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Stories in red are what I believe to be related to end-times buildup for fulfillment of prophecy.
Stories in green are related to the rise of Islam. The 4th seal is the pale (green) horseman.
Stories in blue are earth and solar system changes.
Stories in teal are related to events in Europe, the fourth kingdom and the New World Order.
Stories in orange are related to the economic crisis.

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Coupling Perception with Actions via Mirror Neurons | Scientists Confirm Earth's Energy Is Out of Balance | Genetic Mingling Mixes Human, Animal Cells | Mild Quake Felt in Northeast Arkansas | Giant Waves in India Causes Panic – Slow Artificial Tectonic Plate Shift? | Better Never Than Late | Doomsayers Say Benedict Fits World End Prophecy | De-homosexualization of the Catholic Church | Religion under a secular assault | Bird flu mutates and now more infectious | Professor: Biblical Event Explains Weather As We Know It | Earth absorbing more heat than it radiates | Vietnamese Christians flee for their lives | North Korea gassing citizens | Dad arrested after protesting 'gay' book | Left aims to smite 'theocracy' movement | School District Reinstates Corporal Punishment, Claims Positive Results | Palestinians Warn U.S. Over Jerusalem Bill | Hello Shalom, Hello Salaam...Hello Peace! | Garlic and Onion Chemical Helps Kill Cancer Cells | JAM Group is Putting Faith into Action to Improve Their Community

Newsletter for April 25, 2005

Iran Plans to Knock Out U.S. with 1 Nuclear Bomb | The Real Secret Reason for Russia’s Missiles Delivery to Syria - Deadly Portable Shoulder-Fired Igla SA-18s | Poll: 63% of Americans Think Bible Literally True | Temporary Stock Market Crash in America, and Then Sharp Recovery Based on False Rumor by Media? | To World's Horror, Flu Pandemic Begins and Spreads Around the Globe by Migrating Birds | L.A. Now in Mexico? | Question and Answer from Billy Graham: New Christians Can Be Good Influence over Old Friends-- “God May Want to Use You to Point Them to Christ.” | Protesters mob Greek Patriarch | Pope Hails Dialogue with Muslims, Meets Germans | Saudis arrest 40 Christians for praying | North Korea to 'bolster' A-weapons | Abortion staff ignores baby boy born alive? | God Is Rumbling In the Land of Oz | A Husband's Failed Suicide Sparks His Wife's Mission of Good News -- “Ever since I've been telling the media and more people, I haven't had one nightmare” | The Trilateral Commission Meets Quietly | And their were Chimera's in the land

Newsletter for April 22, 2005

Horrific Scenario: NYC Hit by Terrorist Nuke' | The Emerging Church — Commentary | Iran Hid Nuclear Plans for Nearly 2 Decades | Antarctic Glaciers Retreat Under Climate Onslaught | Strong Earthquake Hits Southern Japan | Israel Expects Full-Scale Middle East War in 2006 | Massive Anti-Israel Protests Staged in Indonesian Cities | Palestinian Minister: We Don't Want Abandoned Israeli Housing | Temple Mount leaders vow Jewish sovereignty

Newsletter for April 19, 2005

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger Chosen as New Pope amid White Smoke and Ringing Bells | American mosque's duplicity exposed | Minuteman Project expands to 4 states | Only one more Pope? | Jews anxiously await new pope | US Queries Israel Settlement Plan | Cardinal Who Warned of 'Antichrist' Rises in Betting Odds | Temple Mount leaders vow Jewish sovereignty | Tomorrow's Net speeds could be up to 1,600% faster

Newsletter for April 16, 2005

DARPA's 'Wasp' May Carry Powerful Sting | Second Volcano Intensifies Disaster Alarm in Indonesia | Thousands of Missiles Fired by both Russian and United States Military Forces over Earths Arctic Regions as Large Cosmic Blasts Continue Hitting Planet | Schools Boost Muslim Integration in Holland | Vatican Is Rethinking Relations With Islam | Students want Bibles removed from rooms 'to avoid offence' | Christians denied permit for service | Vermont resurrects assisted-suicide bill | UN Must Reform Or Die, Says Rice | Dumped Temple Mount Rubble Yields Jewish Artifacts | New TV Series Revelations Puts Dent in American Idol Audience | Miracles in Mozambique--The Deaf Hear, The Blind See, Spreading Glory from Village to Village | God Rules in Australia Stadium as Franklin Graham Shares the Gospel with Nearly 80,000 People | Marine Regiment Testifies of Miracles of Divine Protection over Them in Iraq--Though They Saw Some of the Heaviest Fighting, God Saw Them Through

Newsletter for April 13, 2005

Mexican Army Escorts Border Drug-runners | Indonesian Volcano Spews Ash, Sparking New Disaster Panic | Patriot Act: Facts Emerge from the Shadows | Woolly Mammoth Resurrection, “Jurassic Park” Planned | PM calls on Bush For More Pressure Against Iran | Iran nuke commercial hits TV markets | Israel presents aerial photos of Iran nuclear sites to Bush | Hailstones 'as big as eggs' kill 18 | Israel warns U.S. it will retaliate against anticipated fall offensive | Sharon: Israel on Eve of 'Civil War' | Global opinion: Let Europe lead the world | Bionic suit offers wearers super-strength | World Leaders Tribute To Pope Invokes End Times Type And Shadow

Newsletter for April 7, 2005

Part 1: China Shock: How China Will Change Your Business | Part 2: Half a World Away, an Entrepreneur Grapples With (and Profits From) China's Boom | Part 3: The Formula: Design in the U.S., Engineer in Taiwan, Build in China | Border Watchers Have Eyes on Texas | Pfizer Withdraws Bextra From Market | Adjustment Time - Coming to Closure | The End Times Church: of Popes, False Prophets and the Anti-Christ | Rabbis: Sharon Has Declared War on God | A Paleopuzzle: Chomping With No Chompers | Evidence of Unusual Structural Disturbance Inside the Earth – Polar Reversal May Be Root Cause of Increasing Earthquakes And Volcanoes – Ticking Time Bomb For 2012? | High Alert Amid Warnings of Temple Mount Attack | ACLU: Punish officials for 'un-American' prayer | Iran opposition declares end to mullah rule | UFO Expert Bob Trotta Excited by Recent Crop Circle Activity in North Devon | Worldwide Earthquake Activity in the Last Seven Days | Does Israel Have a Right to Exist? | Anti-Semitic Incidents at Highest Level | Iran: Pope was too close to 'evil' Jews | Zogby Poll Contradicted by Major Media Polls on Terri Schiavo...Public Favors Protection of the Disabled | Solar Eclipse on Day of Pope's Funeral: St. Malachi Titled Pope John Paul II's Reign 'ECLIPSE OF THE SUN' | "If We Take What Jesus Did Literally, We Need to Go Outside Our Four Walls and Do What Jesus Did." --Youth from 2 Salem, Oregon Churches Bring Awareness and Help to Homeless

Newsletter for March 28, 2005

Strong Indonesia Quake Forces Evacuations | FIRST-PERSON: Why should anyone believe in the resurrection? | Hitler Targeted the Handicapped First | Does the Bible Predict President Bush Will Start WW3? | Gang Will Target Minuteman Vigil on Mexico Border

Newsletter for March 27, 2005

Number of very high-energy gamma ray sources doubles | Islamic teachers suspended for praising essay on killing Jews | Science Unlocks Biblical Secrets | Kofi Annan 'depressed,' said close to quitting | Computer Models predict Magnetic pole reversal in Earth and Sun can bring end to human civilization in 2012

Newsletter for March 24, 2005

Proof You're Getting Robbed at Gas Pump | Chip Plugs Brain Into Computer | Military Commander Warns of 'major Crisis' Brewing in Tense Pakistani Tribal Region | Poll: Israelis Say No 'Gay Pride' in Holy City

Newsletter for March 23, 2005

Prepare Yourself for Rise of the Machines | A 'Probable Tornado' Rips Through South S.F. | Putin to Visit Israel - a First for Russia | A better UN, for a safer world | Magnitude 3.4 - SANTA MONICA BAY, CALIFORNIA | 'leaders of the Episcopal Church USA are promoting pagan rites to pagan deities.'" | Israel's New Jerusalem Plan Angers Palestinians

Newsletter for March 20, 2005

Cells of Native Israeli "Resurrection Plant" Reveal Surprising Shape: the Star of David | Report: China, Russia to 'Rehearse Invasion of Taiwan' | NOAA Issues 2005 Spring Outlook | Ocean Heat Store Makes Climate Change Inevitable | Underground Extra-terrestrial UFO Bases All Around the World – A Mind Boggling Theory | Next Generation Fighter Aircrafts And Submarines Based on Shark’s Electromagnetic Flux for Navigation and Stealth | Seismologists: Another Sumatran Quake Likely | Japanese Earthquake Kills 1, Injures 381 | Judge in Schiavo case withdraws membership from church | Tsunami warning after Japan quake (ADDITIONAL NEWS) | Bush Returning to Washington Over Schiavo | Strong earthquake jolts tsunami-devastated Aceh | Earthquake shakes parts of East Tenn. | Evangelist Uses Award-Winning Show to Teach Effective Witnessing | "I've Learned that You Should Never Hide Your Faith" - Curt Schilling, Boston Red Sox Pitcher and Christian | God Uses Survivor of Doctor-Assisted Suicide Attempt as 'Spokesman' For Him | Bush and Leading Lebanese Christian Call for Religious and Political Freedom | Good News from Iraq, a New Hospital, Power Substation, and Fresh Water Supply, Part of 2,000 Projects to Rebuild the Country, Iraqis Say, "We are So Grateful to the American People" | S. Dakota Passes Law Requiring Women Seeking an Abortion to Sign Warning That They Will Be 'Terminating the Life of a Whole, Separate, Unique, Living Human Being' | Rumors of Americans 'Turning Evangelical' Prompts Canadian Reporter to Head South to See for Himself | Americans move in with Israel settlers | 'Israel' erased from Canadian passports

Newsletter for March 17, 2005

America's Explosive Park | East and West, Again | New Tsunami Fear as Scientists Find Dangerous Stresses on Ocean Floor | Saying Israelis are 'legitimate targets' not a hate crime | 10,000 Jews to ascend Temple Mount | "The World Loves Dead Jews" | Medical Breakthrough--Researchers Force Cancer Cells into Permanent 'Coma'--Malignant Cells Can No Longer Divide | Single Mom's Faith in God Helps Bring Atlanta Manhunt to Peaceful End, "That's the Only Person Who Helped Me Through" | Greater Opportunity than Any Prior Generation to Access God's Mysteries and Secrets Hidden in Christ Jesus | U.S. Carrier Groups Converging in the Middle East? | Israel Prepares For War With Syria | Seafloor earthquakes may signal eruption off Vancouver Island

Newsletter for March 9, 2005

Codex Alimentaris Ends U.S. Supplements in June 2005 | Scientists Gather Off Pacific Northwest Coast Hoping to Witness Undersea Tectonic Plates Pulling Apart | Washington's Mount St. Helens Erupts Again as Northwest Geological Activity Continues | All Arab countries to make peace with Israel in new initiative? | What the FDA Won't Tell You about the VeriChip

Newsletter for March 7, 2005

Brightest Galactic Flash Ever Detected Hits Earth | Jordan Baptism For Ex-Korn Rocker | Strange Space Burst Could Be New Object -Report | Quake Swarm Off Oregon Coast Prompts Research | Palestinians Say Israel to Hand Over West Bank City | Syrian, Lebanese Leaders Meet - Syrian Troops Pack Up | Anti-Semitism Raises its Head in Serbia | "The windows of heaven opened and gold began to snow down upon us" | Newport, OR: March 4, 2005: Magma, Lava, Undersea "Spreading" on Oregon's Ocean Floor Creates Swarm of 1500 Earthquakes in 36 Hours | BC not P.C. for students | Studies Show Vitamin that Comes from Sunshine Helps You Stay Healthy

Newsletter for February 25, 2005

Wild Weather Next Week | New Series of Unknown Energy Surges Begin Hitting Southern Hemisphere, Global Weather Patterns in Ruin | Mason's Making a Move in Israel, and a Closer Look at the Road Map | Team Clones Human Kidney in Rats | Evidence of Extreme Disturbance in Earth’s Core | Astronomers claim first 'dark galaxy' find | U.N.: World Population to Hit 9B in 2050 | Anglican Church Asks U.S., Canada to Leave | Anglican Church Heads for Schism Over Gays | ABC's Peter Jennings examines UFO phenomenon | Russian Nuke Theft 'Has Occurred' | Mount St. Helens bubbling and boiling | Calif. Braces for Storms, Death Toll Up | World Council of Churches Calls for Divestment From Israel

Newsletter for February 15, 2005

U.S. Withdraws Ambassador From Syria | Iran Has Begun Mining Uranium Ore for New Facility | Iran Starts Production of Torpedoes | ACLU Fulfilling Communist Agenda | 30,000 Rally Against Gaza Withdrawal Plan | Israel fears Jewish terror | Mob Blames Syria for Hariri Assassination | Christian College Eliminates Tuition | Possible Cure for Deafness Found | Baby Boy Survives Three Attempts to Abort His Life | Sanhedrin Discusses Temple Mount Location | Mystery of a Moving Cross

Newsletter for February 14, 2005

Earthquake in Arkansas Provides Wake-Up Call

Newsletter for February 3, 2005

Germany Accepts Guilt for Holocaust, Stands "Side by Side With Israel" | Wild Weather Wreaks Havoc in Australia | Solar Activity Disrupts Radio Communication and Crashes Satellites | Snow During Australia's Summer! | Did the Earth Move for You? | Antarctic ice sheet is an 'awakened giant' | Rare Sexually Transmitted Disease Strikes 2 in N.Y. | The truth is out there: declassified reports of UFO sightings reveal 88 sightings last year

Newsletter for January 28, 2005

Russia and Syria Sign Major Weapons Deal | Another 5.6 Richter Earthquake in Tsunami Hit Nicobar Island – Something Strange Happening in the Tectonic Plates | Wild Weather Causes Havoc in BC | 1-month Snowfall a 113-year High | Iranian Source Reports Plot to Attack U.S. Nuke | Huge Pacific Wave Damages Vessel Carrying Students on 'Semester at Sea' | Meteorite Hits Cambodia, Sparks Fires and Prayers | Seized Nicaraguan missiles raise alarm | N. Korea Has Bought Complete Nuclear Bomb - Report | Arabs Snub U.N. Holocaust Reception

Newsletter for January 19, 2005

Security Data Given to Terror-Tied Protest Group | Japan Issues Tsunami Warning After Strong Earthquake | Scientists Analyze Impact of Quake Swarm | Persecution of Christians Growing in the United States | Former Ambassador: U.N. Funds Terror | Diplomat cites documents captured by Israeli forces | Effects of Chinese Acquisitions | If You Have Nothing to Hide, You Have Nothing to Worry About... I Guess | Church ends taboo on mercy killings | Linguistic big bang creates translation headaches at European Union | Time for Hosannas? | Lawmakers declare rain is property of Washington state

Newsletter for January 17, 2005

The Origin of the Gods — Op/Ed | Report: U.S. Conducting Secret Missions Inside Iran | Is 'Super Volcano' About to Blow? | Warning For California — Prophetic | Dark Forces and the Tolerant Followers — Commentary | Strong Earthquake Strikes Western Micronesia | A Clear Messianic Sign | NASA "Deep Space" Craft Will Hit Comet On July 4, 2005

Newsletter for January 16, 2005

Does the Bible Predict President Bush Will Start WWIII in 2006? | Europeans Wonder: Snow, Where'd You Go? | Rising Seas Threaten Islands, Cities, Coasts | Moscow Melts in Record Warm Spell | US Sub Accident Shows Earth’s Crust Changing Fast Without Notice to the Monitoring Systems | Sanhedrin Rabbis Discuss Sublime, Procedural Issues

Newsletter for January 13, 2005

Increasing Western Media Concern about Chaotic Global Weather, Earthquakes and Meteor Explosions in Atmosphere | Water Depths in Malacca Straits Altered | Explosive change (Prophecy) | More Bizarre Psychological Testing so the Globalists Can Figure Out How to Break the Human Spirit | Explosive Fireball Said to Shake Earth | Mystery fire from sky in California | Meteor Roars Over Area with Light and Noise | LAB: Meteor Could Cause Big Tsunami | In goodwill gesture, Vatican allowing Jews to view priceless Maimonides manuscripts | Israel acts to halt Russian missile deal with Syria | US warns Russia on selling missiles to Syria

Newsletter for January 11, 2005

Storms Batter Calif., Ohio Faces Flooding | Storms bring record snowfall in Reno | 3 Killed, 15 Homes Crushed by Tons of Rain-Soaked Mud | Is anything mightier than the Sword? | "The Five Angels of the Continents" | Iapetus moon bulges at equator

Newsletter for January 9, 2005

Magnitude 4.4 earthquake hits Japan | 'Pledge atheist' sues to block Bush prayer | Mystery fire from sky in California

Newsletter for January 7, 2005

Did Quake speed Earth's spin? | Israeli Nano-Lubricant Could Signal No More Oil Changes