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Surprising Discoveries presented by Jonathan Gray. Goes into some detail about the findings by Ron Wyatt and Jonathan at Skull Hill, and the finding of Jesus’ blood. Ron Wyatt has astounded much of the archeological world by discovering many of the most significant archeological finds of the Bible. A simple faith in the literal statements contain of God’s word, and close communication with and a abiding faith in his heavenly Father gave him privileges that many others longed for. Ron passed away early August 1999 after years of struggling with cancer. His family who has participated extensively with him intends to continue his archeological efforts.

Jonathan Gray, noted explorer, archeologist and author, either had to prove Ron right or wrong. He put his money to work to check out the facts. What he found out was astounding! The Surprising Discovery video series and the Ark of the Covenant (and other Discoveries) CD-ROM were created to enable you to travel with him on his verification expeditions.

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Jonathan Gray - Surprising Discoveries - The Lamb Of God And The Ark Of The Covenant

Ron Wyatt talks about blood sample from crack over the Ark of the Covenant