road experience | Why is Obama's evil in Rick Warren's pulpit? | Iranian Paper: Great War to Wipe Out Israel Coming | Palestinian Television: Suicide is Most Glorious Death of All | Bush Prepares Switch on Iraq and Downgrading of US Ties with Jordan and Israel | Mag. 8.3 "Bell Ringer" Slams Northern Japan, Small Tsunami Followed | Global Warming Causing Disease to Rise | The Rape of Europe

Newsletter for November 11, 2006

Bush names former CIA chief Robert Gates as next defense secretary after Donald Rumsfeld agreed to step down | EU Council Approves 2 Billion Euro Financing Instrument | DEBKAfile: Israel began pulling troops out of an area on the northern edge of divided Ghajar village Tuesday in an unpublicized deal with UNIFIL | Syrian FM Walid Mualem threatens to start “countdown to war” with Israel failing progress on peace track | United Nations, Occult, Masons: It's Halloween Every Day For Global Guardians | Iran Vows To Hit Back If Israel Attacks | Abbas: Arafat's Way Is Our Way | Al-Qaida: We'll blow up the White House | The God vacuum: America and the barbarian hordes | Olmert Expresses Sorrow At Death Of The Civilians In Beit Hanoun | Hamas Urges Attacks On U.S. Targets | Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal says militants will reply to Israeli tank shelling in deeds, not words | Mashaal Threatens To Kidnap More IDF Soldiers | Ethiopia: African Union Blasts Israel For Attacking Palestine | Communist Party Supporting Dems | 'War within 10 months' | MI5 Tracking '30 UK Terror Plots' | 'Aliens Could Attack at Any Time' Warns Former MoD Chief | ISLAMerica: Hezbollah Judge Elected in Michigan! | A Nation Divided Cannot Stand | Contemplative Spirituality - The Latest 'Christian' Craze | The Coming Technocratic Dark Age | Muslims in glass houses | Strong Quake Hits Off Papua New Guinea | Poland Proposes EU Army Tied to NATO

Newsletter for November 6, 2006

Biblical Masterpiece Published In English for First Time — Sets Specific Date for Creation of the World | Russia says believes Iran's nuke program peaceful | US-Led Military Thrust Focuses Heavily on Broad Naval Deployment | Mideast peace at critical stage, warns EU's Solana | Merkel says Germany 'will not solve' EU constitution limbo | U.S. sets ambitious "global" NATO summit agenda | From Jerusalem to Texas ... Interviews with Democrat-supporting terrorists reverberates | Syria Threatens War With Israel | Saddam, 2 others sentenced to death | Real Conspiracies: Transforming the World by Subverting the Church | Blair 'ordered U-turn on faith schools admissions' | Think Again: Democrats go European | Homosexuals suspected of vandalizing synagogue | Russia, China won't back Iran sanctions | Iran-Hamas Summit in Coming Weeks | Why Israel Will Go to War Again – Soon | Supercow and Pigs That Glow at Night - an Average Day on the GM Farm | Muslim insurgents behead 14-year-old Christian boy | Brand New Substance Created From Water | Europe: Racing to Damascus

Newsletter for November 1, 2006

British scientists grow human liver in a laboratory | Experts crack cancer 'gene codes' | Stars Patricia Heaton, Jim Caviezel and World Series Pitcher Jeff Suppan Team Up to Present Counter Ad to Michael J. Fox's Deceptive Stem Cell Promotion | As Scientists Feared — Embryonic Stem Cells May Cause Tumors in Patients | The Islamization of Europe is being interrupted by God | How to gain an appreciation for U.S. soldiers | New Super Ultrasound Technique "Zaps" Tumors, Fibroids — May Eliminate Need for Hysterectomies | Olmert holding back 'crucial' military operations | Israel May Rethink Truce Commitment | Report: Iran, Syria are Russia's top military clients | U.S. sets ambitious "global" NATO summit agenda | 'UFO' caught on film | Egypt moves 5,000 troops near Gaza border | Solana: Time To End Occupation | Russia Signals Tough Fight Over European Proposal For Sanctions On Iran | 'Tower Of Babel' Translator Made | The Dollar's Full-System Meltdown | Former World Bank Chief Economist Predicts Global Crash | Swedish Welfare State Collapses as Immigrants Wage War | Bulusan Explodes | Ash Blankets 16 Villages in 3 Towns | Worst-Ever Drought Intensifies Australian Climate Change Debate | Replacement Tunnel Would Be Near Seattle Fault | Expert: Prepare for War

Newsletter for October 26, 2006

DEBKAfile reports: Shock in Jerusalem over crude insult to Israel’s leaders from Russia’s Vladimir Putin | Spain: Mideast 'Roadmap' Not Working | Solana Set for Tough Talks with Israeli and Palestinian Leaders | Syria paying Golan Heights public officials | Data's Head | We are biased, admit the stars of BBC News | Europe's Unsolicited Advice | Why Johnny is Reading Islamist Propaganda | Turks can live without EU | Earthquake with Preliminary Magnitude of 6.8 Strikes off Coast of Japan | Your DNA is a Song: Scientists Use Music to Code Proteins | Documents Reveal 'Shadow Government'

Newsletter for October 21, 2006

Discovery of the Treasures of Jerusalem's Temple, According to Claims of New Location, Could "Rock World Religions" | Spanish foreign minister says no final peace in Mideast without Syria | Ahmadinejad: God told me we would win | Vatican officially confirms Pope trip to Turkey | Descendants of King David Planning Reunion in Israel | Christian Family, Severely Persecuted in Pakistan, Friends Who Helped Them Are Now on the Run for Safety | Iran’s supreme ruler Ali Khamenei delivers war sermon, symbolically totes Kalashnikov | Tehran Arms Hamas for a Double-Barreled War Option and Gaza as Second Lebanon | The naval exercise to be held by US, Bahrain and allies later this month brings a massive concentration of American naval, air and marine might to the Persian Gulf | North Korea threatens New York, Washington | Rabbis split on Temple Mount synagogue plan | Across Europe, Worries on Islam Spread to Center | Honey Remedy Could Save Limbs | Iran's target: 3,000 dead Americans by Nov. 7 | Israel Raises Prospect of War in 2007 | Secular Jews join religious trends | Not So Hidden Dangers at the UN -- Nominated by our "Christian President?" | Ahmadinejad's political mysticism | IDF: Syrian Army In Battle Positions | Disaster declared as quake hits Hawaii | Canadian Jews say goodbye to Liberal Party | Muslim stabs wife when daughter becomes Christian | U.N. Council Imposes Harsh Sanctions On North Korea | Anti-Tank Missiles Smuggled Into Gaza | Plague Confirmed In Congo, 42 Reported Dead: WHO | Israel Must Prepare For Iran to Push the Button - Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz | Peru Shaken by "Strong" 6.5 Quake, Tsunami Warning Issued | Iran Warns of Revenge Over Israel | Hundreds of Ecuadorean Villagers Evacuated as Tungurahua Volcano | No. California Rattled by 4.5 Quake | Philippines Thumped By Twin Quakes | Turkey Shaken by 5.0 Quake | Report: Kim Sorry About N. Korea Nuclear Test | Ahmadinejad Predicts Israel's Collapse, Warns of 'Boiling Wrath' | Syrian Military Impart Hizballah’s Combat Methods to Hamas Terrorists | The Barbarians Are Past the Gate — Part 1 | Remittances to Mexico: More Money on the Move | 'We're Near on a 'Cloak of Invisibility,' Scientists

Newsletter for October 11, 2006

Synagogue Planned For Temple Mount, Hashemites to Add Minaret | Patronising Turkey is a dangerous game for Europe | RUSSIA ARMING NORTH KOREA AND IRAN: Putin has joined the "Axis of Evil" | An Image of Real Forgiveness and a Picture of What Christianity is All About | SHARP PUTIN CRITIC MURDERED IN MOSCOW: 43rd journalist killed in Russia since '93 | DEBKAfile’s sources: Tehran and Damascus are gearing up for a pre-emptive Syrian attack on Israel to ward off a US strike on Iran’s nuclear sites | DEBKA Exclusive: Moscow posts two Chechen platoons in S. Lebanon, one headed by an ex-rebel commander, “to improve Russia’s image in the Arab world” | High Hopes For German EU Period | Strong quake shakes northern Japan, no tsunami warning issued | Ash from Philippine volcano blankets two towns | El Salvador declares alert after volcano begins rumbling | North Korea sees U.S. pressure as act of war | Call for Israel to leave Shebaa farms area | Syria: Establish Arab Defense Alliance | Jews at Risk as Turkey Goes Radical | Israel on alert for Syrian attack | Take This Congress and Shove It

Newsletter for October 6, 2006

Israeli company discovers oil at drilling site near Dead Sea | Yom Kippur in Moscow: 80 Jewish Tombstones Smashed | Waiting for the Imam's Return to Earth | EU heading for single UN seat, UN official says | Assad gives Israel 6 months for peace negotiations | This WEEK in the European Union | Christian leaders show support for Israel | Beijing secretly fires lasers to disable US satellites | We Will Not Recognize Israel: Hamas PM | Scientists teleport two different objects | Iran: Sanctions won't derail enrichment | 'Gaza readying for war' | Fatal shooting at US Amish school | Syria Threat Over Golan Puts Israel On War Alert | Solar flares will disrupt GPS in 2011 | Stem Cell Experts Seek Licence to Create Human-Rabbit Embryo | Teeth Improve Memory | Wake Up America - Can't We See What is Happening to Us | Giant Electromagnetic 'Launch Ring' Possible: U.S. Air Force | Maine Quake Causes Dramatic Drop in Well Water Level | America — Land of the Willingly Ignorant! | 6.7 Quake Near Samoa Generates Small Tsunami | Antimatter Discovery Could Alter Physics | Russian Troops Make First Mideast Foray in Lebanon for Centuries | Iran Making Worldwide Move to Bring Islamic War to American and Israel Soil | Earthquake Rocks Koryak Causing Power Blackout | North American Earthquakes Over Last 72 Hours | High-Risk Warning for Mt. Ruapehu | Eastern Venezuela Shakes to 6.1 Richter Scale Earthquake | Water Out of Thick Air

Newsletter for September 30, 2006

Alliance of Civilizations (AOC) 2010 | Poll: Two Thirds of Palestinians Find Hizbullah Tactics 'Attractive' | Fascinating or Sensationalism? | Hizbullah Moving Rockets to Palestinian Camps | Researcher: Temple treasure is in West Bank | Al-Qaeda loosing foothold in Iraq | civil war on horizon: UN | Global Recommendation 666 Part 1 | Global Recommendation 666 Part 2 | Gay Parade 10th November, Anniversary of "Krystalnacht" | Esther's Glory: Biblical Epic to Hit Theaters | Vatican opens pre-WWII archives | Troubled Schools are Getting Help From Churches | Tortured screams ring out as Iraqis take over Abu Ghraib | New Testable Model for Creation Poised to Challenge the Darwinian Theory--Are We Willing to Let Science Be the Judge? | U.S. And Israel Get Tough On Syria | Sun's Activity Increased in Past Century, Study Confirms | Documents disclose 'shadow government' | Russia to deliver 80 tons of fuel to Iran NPP - Atomstroiexport | Man Arrested for Blowing Shofar at Western Wall | Al-Qaida recons nuke storage site | The Antichrist and Al-Mahdi – Comparing End Times in Christianity and Islam | War Signals? | Chinese Flag Stirs Quincy Controversy | NAFTA Super Highway Map | Is It Just Me, or Are People Really Getting Meaner? | Is There Anybody Out There? How the Men From the Ministry Hid the Hunt for UFOs | Maine Hit with NINE Earthquakes | North American Earthquakes Over Last 72 Hours | Mount St. Helens Update | Powerful Quake Hits Panay, Philippines

Newsletter for September 21, 2006

Security Council divided on successor to Kofi Annan - Muslim frontrunner? | Clinton sees new Mideast peace plan in two months | Military Orders Suggest Iran Attack | Damascus official: Syria losing patience with Israel | Iran Adopts North Korean War Strategy | Salah: Caliph will sit in Jerusalem | Al-Qaeda: Israel's 9-11 Lies Ahead | Virgins of Paradise music video returns to PA TV | Ahmadinejad at the United Nations: Praying to Allah for the Return of the Twelfth Imam | Calls for calm as militants threaten to kill the Pope / additional reporting | A Chip That Transfers Data Using Laser Light | Israel Shaken by Second Quake in 8 Days | Putin: Russia’s Next Czar? | Why are French Jews leaving France? | Nuclear Threats: Law Enforcement Sources Confirm: Illegals Crossing Border Carrying "KI Tablets" | Colorado State Professor Disputes Global Warming is Human-Caused

Newsletter for September 14, 2006

Baylor study finds religion thriving in the U.S. | 9/11 Firefighter Recalls the Infamous Day as a "Taste of Hell" | DEBKAfile: Olmert’s belated discovery of a serious breach with Washington prompted him to disinter the Middle East roadmap | Doctors Make "Spectacular, Momentous Discovery" - Permanent Coma Patient Found to Understand what is Going On Around Her | Texas Towns, Ridiculed for Praying for Rain, Have Prayers Answered | Al Qaeda No. 2 Releases Tape Inviting Americans to Convert to Islam | EU's Solana To Try To Revive Mideast Peace Effort | Actor Chuck Norris and Wife Gena Joi n National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools Board of Directors | Hizbullah Presents: How To Recruit Children | Israeli researchers get a charge out of safe nano-battery | New EU Map Makes Kent Part Of Same 'Nation' As France | Another 9/11 on it's way | 3 killed outside U.S. embassy in Syria | Livni: If Abbas joins Hamas terror government, we will have a problem | Five years after 9/11, the ACLU considers Christians the terrorists | Al-Qaeda Warns Of New Attacks In Gulf, Israel | Abu Mazen: Jerusalem the Capital of Palestinian State | Strong quake rocks Southwest Florida | Moderate Earthquake Felt in Israel | Iran President Urges West To Follow God's Path | Powers Should Not Isolate Iran: Annan | Pope and former students ponder evolution, not "Intelligent Design" | Olmert: War Against Syria Would Be 'Without Limits' | The Growing Dispute over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount | Another Anti-Israel Media Hoax Revealed | MK Bishara Warns Syria Of Israeli Attack | Study: Earth and Space Weather Connected | Iran Fires Artillery into Iraq, Captures 7 Border Guards | Ammunition Disappearing? | How Hi-Tech Hezbollah Called the Shots | 'You're Despicable!' | Iran Resumed Weapons Airlift to Hizballah via Beirut Friday as Soon as Israel Ended its Air Blockade | Prelude to Apocalypse | Meteor's Massive Sonic Boom Startles N. Zealanders | The Age of Horrorism — An Extraordinary Perspective of How Islam Extremists View the U.S. and the World | Scientists Watch Volcanic Bulge on Oregon's South Sister | Another Volcano Rumbles — Alert Level Raised | Europe's Largest Volcano Erupting | The Gray Ooze That Ate the Indonesian Villages | Javier Solana and the End Times

Newsletter for August 30, 2006

Turkey reaching out to Arab world - leaving Europe behind? | Turkish Parlament Gives Green Light to Turkish Troop Deployment in Lebanon | Experts warn U.S. is coming apart at the seams | These Are the Facts | VeriChip Sells First Baby Protection System, in Talks with Military | Russia and Central Asian Allies Conduct War Games in Response to US Threats | World's Greatest Diplomat | Iran's Navy Attacks and Boards Romanian Rig in Gulf | Irish company challenges scientists to test 'free energy' technology | Tehran Seeks Help From Turkey on Lebanon | Turkish, Iranian Armies Build Up Forces Along Iraq's Only Quiet Area | Turkey Set to Buy 50 SLAM-ER Missiles From U.S. | Iran Enriching Uranium Ahead Of UN Deadline: Paper | Lebanon Refuses Contact With Israel | Japanese Firm’s Sales to Iran Under Scrutiny | Christian Pakistani teen escapes death | Britain 'is now biggest security threat to US' | The very real NAFTA superhighway | Why liberals are crushing dissent | EU Enters New Era Of Middle East Influence With UN Mission | Jesse Jackson discusses prisoner swap with Syria | UNIFIL Accused of Providing Israeli Intelligence to Hizbullah | UK poll shows increase in fear of Islam | Nasrallah: We won't be restrained for a long time | Report from Invader-Infested Maywood, California | Syria Draws a Line at the Border | Life and Death | DEBKAfile Exclusive: First wave of arrests inside Hizballah of suspected informers to Israeli intelligence | Medicine Trees | 'Ahmadinejad Would Sacrifice Half of Iran to Wipe Out Israel | Drought Shrivels Worldwide Wheat Supply | 'Minor' Earthquake Grabs Attention of Thousands | Meteor Rattles Hawke's Bay | Missouri Homes Evacuated After Sinkhole Swallows Man's Garage | More Nicotine in Cigarettes, U.S. Report

Newsletter for August 24, 2006

Gul to Seek Syrian ME Peace Contribution in Damascus | Turkey Cautious on Troop Deployment Despite Israeli Urging | World leaders call on Turkey to contribute to peacekeeping in Lebanon | Turkish PM Erdogan Says 'Nobody Should Expect Us to Remain Neutral': Reactions From the Turkish Media to the Middle East Crisis | TV Documentary Links Hitler and Darwin | Muslim College Students Reach for Bible during Mid-East Crisis Because Gospel was Shared | Annan plans Mideast trip to Syria and Iran | Putin Says Russia Considering Sending Troops to Lebanon | Syria opposes U.N. forces on its border | Prodi offers Italian troops to command UN mission in Lebanon | Tom Corbett, Space Cadet | DEBKAfile Exclusive: American electronic warfare experts in Israel to find out how Hizballah’s Iranian systems neutralized Israeli EW | Deadly, Major Quake Predicted to Strike New Zealand, Experts | Tungurahua Eruptions Leave Thousands Homeless — All Water Contaminated

Newsletter for August 22, 2006

Arab nations pushing for new peace process with Israel | Lebanese Christians Opening Arms, Homes to Muslim Refugees | Experts Say Volcano in Ecuador is Ready to Erupt Again | DEBKAfile: Nasrallah is transferring his entire fighting force from northern Lebanon to the South | Rescued: Three Men Lost at Sea for Nine Months - They Survived on Rainwater, Raw Fish and Reading the Bible | Lebanese Government Concession Allows Hizballah to Stay Armed in the South - Provided Weapons Are Hidden | Is The Way Congress Votes Moral Or Even Legal? | Russia’s Putin Faces Growing Chorus of Criticism in U.S. | Israel Must Be Ready For Any Iranian Attack: Minister | Speculation Rages About Iran's Plans For August 22 | Olmert Rules Out Peace Talks With Syria | EU To Meet On Lebanon Force | Unidentified disease kills 14 | Annan abuses power – sides again against Israel | US facing wave of murders and gun violence | Powerful Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake Hits Near South Pole | Iranian Army Ready For Israel Action After Lebanon War | Israel Protests Russian Missile Sales To Iran | Al-Aqsa: We Learned Missiles Subdue Israel | Volcano Wipes Out 3 Villages In Ecuador | Syria President Assad Threatens War | Hezbollah Leads Work to Rebuild, Gaining Stature | IDF: We'll Disarm Hizbullah If UN Can't | Nations Refuse To Disarm Hezbollah | Prepare For The Next Round | Islamic Jihad mob kills alleged collaborator | Neighbors Smell Blood in Israeli Cease-Fire Acceptance | Iran Says Disarming Lebanese Hizbollah "Illogical" | Syria still transferring supply of rockets, missiles to Hezbollah | Analysis: For Israel, An Imperfect Deal | Buchanan Declares: Third World Conquest of America | Iran’s Military Exercise and Apocalyptic Plans for Israel and World | Backward Sunspot | The Top 10 Things Food Companies Don't Want You to Know | Drought in Texas Staggers Farmers | Losses at More Than $4.5B | Mike Wallace Hired as Iranian Spin Doctor? | Iran Prepares for War With Israel and U.S. | A Third of the World Population Faces Water Scarcity Today | Small Quakes Keep Shaking Ohio | Natural Disasters Rising With Staggering Consequences

Newsletter for August 15, 2006

Magog Revisited | Study Finds Abortion Poses More Risks to Women than Giving Birth | Cease-fire Plan Does Not Eliminate Hizbullah Threat | Typhoon Slams China, Over 1.5 Million Evacuated | EU's Solana to visit Lebanon, Israel | 'Mass Murder Terror Plot' | Ahmadinejad: "Death To Israel" | Assad: We’ll Liberate Golan Heights | Quake Shakes Sea Floor in South Pacific | Magnitude 6.1 Quake Strikes Indonesia | Experts: London plot not Osama's encore | Philippine volcano shows signs of imminent eruption | Solana, EU's 'Good Cop' Takes Stage | Ahmadinejad, Putin Discuss ME Developments By Phone | Ethiopia Flood Death Toll Reaches 250 | Buildings Evacuated As Earthquake Rattles Mexico | Hizbullah Declares Victory | The Pentagon Is Worried By Syria's 'Rising Self-Confidence' | Reutersgate strikes other news outlets | Syria, Turkey Revive Strategic Partnership | Syria Checks Bomb Shelters | St. Helens Brewing Again? | Plot Shows Rise of Extremism in Europe | Iranian Cataclysm Forecast Aug. 22

Newsletter for August 8, 2006

Beheading Nations: The Islamization of Europe’s Cities | Terrorists Fight Israel With Russian Weapons | Reuters News Admits to Doctored Photo - Other Media Correspondents Speak of Hizbullah's Control over What News is Shown | The Prince of Persia, the Prince of Tyre, and The Prince of the Armies of Heaven | Methane Burps and Heat Waves: Global Warming Made Visible | Is Hezbollah launching Iran's Armageddon? | More and More Germans Become Muslims | Evidence Mounts that Kana "Massacre" Was a Fake | Two Ex-Islamic Terrorists Devote Their Lives to Christ, Defend Israel | Israeli Playwright Yehoshua Sobol: "I Was Wrong" | Israel Ready For Full-Scale Assault | Iran Says US Or Israeli Attack Will Face "Raging Sea" | Taiwan Confirms FM Visited Hezbollah Chief, Sparking US And Israeli Concern | FBI Searching For 11 Egyptian Students | Quake strikes Vanuatu, Philippine volcano spews | Tests show clinic drenched in blood | Syrian Minister Rejects Cease-Fire Plan | Major Alaskan Oil Field Shutting Down | Iran Threatens To Use 'Oil Weapon' In Nuclear Standoff | Syria 'Ready For Possible Regional War' | Russia Remains Iran’s Ally In Spite Of Supporting UN Resolution | Israeli war deaths go largely unnoticed | Iran's smuggling of uranium from African mine uncovered | Hezbollah Iran Missiles Slam Hadera Israel - Nuclear War Approaching? | Iran: We supplied Zelzal-2 to Hizbullah | Iraqi Shiites Chant 'Death To Israel' | Syria Transfers Deadly Russian Weapons to Hezbollah | Iran Declares Its Nuclear Bad Intentions | 9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes | Cars That Won't Crash - The Technology is "Doable Right Now" | French Internet News Site Reports Arrest of Another Christian in Iran - to be Subjected to Tribunal and Threatened with Execution for Giving Their Newborn a Christian Name | An Important Clue is Found in the Cure for Muscular Dystrophy | Has Europe Gone Crazy? | Pro-Homosexual Push Commonplace in Schools Coast to Coast | War between Iran, Israel inevitable

Newsletter for August 1, 2006

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Assad tells Syrian army to step up state of readiness and takes two further provocative steps | NASA Study Shows Increase of Solar Radiation Could Effect Climate Change on Earth | Palestinian Fighters To Join Hizbullah | Turkish PM to meet with Muslim leaders on Lebanon | Iran's President Rejects U.N. Resolution | Raise Readiness, Assad Tells Syrian Army | Israel Will Expand Its Ground Operations In Southern Lebanon | Israelis Edge Closer To War With Syria | Midwest, Plains Hit by Blowtorch Heat | Israel Rejects Ceasefire Calls In Lebanon War | Iran Forces Urged To Prepare To Hit Israel | Sydney synagogue attacked | Hezbollah: we’ve planned this for 6 years | Syria Denounces Call For International Lebanon Force | San Andreas Fault So Stressed, Next Quake Could Be Magnitude 8 | Syria On Alert As Israel Strikes Near Border | More Than 160 Hizballah Rockets Hit Israel Sunday | Hezbollah Leader Said to Be Hiding in Iranian Embassy | More Than 60 Percent of U.S. in Drought

Newsletter for July 28, 2006

Syrian Reporter: In Syria There Is Atmosphere Of Eve Of War | Iran Negotiator Reportedly In Syria Talks | Ahmadinejad: Israel Pushed Self-Destruct Button In Lebanon | One Dead, Five Wounded At Seattle Jewish Federation | Fleeing Christians Denounce Hezbollah | Legislation Introduced to De-Fund Groups - Such as ACLU - Who Fight Religious Expression | Report: Nasrallah is in Damascus | Air Strike In Downtown Tyre | While Rabbis Make Call to Pray Psalm 83, Ancient Book of Psalms Found in Ireland Bog, Open to Same Psalm | CNN's Robertson Now Admits: Hezbollah 'Had Control' of His Anti-Israel Piece | Europe Meets Israel | 3 Baja cops, civilian found decapitated | cartels blamed | No Murders in Washington D.C. for Duration of Week-Long Prayer Vigil | Syria Increases Alert Of War With Israel | Iran testing Israel ahead of confrontation? | Mideast Talks 'Fail To Reach Agreement' | Annan: Israel "Deliberately" Killed 4 U.N. Observers | National Education Association keeps tilting to the left | Nasrallah Vows to Begin Firing Missiles Deeper into Israel | Iran Warns the West: Ignore Us At Your Peril | Olmert Rules Out Syrian Talks | Israel says Any Deal Must Include Block On Syria Supplying Arms To Hizbullah | Muslims attack Jew at U.S. Islamic rally | Scientists Say They’ve Found a Code Beyond Genetics in DNA | Al-Qaida Calls for Holy War Against Israel | Syria's Military Flatters to Deceive | Direct Saudi Threat to Israel | Suicide Armies Launched | California's Heat wave: "Freakish, Epochal, Unprecedented"

Newsletter for July 24, 2006

UNCOVERED: RUSSIAN-SYRIAN-IRANIAN AXIS | Thousands still without power in Queens | Massive blackout continues in St. Louis | Heat prompts power emergency in Calif. | Turkey may Lead UN Peacekeeping Force in Lebanon | Earthquake near Red Sea Opens Huge Rift on Land, Growing at Unprecedented Rate | Turkish anti-West mood 'rising' | Scientists Consistently Disagree on Global Warming - Despite Media Hype | Lake Powell Barely Half Full — Continues to Shrink | Iran, Syria Agree to Protect Hezbollah | Thirty Injured By High Winds at Busch Stadium | Magnitude 3.6 Quake Closes Mount St. Helens Again | 'Miracles' Amid Deadly Rocket Attacks in Israel | Iran's Ahmadinejad: Israel's Destruction at Hand | Sleeper Hizbullah cells activated | Iran planning to strike Israel? | Hezbollah Nourished by Iran, Syria Roots | US Says Iran Witnessed North Korean Missile Tests | Russia Criticizes Israel For Offensive | Ma'an: Nasrallah Will Give Tel Aviv Residents One Hour To Flee | Syrians Defiant, Outraged At Lebanon's Destruction | 250 N. American Jews Move to Israel Despite War | Hizbullah Has Shot 1,600 Rockets into Israel in 8 Days, 20 Thursday Morning, Herzog | Almost 500,000 Without Power in St. Louis | Europe Gasps as Heat wave Temperatures Soar | Ecuador Volcanic Eruption Destroys 19,000 Hectares of Farmland | Are You Ready for Your North American Union ID Card?

Newsletter for July 19, 2006

E.U.'s Javier Solana In Israel | We Soon Shall See | News Corp., DirecTV take broadband to the Max | Turkey Signals It's Prepared To Enter Iraq | Turkey Boosts Its Role as Strategic Energy Hub | The Nation of Islam and the Freemasons | Approximately 100 Million American Church Members Have Very Little to No Understanding of Bible Prophecy | Israelis say offensive could last weeks | Iranian President Ahmadinejad: Day of happiness for region near | Confirmed: Hezbollah Terror Operatives, "Sleeper Cells" Poised in the U.S. | Iran's Hizbullah Says Ready To Attack US, Israel | Rice insists nuclear talks should go through Solana | DEBKAfile: Nasrallah pleads for help and promises “the Zionists” more surprises | Iran leader Ali Khameini declares Sunday: Hizbullah will never be disarmed | EU 'can not wait' for constitution | Bush Accuses Syria Of Trying To Get Back Into Lebanon | IAF Foils Rocket Transports From Syria | Iran Official: No Part Of Israel Safe | Hizbullah Threatens To Hit Petrochemical Plants | Heat Wave Has Much of Nation Sizzling | Hundreds of Iranian Troops Fighting in Lebanon | Media Cover-Up Blocks Major News Story of 2006 | Indonesia Death Toll Passes 500 | Iran, not Hezbollah, is True Enemy | Quake Triggers Indonesian Tsunami | 5 Dead | Lava Flow Increasing From Philippine Volcano

Newsletter for July 16, 2006

Israel is at War, Says Israeli Ambassador | Non-Addictive Painkiller Derived from Pacific Snail, 1,000 Times More Potent than Morphine - Now Available in Great Britain | Erdogan affirms Turkey's meeting with Hamas in Syria | Turkey pledges $1 million to Palestinians, says donations will help create state | First Veto of Bush Presidency Expected if Senate Passes Embryonic Stem-Cell Research Funding | Two Meteorites Hit Norway in One Month, Scientists Call Recent Incident "Sensational" | The state of Islam in Britain | Will Europe will be Islamic by the end of this century? | Gingrich: We Need to Recognize That America is in World War III | Javier Solana As Antichrist Candidate? | EU's Javier Solana on His Way to Beirut | Crisis Deepens: Witnesses: Israel Attacks Hit Central Beirut | Report: Israel Gives Syria Ultimatum | Hezbollah Pledges ‘Open War’ Against Israel | URGENT - World Leaders Agree On Mideast Warfare | Iran Heaps Praise On Hezbollah Fight Against 'Tumour' Israel | Iran gave Hizbullah 11,500 missiles and rockets | Syria Vows Harsh Response If Israel Attacks | Iran Warns Israel Of 'Unimaginable Losses' If Syria Hit | Syria says fully backs Hizbullah against Israel | US 'could be going bankrupt' | Iran, Syria Used Hizballah As Proxy To Attack Israel, Analysts Say | Middle East Crisis: Backgrounder | Israel: ‘Concrete Evidence’ of Hizbullah Plan to Transfer IDF Captives to Iran | Syria's Role in the Current Israeli-Palestinian Confrontation

Newsletter for July 12, 2006

Hamas supreme leader Khaled Meshaal: Israeli soldier Gilead Shalit will not be returned until all Palestinian prisoners freed from Israeli jails | Olmert: No negotiations with governing Hamas, no Palestinian prisoners will be released to Hamas in trade for Corporal Shalit | Israeli Research Paves the Way to Grow Crops in Saline Land | North Korea Threatens 'All-Out War' | Shia Massacre Revives Fears Of Civil War | 'Remove' Israel, Iran calls | Iran: IDF Strikes Will Bring Islamic 'Explosion' | Ahmadinejad: Conditions for Removal of Israel Are at Hand | It's WWIII, and U.S. is Out of Ideas | Austria Adopts AMO Barcode Design as Symbol of it's EU Presidency | Iran Rejects Deadline At EU Nuclear Talks | Thousands March In Damascus In Solidarity With Palestinians | U.S.-Mexico merger opposition intensifies | 6 Explosions Hit Train Stations in India | Central Banking, the Depreciation of Self-Worth, and De-civilization | Axis of Evil Survivors Play By the Same Book | PM Olmert declares Hizbullah attack 'act of war' by Lebanon | Report: Abbas threatens to resign | Hamas Leader Will Bring Destruction On Middle East, Egypt Says | Israelis Kill 6 In Attack On Hamas Meeting | Shalom Sends Warning To Government In Damascus | Israeli Strike Changes Rules Of Battle: Militants | Hezbollah Captures 2 Israeli Soldiers | U.S. Blames Syria, Iran For Kidnappings

Newsletter for July 7, 2006

PA Has Declared War on Israel | U.N. Council Rebukes Israeli Operation | Iran's President Warns Israel on Continuing Attacks in Gaza | Israelis Resume Gaza Air Strikes - Tightens its Grip on Gaza | Inside Iran: Signs of the Apocalypse | N. Korea Says Japanese Sanctions Will Bring 'Disastrous' Response | Russia's Signal to Stations Is Clear: Cut U.S. Radio | Army Source: Hamas' Gloves Are Off | SETI Makes 'Alien' Contact? | Gaza militants pledge bloody fight with Israel | Volkswagen Unveils "Astonishing" Self-Driving Car - Soon to Make Its Way to a Showroom Near You | IDF Raises Alert On Syrian Border | Hamas rocket attack 'act of war' | Mary can bring Christianity and Islam together says Muslim writer | Scientists Develop Tool to Re-grow Teeth | Israeli Aircraft Attack Interior Ministry In Gaza | Olmert Issues Veiled Threat Against Syria | Israel Warns Of "Long War" | The One World Order: By Conquest or Consent? Part 1 | The One World Order: Secrets of Their Success Part 2 | The One World Order: It's Their Party Part 3 | How Volcanic Activity Influences Climate | Geologists Predict The Worst | Preparing The Highway For The Kings Of The East

Newsletter for July 3, 2006

End As We Know It | Back Door Man 2 | Cheyenne Mountain Air Station, Which Houses NORAD, is Raised to "Bravo-Plus" Threat Level | Retired Iraqi General Gave Heart to Christ - Says Name of Jesus is Praised in Saddam's Old Throne Room | The U.N. Plan For Global Migration | Shakin' Up Southern Calif. — Earthquake Activity Increasing | Northern Calif Earthquake Activity Continues | The Big One … Overdue! | Freak NY Tornado Flips Truck on Highway | How Melting Glaciers Alter Earth's Surface, Spur Quakes, Volcanoes | Assad Steps Up Support For Palestinians | Peretz: Syria Responsible For Shalit's Fate | Israel Says No Negotiations On Soldier | Palestinian Militants Issue Ultimatum To Israel | Hamas Threatens Attacks In Israel | Iran Purchased Long-Range Missiles From Russia | Key Gaza Goods Crossing To Be Reopened On Sunday For Urgent Aid | EU President Calls On Israel To Free Palestinian Officials | Thousands In Indonesia Protest Israel Gaza Actions | Ahmadinejad: Nuke Program Will Continue | Israel Threatens To Hit Damascus | Israel Quiet On Second Kidnap Claim | Murderer Israel, Get out of Palestine, Chanted Thousands of Turks in Istanbul Friday | Jordan Condemns Israeli Gaza offensive | Thousands In Egypt Rally For Palestinians | Israel warns: free soldier or PM dies | Iran Condemns 'Zionists' Crimes In Palestine

Newsletter for June 30, 2006

IDF Escalates Gaza Operation, Strikes PA Interior Ministry | Massive Algae Bloom Swirls Off West Coast | Palestinian Group Claims to Have Launched Chemical Warhead at Israel | Diplomatic Solution Possible in Gaza - Opportunity to Post a Prayer for Kidnapped Soldier | U.S. Senate Committee Calls For Release Of Supposed 19 Scientist Names Who Praised Global Warming Movie - Says AP Made Incorrect Claims | Arabs Back Syria After Israeli Flyover | Egyptian official to mediate Israel-Hamas deal | Syria Vows To Defend Itself Against Israel | Syria Support For Hamas Unwavering | Israel on alert for Hezbollah strikes after warning to Syria | Hamas Leaders Arrested | Israeli Executed | Rabbis to Bush: Don't back West Bank withdrawal | Quake Hits Iran | EU seeks more policing powers | Hamas Urges End to Raids | Syria: Israel Made Big Mistake | Weapon of Mass Diffraction | Dennis Ross: We Have Passed the Limit for Negotiations | Huge Asteroid to Fly Past Earth July 3 | Central Bankers Warned on Rising Inflation | Israel Needs a Preemptive Nuclear Strike Against Iran

Newsletter for June 27, 2006

New Week Dawning | DEBKAfile: The Palestinian Hamas kidnappers of Israel soldier Gilead Shalit break off contact with foreign diplomatic mediators | Major Media Outlets, Including New York Times, Lose the American Perspective -They Continue to "Shoot Themselves in the Foot" by Publicly Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy | Wary of U.S., Syria and Iran Strengthen Ties | Confirming A Covenant | Hamas: Islam will conquer USA and Britain | Migraines "Zapped" Away with New Device | Scientists Find Giant Bubbles Surrounding the Earth | Israel Prepares to Move On Outposts | Massive Super Highway of Super Highways through America's Breadbasket to Shorten Freight Transport Time, Save Energy | Hamas, Fatah Reach Deal On Plan That Implicitly Recognizes Israel | US Ambassador To Israel: Soldier's Capture Problem Is In Damascus | Israeli Forces Mass Near Gaza | Iran's Ahmadinejad To Visit Iraq | Glaciers are melting at their fastest rate for 5,000 years | Mexican trucks to enter U.S. freely? | Palestinians: Chemical warfare if Israel invades Gaza | Peter King: Prosecute New York Times | Israel 'Will Ensure Hamas Govt Toppled' If soldier Slain | Iranian President Calls For Strengthening Relations With Turkey | Talks With US 'of No Use to Iran' | Weather Makes Earth Wobble | 'Horrifying' Morgellons Affecting Thousands in Southeastern | Stealth Radar System Sees Through Trees and Walls Undetected | Iran Backs Attacks on U.S. Forces in Iraq, Casey Says | Gun Owners Accuse UN of July 4 Conspiracy

Newsletter for June 20, 2006

DEBKAfile Exclusive: New Syria-Iranian defense treaty opens way for Iran's Revolutionary Guards to deploy on Israel’s Golan border by summer’s end | The Strong Chinese-Hamas Intelligence Connection | DEBKAfile Exclusive: Olmert secretly allows American delivery of 1,000 M16 rifles to be delivered to Abu Mazen’s Force 17, while admitting to only 200 | EU ignores constitution vote to launch anti-terror squad | Peres: Peace at hand | Bush 'super-state' documents sought | Researchers Say New Chip Breaks Speed Record | Jews and Muslims Seek to Bridge the Gap at Moscow Forum | Hamas, Fatah Moving Closer to Deal on Implicitly Recognizing Israel | Iran would 'use nuclear defense' | Iran Seeks Aid in Asia In Resisting the West | Iran, Syria Sign Defense Agreement | NRA warns of U.N. gun control | Israel, Egypt, Jordan On Alert For Al-Qaida Attack | Germany Wants Mandate to Revive EU Constitution, Official Says | Iran's Place at Summit Raises Fears of Anti-West Alliance | Olmert Says West Bank Plan Unstoppable | PA Leader Threatened, Calls off Kassams - 4 More Are Fired | Mag. 5.5 - Queen Charlotte Islands Region | Russia Goes Its Own Way in Selling Arms | National ID Card a Future Job Requirement? | North American Union Would Trump U.S. Supreme Court | Mixing Animal, Human Cells Gets Exotic | Korea Threatens to 'Wipe Out' US Forces in Case of War | Respected Cornell Geneticist Rejects Darwinism in his Recent Book | New Moves on the Tripolar Chessboard | Earthquake Activity Increases In Alaska, California | 9.9 Million Illegals to Get Amnesty | 4.7 Mag. Felt: Light Earthquake in No. California | Iran President Arrives in China for Nuclear Summit | Scientists Warn of Immense Solar Storm Threat in 2012

Newsletter for June 14, 2006

Shocking, connect-the-dots exposé of globalist plot | Al Aqsa official: Jewish temples existed | Bush sneaking North American super-state without oversight? | The Market of Markets | Denmark proposes transatlantic marketplace ahead of EU-US summit | US cites China firms for supporting Iran military | Austrian chancellor suggests EU-wide referendum on constitution | New Quake at Mt. St. Helens Sends Steam, Ash 15,000 Feet High | Shocking, connect-the-dots exposé of globalist plot | Ahmadinejad to Meet Russian, Chinese Leaders | Palestinian Power Struggle Risks Civil War | Israel prime minister OKs arms for Abbas | Minister: Iran, Syria Security Intertwined | Global Markets Plunge on Fed Worries | Blair: World Wants Two State Solution | Al Qaeda in Iraq Chooses Zarqawi Successor | Israel: Final Peace Talks Unrealistic | Israel Should Not Wait Too Long to Implement Plan: PM | Spring of 2006 Warmest On Record In Canada, Says Environment Canada | China and Iranian Presidents to Meet Next Week | Hamas Votes to Make Sderot 'Ghost Town' | Iran sees problems in atomic offer from six powers | Russian Official Urges New World Financial System Without Dominating Currencies | Geyser, Inactive Since '98, Erupts | US is 'Not Ready' for Chávez Oil Ban Threat

Newsletter for June 9, 2006

The Plan to Replace the Dollar With the 'Amero' | North American Union to Replace USA? | Islamic Militia Seizes Somalia's Capital | 11,000 Flee Indonesia Volcano | Government Heads Back to the Bunker | Russian Rifles Arrive in Venezuela | Iran to Build Oil Refinery in Venezuela | Volcano Erupts in South Japan | Peru Volcano Activity Has Authorities Preparing Evacuation | USA Out-Flanked in Eurasia Energy Politics? | Record meteorite hit Norway | Iran's Positive Response Offers Hope | US to allow Iran convert uranium | Central Asian Bloc Considering Iran For Membership | Russia Urges Israel Against Iran attack | Robot device mimics human touch | Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi Killed in Air Raid | Iran Begins Fresh Nuclear Enrichment Despite Offer | 55 Die in China's Worst Flooding in 30 years | China Starts Oil Drilling Off Florida | Israel threatens to hit Hamas over Qassam attacks | Shin Bet chief: First signs of World Jihad visible in West Bank | Harvard defies Bush with therapeutic cloning program | Solana: 'We will not let the Palestinians down' | Over One-Third of Russians See U.S. as Enemy | Britons begin to turn away from alliance with America | Russia warns of 'colossal' impact if NATO takes in Ukraine, Georgia | Olmert, King Abdullah to Discuss Mideast peace | Hamas amassing large stockpiles of weapons | Israel braces for new terror war | Alex Jones Detained on Orders of Bilderberg Groups | International Community Recognizes Russia as One of World's Most Powerful Superpowers | More Than Drought Affecting Wheat Yields | Grape Growers Contend with Cold Weather, Damaged Crops | Iran Hoarding Gold | Water Fuel Experimenter and Team Threatened | Hot, Dry Weather Threatens Del. Crops | Christian forced to reproduce lesbian films sues | Former Iraqi General Shares What God Is Doing in Iraq

Newsletter for June 5, 2006

Iran Chief Eclipses Power of Clerics | Official: Jews expelled from Gaza 'victims' | Bin Laden family gave $1 million to Carter | New Orleans Sinking Faster Than Thought | Giving Up On Israel | Russia to Establish Naval Base in Syrian Port of Tartus | Strong Earthquake Hits Off Tonga | Ocean Vortex 'Death Trap' Discovered | Former CIA Analyst Says Iran Strike Set for June or July | 'Moderate' Earthquake Rattles New Brunswick | Allstate Dropping Earthquake Coverage in Washington | Presbyterian Church Leaders Admit Current Policy to Punish Israel through Divestments is Wrong | Jewish Leaders Buoyed by EU Interfaith Meeting | New film to prove accuracy of Bible? | IDF intelligence warns conflict with Palestinians to escalate | Hamas Rejects Abbas Ultimatum Over Israel | EU's Solana Due in Iran late on Monday | Dire Days Ahead | Coming Soon to U.S.: Mexican Customs Office | EU Nations to Issue Biometric Passports

Newsletter for May 31, 2006

Volcano's Lake Turns From Blue to Red | Ahmadinejad is Not Unhinged | Gillerman: World War III already begun | Russia-China Relations at Unprecedented High | Italy 'ready to join EU mainstream' | Reuters employee issues 'Zionist pig' death threat | Indonesia Quake Death Toll at 5,427 | Babies aborted for not being perfect | Tel Aviv within range of new Iran-supplied Hezbollah rocket | U.N. making home schooling illegal? | Iran's Military Plans for Invasion by U.S. | Reducing America So It Can Be Merged | Noam Chomsky: Why it's Over for America | Geologists Warn Indonesia Quake Could Awaken Nearby Volcano | Comoros Volcano Erupts, Spews Lava

Newsletter for May 29, 2006

Reports of Over 3,000 Killed by Earthquake in Indonesia | Iran Seeks Anti-U.S. Axis | Abbas: Terrorists are "Our Heroes" | Bush, Britain and the Jews Can [Go] Explode" | Iran Promises 'Historic Slap' to Any Attacker | has 'Mastered Nuclear Cycle' | Bush vows to protect Israel from Iran | Abbas gives Hamas 10 days to accept '67 lines | U.S., Israel 'in agreement' on Iran | Sources: 'Iran believes Israel to strike within year' | Osama's biographer says nukes in U.S. | Larouche Warns of Cheney Plans to Launch Iran Strike in June | Video: Water Car Inventor Murdered | Where Have All the Icebergs Gone? | More Uncertainty on World Markets | Iran Deploys Its War Machine | Iran Test-Fires Long-Range Missile | Montserrat’s Volcano Threatens Region with Tsunamis | Ark. Residents Urged to Prepare for Quake | Forecast Warns of Shower of Frogs | Scientists Say They Have Cleared Technical Hurdle in Fusion Research | Al-Qaeda's de facto 'boardrooms' are hosted by Saudi and U.A.E. Sheiks | The EU Incentives Proposal for Iran Is Rife with Hidden Dangers | A Hamas Ideologue Bares His Movement's Secret Designs and Dilemmas

Newsletter for May 23, 2006

Russia Becoming A Muslim State | Collapse of the Petrodollar Looming | New Tests For Sino-Russian Ties | Bush is expected to offer the mighty BIG-BLU bunker buster bomb to Israel and Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia | Iran is preparing consignment of 300 vehicles and two civilian aircraft for Gaza Strip - along with 50 Iranian “experts” | Ebola Fears As Brit Dies | Israeli diplomats plan to sue Ahmadinejad | Judge Blocks Prayer at High School Graduation | Al-Qaida group funded by Christian-slave trade | Iran May Already Have Nuclear Bomb: Expert | Mexico Works to Bar Non-Natives From Jobs | Anti-Christian Film ‘The Beast’ to Be Released on 06-06-06

Newsletter for May 19, 2006

China, Russia Pushing U.S. And Israel Closer To Arms Confrontation With Iran | Why the World Should Take Ahmadinejad Seriously | Ex-PA Paymaster: Arafat Used Foreign Aid To Buy Weapons | HAMAS: “NO PEACE, EVER, WITHOUT RETURN OF MILLIONS OF ARABS” | Israeli Army Seeks To Evade W. Bank Expulsion | A Fresh Supply of Iranian Weapons for New Batch of Iraqi Shiite Terrorists | Medical Doctors to Convene to Provide Data Supporting Divine Healing | Part of me died when I saw this cruel killing | Iran eyes badges for Jews | No fear: Overcoming Bible trauma | Israel 'Will Not Allow' Iran Nuclear Weapons | Knesset member: Strike Iran now | Protesters want citizenship now | Millions of US Coastal Residents Not Taking Hurricane Threat Seriously: Poll | Bankers Demand We 'Obey' Them | Final Chromosome in Human Genome Sequenced | US Spells Out Plan to Bomb Iran

Newsletter for May 17, 2006

Cancer Destroyed by Antibody 'Triple Whammy' | Former Military Intelligence Chief Warns of Impending World Jihad 'Tsunami' | The Caliphate: One nation, under Allah, with 1.5 billion Muslims | Quake Rocks Islands Near New Zealand | Aksa Brigades threatens US, Europe | Putin’s Address Heralds Return to Soviet Times | Northeast Floods Spark States of Emergency | Huge Gold Action and Earth Shaking Change Imminent | Typhoon Chanchu Barrels Towards Hong Kong, Southern China | Bill Permits 193 Million More Aliens by 2026 | Russia and US Trade Angry Words Over Iran at UN Dinner | Retired Pakistani General Says He Told Iran to Hit Israel in Event of Any Attack | Indonesia's Merapi Volcano Explodes with Gas | Ecuador Volcano Shows Signs of Activity | Doctors Puzzled Over Bizarre Infection Surfacing in South Texas | Oil for No One If Iran Attacked

Newsletter for May 12, 2006

What more can you say? Water for Fuel | Iran letter precursor to War? | Gadhafi: Islam taking over Europe - All people must be Muslims | Launches Special Site and Materials Confronting Errors in The Da Vinci Code | Greek gods prepare for a comeback | Amid heightened threats from president Ahmadinejad, Tehran opens a back door into Israel for its penetration-cum-terror agents: Sudan to the Negev | Ahmadinejad calls Israel “a tyrannical regime based on evil” that will one day be destroyed | Bureaucrats target 'Cowboy Church' | Town rejects National Day of Prayer banner | NY warned to prepare for hurricanes | U.S. Government is tipping Mexico to Minuteman patrols (I'm From The Government and I Am Here To Help You) | According to Bible Prophecy, Current-Day Aerial Phenomenon is Preliminary Activity that will Precede | Cleric says Christians 'adopted Satan as God' | Iran, Syria Using Land Disputes as Pretext for Arms? | Global Threats: Iran and the Russia-China Anti-U.S. Entente | Israel will hit Iran in the next few months: Israeli official | Another Former High-Ranking Iraqi Official Confirms WMD Went to Syria

Newsletter for May 9, 2006

Iran nuclear policy could backfire: Peres | Former military intelligence official says Peres' threat to Iran not accidental (Ezekiel 39,39)  | Aid group: Peacekeepers, aid workers trade food for sex in Liberia | U.S. Pressing Russia, China on Iran Vote | Cheney speech spurs new Cold War: Russian press | "Peaceful" Islam - Telling Photos | Asia is Getting Ready to Dump the Dollar Peg: Andy Mukherje | The Inevitable Collapse of the Greenback | Iran Wants to Change World Order | 'Powerful' Volcano Eruption in Russia's Far East | Dumbed Down Americans: Chattel for Global Tyranny

Newsletter for May 5, 2006

Iran threatens Israel if US acts "evil" | Radical Groups Taking Control of Immigrant Movement, Dobbs | Bolivia Seizes Gas Industry | Three Earthquakes Hit Northern Chile | Homosexuals Headed for Jerusalem | War Clouds | 'Russia has left the western orbit' | U.S. Republican Party Head: Iran Nukes Threaten Jewish People | 3 Earthquakes Strike Tonga Islands: Tsunami Warning Issued | Iran threatens Israel if US acts "evil" | Zola Levitt dies but ministry will continue | The return of the Mahdi | Islam will dominate the world, A mushroom cloud, right in the midst of Israel! | Cheney rebukes Russia on democracy

Newsletter for April 28, 2006

'Tangible proof' al-Qaida deploying nukes | Volcano Wakes Up Russian Far East | Iran Issues Oil Warning | Egypt Under Siege as Three More Explosions Strike | Milestone Achieved in the Development of Biological Fuel Cells | Hot Clouds Pose Deadliest Threat From Indonesian Volcano Merapi | Nicaraguan Volcano San Cristobal Spews Cinders GasMuslims to Join Pro-Illegals Protest in L.A. | Hamas weighs proposals to ease isolation | American Hiroshima' linked with Iran attack | WMDs, not conventional war, now called top threat to Israel | Putin threatens to divert oil to Far East

Newsletter for April 24, 2006

Osama Alive, Well, Armed With Nukes | All 35,000 Palestinians expelled from Baghdad, Shiite militia in drive to evict Sunnis | Rabbi Ariel: Paschal Sacrifice is Still Obligatory | Quake jolts eastern Japan | Brazil quietly pursues own nuclear path | Russia’s Putin Reclaiming Dominant Role in Former Soviet Union | Magnitude 7.7 Quake Rattles Remote Russia | Belching volcano sparks alarm | Quake Could Turn East Bay Shoreline to Soup | Pakistan Taliban vow more attacks | Vast Plumbing Network Discovered Beneath Antarctica | Arab Knesset Member Goes One Step Too Far | Tel Aviv Attack Part of International Terror War On Israel | Russia will deliver air defense systems to Iran - top general | First Goat Kids With Human Genes Born in Belarus | Australia, now very strong Category 5 | Islamist protest in N.Y. –'Mushroom cloud on way' | Missile exports to Iran alarm US | Al-Aqsa: Rockets on Tel Aviv in 48 Hours

Newsletter for April 20, 2006

CEOs say how you treat a waiter can predict a lot about character | Egypt, Saudi Pressing Hamas to Recognize Israel | Former Military Air Traffic Controller Claims Comet Collision with Earth on May 25, 2006 | Iran says any attacker will regret action | Huge ice chunks fall in California | Former Director of Proposed Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Project to Present New Initiative at Crop Circles Film Screening in Victoria, Canada | Floods threaten 160,000 in southeastern Europe | Israel Warns of New 'Axis of Terror' | Indonesians on Slopes of Mt. Merapi Prepare for Eruption | Strong earthquake off west coast of Sumatra

Newsletter for April 17, 2006

West Bank withdrawal 'disastrous' for terror war | Iran priming Hezbollah for war with U.S., Israel |  Iran deploys ballistic missiles within range of U.S. bases in Iraq | Report: Hamas Will Recognize Israel | Researchers Regenerate Tendons, Ligaments with Stem Cells | Iran Donates $50 Million to Hamas-led Government | Russia Pledges Aid to Hamas-led Palestine | New U.S. Embassy in Iraq cloaked in mystery | Iran Leader: Israel Will Be Annihilated | US to deploy RPG-busting 'force field' | Lockheed X-22A Anti-Gravity Fighter Disc | Iran’s Ahmadinejad: West Will Burn in Nations’ Fury | Volcano-Like Tremors Detected Near San Andreas

Newsletter for April 8, 2006

11 Dead in Tenn. | New Storms Hit South | Column One: The rise of the Islamist axis | Triple suicide attack kills at least 70, injures dozens, in N. Baghdad Shiite mosque Friday | Hamas seeks talks on 2-state concept | Zion Oil Finds 9 Productive Zones | Iran has missiles to carry nuclear warheads | Who's pulling strings of illegal alien activists? | Poll: Most don't believe in body's resurrection | Ties with China forged to offset Western clout | Hamas leader: Jews controlling U.S. Christianity | An American Intifada? | America's Total Debt Report - Update 2006 | Iran's Posturing Poses Big Oil Issues | Why is Hugo Chávez Involved With U.S. Voting Machines? | Google Map Used to Bolster TWA Flight 800 Missile Claim

Newsletter for April 5, 2006

Cracks emerge in front against Hamas | They Died For "Cheap" Labor | Unraveling The Agenda Of China In The Middle East | A Civil War By Any Other Name | Alien Bases: The Mystery of the Moon | Tornado, Sand-Storms and Oversized Hail Strike Israel | Warning! US Senate Amnesty bill contains in-state tuition for illegals! | The West vs. Christianity? | 20 EU states warned to toe Brussels line | Euro Up Against Dollar | Central Banks Hint at Switch | The Bush malaise

Newsletter for April 1, 2006

Room But For One Flag | Israel, Politics, and the Moon | "We Have Got to Eliminate the Gringos" | Strong Quakes Kill at Least 50 in Iran | Hezbollah Busted in Mexican Smuggling Operation | U.N. Gives Iran 30 Days to Comply on Nuclear Program | Tom DeLay Sees World War on Christianity | Iran to Stage Massive Gulf Military Maneuver | The U.S. Government, Dimensional Portals and Dr. Wen Ho Lee | Plans for Massive Blast in Nev. Draw Fire | CFR President: State Sovereignty Must be Altered in Globalized Era | Translated Secret Tapes Show Bush Didn't Lie about WMD in Iraq | Is Cloaking Technology for U.S. Infantry Warfighters Finally Possible? | DNA Shaped Nebula Discovered Near Center of Milky Way: Shows "High Degree of Order"

Newsletter for March 29, 2006

Urgent Warning of Imminent Cataclysm in Northwestern United States | The Sino-Russian Strategic Romance | Palestinian Replacement Theology Infiltrating The Church | Secret World of Afghan Christians | Marchers say gringos, not illegals, have to go | Every campus to get birth-control nurse | Kadima Wins Underwhelming Victory, Parties React | Martian Cataclysm: Impact Energy Analysis in Support of the Origin of Multiple Anomalies on Mars | The Kingdoms of this World | France Hit By Mass Job Protests | Brain Cells Fused with Computer Chip | Africans Greet Solar Eclipse with Cries of "Hallelujah" and "Praise the Lord"

Newsletter for March 28, 2006

EU's 'Big Three' In Crisis, Says Third Way Guru | Saddam & Al Qaeda Did Collaborate, Documents Show | We're On The Eve Of World War III | Dutch Consider Legalizing Infanticide | Pope Visit To Moscow Looks Increasingly Possible | Evangelicals Seeing The Error Of 'Replacement Theology' | Vatican Sees Warming Relations With China | What's Behind Today's Epidemic Of Student-Teacher Sex? | Brighter Sun Adds To Fears Of Climate Change | Are Terror Cells For Sale In NW Ohio? | Israeli Leader's Party Will Divide Jerusalem | 'Satanic' Art In Catholic Church Exposed | Solar Eclipse On 29th | Geomagnetic Flip May Not Be Random After All | Philippines Volcano Belches Ash-Big Eruption Feared

Newsletter for March 13, 2006

Japanese Make Gasoline From Cow Dung | Mubarak Urges Israel-Hamas Dialogue | Raging Texas Wildfires | Midwest Storms and Tornadoes | Three-day Alert Declared On Israel's Northern Border | Scientists Generate Unimaginable Heat in Lab Experiment | Turkey Says EU Must Protect Islam | Olmert: Israel Would Not Act Alone Against Iran | City to Seize Church By Eminent Domain | Islamic Websites Carry Al-Qaida's 'Last Warning' | A Mystery Malady In Chechnya | Strong 2012 Sunspot Cycle is Forecast | Mashaal: Omert's Border Plan is 'Declaration of War' | US Trade Deficit Widens to Record $68.5 Billion | UN Report: Jews Are Terrorists, Not Palestinians | Midwest Twisters Kill 10 | 3.0 Earthquake in Ohio | Iran To Build Power, Cement Plants in Cuba | Bearing Sea Ecosystem Responding To Changes In Arctic Climate | Human Medical Experimentation In The United States

Newsletter for March 1, 2006

Officials Predicting 'West Bank Intifada' | ADL to US: Freeze Seaport Contract with UAE Due To Israel Boycott | Teacher Sends Jewish Student to Furnace | Paper: Coast Guard Has Port Co. Intel Gaps | Dubai Ports Firm Enforces Boycott of Israel | Supreme Court Rules Against Abortion Clinics | Palestinian Mother Sad Daughter Didn't Carry Out Bombing | Leftist US Jews Stand By 'Failed' Border Deal | Bird Flu Breakouts in: Germany, Sweden, Nigeria, Hong Kong, and Pakistan | Muslim Preacher: Restore Worldwide Islamic Rule | Leftist Jews Oppose Anti-Hamas Legislation | Islamic Leaders Decide to Blame Israel for Bombed Shiite Mosque | 130 Christians Murdered Over Cartoons | Rice Fails to Persuade Saudi King & Egyptian President to Stop Funding Hamas | Shift from Dollars to Euros | The Sorriest Generation | For Arab Nations, Ominous Signs | Hitler, Stalin Were Greatly Interested in the Magic of Ancient Runes | Hybrid to Pack 1,000 Mile Battery | Total Eclipse March 29

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